[No spoilers] The fandom in a nutshell

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  2. Im the one Jayce fan I know. Surrounded by friends who watched arcane with me and not a single soul likes Jayce. I know y’all Jayce fans are out there.

  3. i too like him. he has money, power, gf and yet also good moral values + his melee combo is satisfying af

  4. Jayce is one of my favs alongside Vi and Viktor, though I do have to admit that it's at least partially because I'm Latino and I cling hard to Latino-coded characters

  5. I do consider Jayce my least favorite from the main characters, but that doesn't mean I don't like him still

  6. Jayce is great, I feel bad for him, he has so much to deal with. Especially in season 2 (I can already feel it)

  7. Jayce, as a character, exists to be a bit of an idealistic fuckup. That tends to be harder to like, even if it's critical for the story.

  8. I like Jayce. He has an interesting arc. My real sacrilege is thinking he's hotter than Viktor (I like people who don't look like they're one gust of wind from death).

  9. He sucks at cane/crutch use for someone who's been disabled all his life... but then a LOT of people in his situation do. I had to use a cane for a few months... you're supposed to use it on the side where the GOOD leg is, to support the balance and lighten the load of the bad one.

  10. Sevika is both more interesting and a better person than most of the cast. I like pretty much every character AS A CHARACTER, but Sevika is a marvel.

  11. I had to scroll way too fucking far to find this, what a brilliant character, evil yet relatable, despicable yet wholesome. A bad guy who's death is so emotional you can't help but feel bad for him after all. Such a terrible father of his city, but a decent father to his daughter. He's easily my favorite character of all time, taking the place from Grand Admiral Thrawn.

  12. I don't see Viktor favorites often outside my best friend and the occasional thirst meme. Jinx is way too prevalent, but.

  13. I still feel said that they both died when they reached the peak of their talents. Mylo got the confidence to crack open locks under pressure and Claggor successfully broke through a wall....

  14. We're talking outside reddit, right? Because all I ever see from this subreddit is Cait/Vi/Jinx, so you'd only really be right about Jinx.

  15. Fr i was like "oh i think i really like viktor" and then i found out EVERYBODY really likes viktor. And here i thought i was original.

  16. I think Arcane is one of the very few franchises/shows where the “favorite character” is unanimous amongst the entire community, and the main character(s) are actually among those favorite characters.

  17. Nothing is wrong with it, I think the meme is just pointing out that they are very common favorites

  18. I don't understand why some people think jinx is their favourite character. The main factor in determining how much I like a character is how much I identify with them. And identifying with jinx seems difficult unless you're also a psycho. Characters like Vi, caitlyn and Viktor, even silco seem much easier to identify with.

  19. While I wouldn't call Jinx one of my personal favourites, I don't think being able to identify with a character is the only way for a character to become a favourite. A character can be amazing to observe, even if you'd never want to actually be within a hundred feet of them in any real situation and would find them distasteful/horrible in real life.

  20. Ekko came out a little too perfect for me. He grew up, somehow found the one safe & healthy place to make a new community, somehow secretly moved everyone there (Silco would have burned the whole thing down by now if it wasn't a secret), somehow kept it a secret this whole time, somehow maintained this perfect happy community in there...

  21. Vi is my favorite by a long shot. Jinx is the worst kind of unhinged. Any shred of redeemability she has in the beginning vanishes as soon as she starts indiscriminately murdering people. I don't care how "cute" she is. Viktor also crosses some very serious boundaries and becomes more of an anti-hero as Arcane progresses.

  22. As they should + silco. but all i see in this sub are the annoying vi x cait shippers simping over the least interesting characters

  23. There are two sides of the Viktor crowd. He's good disability rep, and his arc is really interesting. He's an underdog, rags to riches story, he's a genuinely kind character, and he faces major moral dilemmas that force you to watch him slowly spiral from this selfless, gentle man, to desperate and reckless. He's the only character we have right now that truly straddles the worlds we've been presented with, belonging to both and to neither. He's shown to be socially anxious, awkward, and a bit sassy, and that makes him easy to identify with or project onto for a large amount of people, especially the ones who would be drawn to this sort of show. There's also a lot of merit behind the, "we lost ourselves, lost our dream, in the pursuit of greatness, we failed to do good," idea that a lot of people are really attached to, because it's something so real and something a lot of people legitimately fear for themselves.

  24. Meanwhile I'm over here in the camp of Caitlyn & Jayce, thriving off their drastically polar opposite character developments and growth through rebellion against authority in their own ways.

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