Why is it that when someone doesn’t like cats it’s okay but if someone doesn’t like dogs it’s World War III?

  1. I didnt think I liked cats. Turns out I was probably just way too aggressive trying to play or pet them as a young child. When I moved in with my gf she had two cats. They are so much easier than dogs. Potty trained from the rip. No need to wake up early or come home from an event to take them for a walk or let them out to go to the bathroom. They dont drool or slobber. They dont bark. They dont beg for food when we are eating. Those two original cats passed away and we got two new kittens. I love them. Dogs are fine, but work, and can be annoying as all hell.

  2. I am kind of a nervous? Hyper? Anxious? person, and a lot of dogs are so excitable it makes me really jumpy. I love that cats sort of glide around the edges of a room, and you don’t even notice they have settled down next to you until you have been petting them absentmindedly for 10 minutes.

  3. I wish that were me. My now-former roommates’ cats stole half the cheese and pepperoni off my pizza when I wasn’t looking, like it was a tablecloth

  4. This right here is the reason I give when I say I like cats more than dogs, I don’t hate dogs they’re great too, I’ve had dogs in the past and loved them to no end. But I just prefer cats. I don’t want an animal that needs my permission to take a shit.

  5. I used to not like cats, then my kid wanted a kitten and I eventually got her one. Now we have 2 and they are the best. Guess I was a cat boy all along.

  6. I used to dislike cats, having met some rather unpleasant ones in my youth, and probably also, like you, not being patient enough with others at first (with some I am convinced they really were assholes). I also used to be allergic to them.

  7. My fiance wasn't much a cat person until she met my two. Girl is her best friend, very much only wants to be touched on her terms and is super gentle and space aware, her cuddling is sitting within an inch of you. Boy cat is...dumb, but he's a cuddlebug who only wants to be bet and lie in bed with people all day (He does drool all over the place when being pet), he also sits like a gargoyle with his shoulder blades sticking up as he puts all his weight on his front paws, took 3 years to figure out he could meow etc. Only one will eat cat treats, the other one is the only one who will eat wet food, cats are a weird bunch and while I want a dog as well (waiting until I have a yard) cats are great if you take the time to know them.

  8. Also no problems with neighbours. The number of dogs that bark on my street is insane. Every night when I bike home the two next door yap happy dogs start at it. I'm also pretty sure they don't get walked anywhere near as much they should. No one complains that a cat is making too much noise.

  9. Cats are definitely easier. Although mine will sit on the table and inch towards our plates during dinner. But it's cute to me 🙂

  10. “They don’t beg for food” lol it’s much worse with a cat, a dog will just sit and beg but my cat will literally jump on the table and steal the food right from my plate while I’m eating.

  11. I had a cat that came flying out the vent, jumped on my plate, stole my chicken strip and went back into the vent in under 5 seconds.

  12. I remember when my daughter was about 3 or 4, she picked up a cat and put it on her lap in the chair. When the cat wanted to leave she got upset and tried to force her to stay. I told her, and I think it registered more than anything I've ever taught her to this day 7yrs on, that if you give a cat the freedom to choose they will usually but not always stay. But if you try to force a cat to do something it will get mad and it won't trust you anymore. I never saw her try to force a cat to stay or anything after that it's like she's a cat whisperer now.

  13. Can confirm, I've worked for more crazy dog people than crazy cat people. I've worked as a pet sitter for nearly a decade and I can count on one hand the number of clients I've had who were both crazy/unreasonable and who owned cats. But I genuinely can't count the number of crazy dog people...or crazy bird people, I've worked for.

  14. Cat ladies (the crazy kind) usually have a dozen or so of the things. And to me having a dozen animals on anything other than a farm is crazy.

  15. There is also this idea that cat ownership as a single person is related to substitutes for children. But I see far more single dog owners who literally treat and talk about their dog like a literal child of theirs, than I've seen anyone do for cats.

  16. Hypothesis: you need fewer dogs to attain "crazy" than cats. Dog craziness seems to come in at 2-3 in most cases, but cat craziness seems to average at 4+.

  17. It's a type of OCD symptom which is believed but not proven to be linked to toxoplasma gondi a parasite that reproduce in cats and spread from their leavings . Mass media coined the term crazy cat lady and just took it from there.

