[no spoilers] What are you going to do if you get teleported to Zaun?

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  2. Getting tf out of there. Its only a cool and stylish fantasy steampunk city second, an absolute shithole were I probably get robbed and stabbed in some alley first

  3. Unless you're talking about the same way Silco takes it or the way Vi ended up having ti take it, why would you wanna try shimmer? that shits gonna fuck you up

  4. My answer depends entirely on whether jinx is about to blow up a factory or a council meeting building

  5. Try to look for a safe reasonable job, and try to see if I can survive in Zaun, and maybe possibly even thrive without compromising too many of my morals.

  6. You're a homeless person with no money or connections, and all of the decent jobs are gonna have tons of competition.

  7. I'd live with Ekko's crew. I wouldn't go out and fight Silco's people, I'd just stay in the haven. I'd then use my knowledge of events to warn Ekko, so he could stop Jinx from blowing up the Council building.

  8. I think most people are saying that they'd probably die, so i guess it's good that that's different than usual?

  9. If I can, find Mylo and Claggor and get them as far away as I can. Keep them safe. Otherwise, do some exploring if I don't suffocate or get some kind of illness. Find some work, in theory make connections.

  10. Probably try this fish restaurant I’ve heard so much about, it’s owned by a guy named Jericho. It looks delicious!

  11. Probably find either Vi and Caitlyn and inevitably end up getting my ass kicked as I try to help them, but crush on them as well. Or find Ekko and Heimerdinger and see about how i can help them, maybe analyze Shimmer and find a way to make a cure.

  12. Ask Singed to take me on as an assistant, get on Silco’s good side via that, befriend Viktor when he comes around and use him to help further Silco’s cause from the inside

  13. Join a gang. Do my best to be part of the team. Come up and become a respected member. Crush on Jinx but avoid her cause I am shy

  14. Find a breather mask first, because of my standard lungs (hopefully they adapt sometime), (although Caitlyn's Piltie lungs seemed just fine when she explored the undercity)

  15. Die because: tóxic air, a ramdom dude that make ilegal and bad cirurgies on radom persons, a wolf, JINX, a robot crab, a robot guy, a old and evil woman that control people minds, a slime

  16. Fix Jinx. Wouldn't even ask why, how, or if my family is okay. I'd just smell the polluted Philadelphia inspired air and go "It's showtime"

  17. Take the elevator to Piltover and see if I can make it by recreating tech from this world that I know how to make.

  18. Assuming I'm not immediately dead, find a gas mask.Then probably end up doing hench work for Silco if I can't find a feasible job. Avoid Jinx like the plague. Like, make up excuses not to go on jobs with her, I'm talking. Learn magic if possible, magic's awesome. Befriend Chuck.

  19. Fucking die because big cities irl already disagree with my lungs, nevermind one where people regularly wear respirators because the air quality is that bad

  20. Hey if Caitlyn could make it without a mask, and she was a topsider, most of us would survive the air as well. I think they must have fixed something between act 1 and 2

  21. Talk to the scientists and explain I’m from another dimension, I’m sure they would be interested in what I’d have to say

  22. Probably try to find a source of breathable air first, then find something for self defense if I need it. Which given the roaming gangs and thugs, it’ll likely be needed. Finding some clothes to blend in will also be a requirement. Along with money.

  23. If I don’t die from the poisonous gas? Go find Vander if he’s alive and train with him. If it’s later, train with someone who’s strong and can help me become a fighting powerhouse (like Vi and Vander) and then become a honourable mercenary

  24. Sit and marvel at its beauty for a few minutes. Then start walking and checking everything out. But I know I’ll have to be on my guard though.

  25. find silco. rail him like he deserves. have breakfast together. inevitably get garrotted by him or his psycho daughter. worth it, would pay good money for that experience.

  26. Let me explain: In Zaun, I would probably instantly make up a song called Zaun Blues and go live and some gig playing that song. As a reference to Son Houses Jinx Blues (Not related to the show) I'll say "ever wake up this morning with the Jinx all round yo bed" then ill pray my acid wears off because Zaun isn't real. If it doesn't... Oh shit.

  27. Admiring Sevika from afar and trying not to get killed/mauled/raped/kidnapped on my quest to find and declare my undying love for Vi.

  28. that place is my environment i would thrive so hard until i inevitably die by failing to hide from some horrid werewolf thing. but id definitely die in a really cool way that would make it into a champions trailer

  29. Probably die from the gas or get kidnapped and organs get removed. That’s if we go off a lot of the original Zaun lore with how horrid and dark that place is

  30. Honestly, try to get to Piltover as fast as I can, then using my nerd abilities and insane magic creativity to find some real hextech scientist and together create some broken magic stuff. I have the knowledge and creativity of someone who lives in this times and have read a lot of fantasy. I am sure I could get some ideas they can't think of. Or, I mean, their writers think of, but doing them will ruin the world one way or another.

  31. probably get shanked or find a cool roof to sleep on. Or work at that guy’s little food stand where Vi and Cait go, he seems like a cool dude and I’m good at flipping burgers (or the Zaun equivalent)

  32. If I don’t die immediately from my lungs imploding then I’ll probably get stabbed within the first 10min bc my clothes are clean

  33. Zain in the game (that image is game concept art) and the show is quite different, but the awnser is the same. Get out, I'd have a better chance of surviving in the desert to the left of Zaun

  34. Change into some good clothes to blend in, maybe just grab a few random items (Hoping for two skinny but long pipes to use at batons) for weapons. maybe cut some of my hair off bc of the heat I'd expect in Zaun? I already have a half shaved heat so I hope I'd fit in. Probably befriend the crows and get a small murder going.

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