Where are you in this world?

  1. I was born in that prefecture, in the city of Tsukuba. My parents went there because my dad had a physics job there, but I am from America.

  2. Levittown Pa. It’s not bad. Nothing special, nothing too bad. We always say we’re in the middle. Not too hot, not too cold. Not too dry, not too wet. You get the idea.

  3. Observable universe Local galaxy cluster Milky way Solar system around the star called sol Terrestrial planets Earth Northern hemisphere Eurasia Europe Austria [deleted] [deleted]

  4. In my mind I’m at the hyperbolic time chamber. It’s where I go to focus on concentrating stress and energy into explosiveness and my innersenses. Kinda like in dragonball z where tien has the tri beam cannon. But instead of me shooting beams tho I use that concentration buildup for explosiveness at different focal points. So say we’re on the basketball court right. I can already tell you I approach the game differently because my main focus is defense. So if you have a good game against me you earned that mf. But usually when I step on the court my mind is clear because (I don’t mean mastered) but I spend a good amount of time during the week just channeling my day to day thoughts into just new potential. Like 3d land per say. So now during the game the pace feels slower which helps me be more observant and absorb the game better. Now my read n react timing is heightened. So when I have the ball it’s not about scoring ima get to the basket that’s trust. It’s about reading my opponent there movements there if I do this do they bite go flat footed etc etc and I may just do a move and pass the ball just so when I do choose to attack the rim I already have all your weak points broke down. That’s offensively defensively I’m cell off dragonball z. So the quicker you score the better (or worst) if you score. Because the longer you hold the ball the better I’m absorbing your movements your tendencies (you know like do they like to shoot from right here) stuff like that. And I say shoot with confidence because you most likely not getting to the rim against me. And that’s what makes defense so great. Because if I hold you to zero off the first game then you really gone hear me talk until you score and this is how I just talk. You don’t want to turnt up on the court. So the next time you play you’re using more energy to try and score which only helps me more offensively. And before you know it you’re completely outta your game. And I like to play on ball defense on whoever got the ball. So my defense speaks for itself. Or I mean you may be nice ya feel me I’m really the Quiz on potential fr. But yeah idk if that helped with anything.

  5. Physically, in Arizona, USA. Mentally, in a small room that's on fire... I guess in a couple months it'll kinda be that physically too.

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