  18. Fun (but gross) fact! Cats poop can have Toxoplasma Gondii, Infected cats shed embryonic T. gondii, called oocysts, in their feces. These oocysts can easily be transmitted to us humans. Researchers have explored their possible link to various mental health problems, including schizophrenia. This is probably where the term “crazy cat lady” came from, as it can cause these issues!

  19. misogyny mostly. they're stereotypical spinsters, unmarried living alone with no human companions. how dare someone prefer to have pets and not a nuclear family

  20. When people hate cats it always gives me an inkling that they probably have a problem with boundaries.

  21. I dontconsider myself to be a judgemental person. I'm easy going and can get along with just about anyone. But if someone outright tells me they don't like cats, I become super suspicious of that person and I definitely judge them hard lol.

  22. I've got a cousin, dude is neck as fuck and obviously "secretly" bigoted. Mentioned getting a cat for my nephew bc hes allergic to dogs and he said "I wouldn't get him a cat right now bc I've got my shotgun in the trunk." Like some real small dick energy to consider cats target practice bc they arent manly, meanwhile dude brought his dog to town that cant be trained and is biting the shit out of my nephew who is now terrified of dogs. "Oh duke just isnt used to being around kids yet." So it's okay to keep a dog that bites kids and unfair when the state puts it down for being quarantined 3 times

  23. I have no idea, I'm a cat person because they don't crush you when they are on you. Aren't loud ASF without warning and are easy to take care of, I love dogs but they are too loud. And that sucks especially when you have sensitive hearing

  24. They also don't stink. I don't know how dog owners tolerate it, but every single dog I've seen has a pretty strong "dog" smell, I think it comes from their mouth. And if it's an inside dog, the furniture also stinks.

  25. also the maintenance is less, i like dogs but my friend was super sick and couldn't be alone so i wanted to bring him to my house. he didn't want to because 'i cant leave the dogs alone for 5 hours'

  26. I prefer cats for a ton of reasons, but the sudden sound is what makes it so that I can't have a dog. Something about a dog's bark absolutely does it for my endocrine and circulatory systems and I'm not happy when they go bonkers.

  27. Anyone that describes a cat the way cat haters tend to (selfish, dismissive, etc) has absolutely never been around a cat for enough time to actually understand them. Cats are generally extremely loving, trusting, affectionate, and sensitive to our emotions (there are exceptions of course). There was this dumb Facebook video that made a false claim that cats don't like belly rubs, I saw someone point out that they do, and tonnes of responses concurred (just an example of a false assumption made about them—all cats in my life love belly rubs too!). One of my cats plays fetch, another can sit on command (like dogs typically do). It's just ignorance and misunderstanding that fuels the dislike really.

  28. I used to like dogs, then I had to live with my mom for a while who has 6 dogs, I don't like dogs anymore...

  29. Adding to this, cats also have more boundaries. Dogs accept so much physical interaction as positive attention, but cats are more limited. They like receiving affection at certain times and in certain ways. If you violate that, they flee. If you block their flight, you may get grumbles, hisses, and/or scratches. Interactions with a cat is an exercise in understanding boundaries, and that's why some people gain a disdain from cats at an early age.

  30. This makes so much sense! Im introverted and can not stand when I see a dog anymore, because I know they're going to be up my ass for attention and if I give it to them they won't leave me alone. So I end up ignoring every dog I see so I don't have to deal with the annoyance.

  31. For me, it’s not that I hate dogs; I would rather not own one because it can get tiring since they always need your attention 24/7 unlike cats who just chill and do their own thing most of the time.

  32. Same for me i dont like my sisters dog at all its allways jumping around and in need of attention and the dog is a real asshole too she always starts fights with our cats and then when it gets its ass kicked it tries to make the cats look bad because it only is a small dog who couldnt hurt anyone

  33. My wife is an extrovert and wants a dog. I'm an introvert who loves my cat (who is pretty extroverted for a cat, but still needs her alone time) and doesn't like dogs, and this post speaks to my soul!

  34. I am eccentric and obsessed with my cats but am also married & a productive member of society. Okay, maybe not the latter, but I have a job lol

  35. I remember my German friends who were exchange students in high school were absolutely mortified at not only how many dogs there were in the US but how unfit most people were to own them.

