[no spoilers] so who is getting beated up on the enemy video? is it ekko?

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  2. I don't think it's anyone in particular, I think it's just to show how much violence Powder and people from the undercity are exposed to.

  3. Even more than that. The people doing the beating up are the same people who were watching Vi show others how to fight and throw punches. I like to think it is Powder seeing how both good and bad can come from people she loves.

  4. I don't think you can tell who it is, but its probably not Ekko, if it was I think they'd make it more obvious. However incidentally the two people beating the person up are the two cronies that Vi fought in episode one, who tried to steal their goods from the penthouse robbery.

  5. I don't think it's anyone important. I know there's speculation it's Mylo but as someone who stares at him frequently for drawing references, I don't believe it is. Hair too short, pants too long, pouch thing on the hip he doesn't have, etc. I think if it was Mylo, they would have made it more obvious or hint more heavily.

  6. It's an unnamed background character who was following Vi's boxing presentation earlier in the video. Maybe they are a deleted character who was going to be in some scenes but was scrapped because there was no time or room to include them. I believe this is the case because everyone else at the boxing presentation is someone we see in the show.

  7. The one on the ground is the S2 release date, the two doing the beating are “quality” and “attention to detail”

  8. I don’t think it’s supposed to be anyone, I think after the first verse where they show the happier, lighter side of growing up in Zaun they switch to the darker side showing the casual violence Powder gets exposed to there

  9. I thaught it was Vi, maybe before she got so good at fight? I dont know the reaction of Powder made me think it was. I think my scree is too small to see it right

  10. It’s pretty similar to Mylo’s outfit but everyone keep their same style thorough the videoclip and the guy on the floor is wearing one glove, possibly bandages on the opposite side of Mylo and leather pieces are smaller (hard to see overall). It’s definitely not Ekko ‘cause their hairstyle. So I agree with some people here who say it’s just to show the bad side (violence) in Zaun, and a impotent Powder.

  11. I mean probably just reusing character models to express the song and the atmosphere. Im not sure if anything im the video is really connected unless stated otherwise.

  12. It’s me. I refused to pay back the two hundred chuckie cheese tokens so Charles Entertainment Cheese send his mooks out for “a reminder.”

  13. Based on the larger frame, either Milo or Vy. Not sure though because this character has a belt with a pouch on it and none of them do. Definitely not Ekko

  14. I am quite sure this is Mylo because the clothes are the same ( the leather on his shoulders, white shirt, bandage on his left arm only) and it makes sense they are together, and it explains he expects that she fights with him and takes a punch or two. Further more, they run together just after the scene...

  15. It's not a bandage, but a white glove that goes over the elbow. Mylo's bandage doesn't go that far. One of the unnamed people at Vi's boxing presentation had that. They were sitting up high, separate from the other two groups at the scene. They're the one getting beaten here, by two of the guys who were also there.

  16. Its mylo and we can see on the next frame that powder was just watching helplessly, explains pretty much why mylo was mean to her.

  17. Mylo's right arm isn't cover. His left wrist is. And if you go take a look to the music video and put 0.25 speed you'll be able to see what i m talling about.

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