What era would you say you started stanning Ari?

  1. I’ll go first: I always knew her from Victorious and Cat was my favorite but when Victorious ended for some reason I just completely missed out on her music until I randomly discovered her VEVO channel in like 2014 I think during her My Everything era and I was OBSESSED with everything about her. So I basically consumed Yours Truly + My Everything at the same time but technically I would say that I became a stan during the Dangerous Woman era.

  2. My great friend and I started working together ago a few years ago and when we would close she would put on music since it was just us in the store. She showed my her favorite artist, Ariana Grande, and started playing songs off of thank u, next and I instantly fell in love with her music. So I would definitely say the era between that album and positions. Also, she introduced me to this subreddit so shout out to her 🥲

  3. Riiiiight before Sweetener dropped. As in, I became a fan listening to stuff from Dangerous Woman, and then happened to find out she was dropping an album like 2 weeks later!

  4. I was a super casual fan until Sweetener and the Pete Davidson era, when I was still dumb and drunk in love with my partner at the time, and that’s when I started becoming a Stan

  5. To be honest, I became a hardcore fan during Dangerous Woman. That album was a real turning point in her discography. Like you, OP, I was aware of her thanks to Victorious

  6. I always listened to her (popular songs) and enjoyed her on victorious. I first listened to sweetener in full and was just neutral towards it and then I listened to thank u next and became a Stan and love all her songs now 🥰

  7. I got into her through just watching the NTLTC MV once I heard that it got 1B views. Then I started listening to a few of her hits, and liked her a lot.

  8. AG2. I already switched to Kpop and lose interest in western/murikan pop with the snorefeast their releasing that time until Ariana released the Bop of the Decade called Problem.

  9. I wish Ari did more edm-esque songs. She sounds so good in them. Her unreleased song In Your Hands (2nd version with Kygo's production) is one of my favourites.

  10. I wish I got to experience the YT era. I jumped on during AG2, but 2013 seemed like an awesome time to be a fan.

  11. fell in love with her music after dw came out, but i'd more say sweetener because i got to partake in anticipating the album + the excitement of its release as a fan, plus i had it on repeat for MONTHS after, it'll always have a special place in my heart <3

  12. March 2013 officially. Always interested in her (Leon and Liz) from the Victorious days because I knew they were the real deal. The rest of the cast was phenomenal, but the three of them had a great dynamic as an on screen trio and presented as effortlessly talented. I’ve always been into music— it’s really good for regulating my nervous system—so I grew up watching music channels in the mornings and afternoons whenever I wasn’t watching cartoons…especially when we did not have cable. Anyways, I was old enough that I had switched over to TeenNick and one day back in 2013, I see this music video come on and like any other time, I dial in. I see this girl and I’m thinking “she’s beautiful, she sounds great, who is she?” I find out she’s Ariana Grande — looking majorly different to me than she did for her role as Cat Valentine. So I was familiar with her, but then I learned that this song had major buzz. People calling her mini-Mariah and whatever else, so I’m thinking “heck, I gotta keep my eye out for this girl”. And the rest is history. Still keeping an eye out for this girl. Still impressed.

  13. I started listening a couple months before the release of sweetener. I was never that big on Dangerous Woman, but My Everything (especially the popular ones like Break Free) got me into her.

  14. I’d say around the YT era. I honestly watched victorious only for her because I thought she was the prettiest girl i’d ever seen. Then I started watching her youtube videos and listening to her music.

  15. i started stanning ariana before sweetener. i think ntltc was the first sweetener single, and that’s when i became a huge fan. but i obviously knew of her before then from nick like most everyone else

  16. i wish i started listening in the YT era but I started in the ME everything era and im proud of that! side note, her 2020 rendition of the ME single w troye😍😍😍

  17. Dangerous Woman, but honestly I didn’t follow her on social media until sweetener so I guess I started really stanning then.

  18. My Everything, I listened to yours truly cause I knew of her on Victorious but I fell in love when she released the teaser for Problem

  19. I was always a big fan since the beginning like victorious and osnapitsari lol but I’d say it mellowed out a little then I started really stanning in dangerous woman era

  20. fan since victorious. stanning around dw era. i stopped stanning around positions bc i find celebrity culture harmful & disruptive but i still rly enjoy her art

  21. Dangerous Woman era. Not going to lie originally her first two albums were too bubblegum pop for me. When she went into DW I was like yesss I can relate. And I've been a stan ever since🖤 TUN saved my life. I was going through a lot of the same things she sings about in that album.

  22. i’ve always been drawn to her and i would always call her my favorite artist since i was little but i think after sweetener/thank u next was when i felt like she “understood” so i think that’s when i became a STAN

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