  36. My cat doesn't whine for food when I eat, and I can leave him at home for 3-4 days to go on a trip and he won't shit and piss all over the house or require literally any maintenance until I get back.

  37. Dog lovers will destroy your life once they find out you don’t like dogs. Cat lovers literally don’t care one way or another. It usually says a lot about the person.

  38. and messy and clingy and overly energetic. i understand the appeal, but i would never want a dog unless it acted like a cat. but then i would just get a cat

  39. Dogs are not only unnecessarily loud at the worst times, but also have terrible executive function and eat their own shit, which cats do not

  40. I'm scared of dogs, and hate dog people. I watched my best friend get his face tore off by a dog when I was barely 5 years old. I've been chased by stray dogs more than once. I'm scared of them, and I'm extremely anxious when I'm around them, whether or not they are being friendly. I'm tired of telling people I'm scared of them and don't want to be around them, and getting laughed at or the ol' "but my dogs friendly". I'm tired of getting dirty looks when I start having a panic attack when a dog jumps on me to play.

  41. I don't hate dogs, but I can sympathize with you, because I've also been chased/charged at by aggressive dogs---never actually attacked, thank God, but I could've been. People around here let their aggressive animals run loose and don't supervise them.

  42. That’s awful. I am so sorry for you. No one should be forced to be ashamed of what they’re afraid of and no one gets to decide for anyone else when it’s time to “get over your fear”.

  43. I had an old friend who had a dog and absolutely hated cats, couldn't stand my cats. I adored her dog because she was the sweetest thing. My cats weren't mean, never gave her a reason to hate them. They'd try a multitude of times to get pets from her but she refused. She eventually stopped coming to my house and always suggested I just go to her house to hang out. We were friends for years but we had a falling out about 4 years ago. She never gave a reason for hating my cats, but due to the way we stopped being friends, I guess why now. She couldn't stand that I had my own opinions on things and that I didn't just agree with her all the time. All the problems we ever had were my fault. All the time. I was just another follower to her until I disagreed with something.

  44. My neighbors cat never woke my sleeping ass up at 5 AM barking it’s bloody fucking head off at a possum. Once a week for the last 10 years. Really lots of dog owners suck balls at being responsible for their pets behavior.

  45. Tbh I have that problem with stray cats especially in heat holy shit. Always fighting at night, like can’t you guys get along and play the piano.

  46. When I was a kid I was a dog person. Late teens and 20s I liked both. Wife wanted a dog and I realized somewhere along the line I stopped being a dog person. He is a good dog, but Jesus, he is so attention seeking. It's like Pete Holmes' bit about dogs and cats where he says "you look for your cat, you hide from your dog" in that dogs are needy and want attention frequently whereas a cat goes and lives it's life.

  47. Just spent a week with a relative who has a dog. The thing's as sweet as can be, but by the end I was exhausted. Everything I ate, everywhere I went, I was self-conscious and on edge because that guy was underfoot and intensely emotionally invested. When I refused to give him a treat he seemed heartbroken like I didn't love him anymore. My cats are hardcore bonded to me, but they eventually get bored of begging and go off to do something else for a while. I've never met a dog who was just chill most of the time. My anxiety can't take an animal that's always up my ass and requires constant emotional reassurance.

  48. Maybe that’s why I’m not as much of a cat person. I wake up every morning excited to see my dog. We are best friends and spend lots of time together. I could never be as happy with a pet that wasn’t as needy as my dog is. She helped me when I was really depressed because she needed so much and it forced me to take care of myself because I had to be there for her too.

  49. I'm the same. As a kid I adored dogs. Once I owned my own house I realized what a hassle owning a dog was. Now, we have cats and it's great. I don't mind dogs but I will never own another one.

  50. I mean pets really are Millenials and Zoomers modern day version of having kids. You better be making some decent money if you want a kid nowadays.

  51. I will prepare a meal for the long punching journey you shall embark upon. Accept my meals as gratitude for your efforts, kid hero.

  52. The only time we use “fur baby” is when someone suggests it’s just an animal that you can get rid of kike an inanimate object. “Oh the apartment you are looking at doesn’t allow cats? Then just get rid of the cat.” Like… fuck you dude that cat is family. I can’t believe anyone would think like that.

  53. My dog will be my little baby princess till the day she dies and my 2 cats will always be my baby boys. I don’t want kids and I love them as much as I’d love a kid. My fiancé is “daddy” to the pets, too. No shame

  54. I'm a cat person, my tolerance for dogs is very low. I don't hate them, I'd just rather not be around them or own one. Not a fan of 40 + pound animals slobbering all over my hands, clothes and everything else. Jumping up all over me if they're poorly trained, ear shattering barking for no reason, trying to steal food out of my hands or off a plate and overall just being invasive. Way too high energy for me personally. Probably the trait about dogs that everyone seems to love that I dislike the most is the undying loyalty. Idk, I just don't like being unconditionally trusted for no reason at all.

  55. I used to think I loved Golden retrievers. Now I know that when I enter the house of a golden, the first few minutes will be a struggle as the owner tries to drag them off me yelling “Bailey! Bailey! GET IN YOUR CRATE!!!”

  56. I honestly like dogs but what you said really hits home. It’s the shitty owners with zero control over their dogs that make dogs suck. I’ve been scratched by more dogs jumping on me than by any cat, and I’ve lived with a cat for almost 13 years now. I do have a dog but I work really hard to make sure he isn’t a little shit and will tell people straight up how to behave around my dog. We don’t let him at the dinner table. He does not jump on people or greet them at the door. He must sit and wait before walking outside because he used to run out the door aggressively after people if he saw them from the doorway. Dogs are crazy if you don’t have the guts to train them.

  57. I love both cats and dogs, especially Great Danes, but the slobbering and their stinky fur, get to me. I bathe my dog often, but they get dirty instantly. This is my quandary lol. I guess I'd rather have a dog and deal with the mess though.

  58. I agree with most of this but in my experience cats are way worse about food. Dogs normally need minimal training to not steal food. Not even training, you just have to refuse to give them human food since puppyhood and they’ll be fine. But if your cat is food motivated (around 30% of them are) keeping them away from food is a nightmare. They’ll make every effort to get to the food they want. They’ll open cabinet doors, fridge doors, find a way into any room with food lying around, and won’t respond to any attempt to discipline them.

  59. It is so weird to me that people love this behavior that much; I don’t judge them for it, but it’s so hard to understand how these things you mentioned aren’t a turn off. And you haven’t even mentioned the smell and all the added effort you have to put into walking them every day.

  60. I think it’s because dogs are super friendly so if someone doesn’t like a dog you’re kind of like how could you not like this super affectionate and loving creature. The cats can be very standoffish and scratch or bite without a moments notice so it makes sense that people would be wary of them.

  61. Way too many people also assume dogs are friendly even if the owner explicitly, verbally warns them that their dog is not friendly. It's especially difficult when parents want to let their kids pet every dog they come across. There's also some bias in how dogs have to be taken outside and around the neighborhood daily, so people see pet dogs way more than they do pet cats. I'm so glad the internet has opened many peoples' eyes to how wonderful cats can be!

  62. i feel like it’s the opposite? dogs are jumpy and unpredictable and can have overwhelming amounts of energy, but cats are very chill, and have obvious body language when they get mad or scared. they’re so small and can barely inflict major wounds, unlike many dogs. i’ve never met a cat i didn’t get along with (besides some shy scaredy-cats, lol) but i don’t click with a lot of dogs. i hate how u have to raise your voice sometimes to get dogs to listen! i don’t like yelling at animals

  63. What dog people see as affection and love, I see as slobber and muddy paw prints on my clothes. And cats give you plenty of warning if you learn their language.

  64. Cats don't scratch for no reason. I've never met a cat that has done that. I have met dogs who bite because of arbitrary reasons though.

  65. Not a downvote but with cats, it’s not that they attack without warning but the signs are much more subtle than dogs and if you’re not familiar you may not know that

  66. We have a neighbor that walks his dog down our street every day and never picks up the poop. I only care when the dog shits right in from of my mailbox. Seriously have some respect!

  67. Dog lovers are kindaf narrow minded mostly, I know many cat people who likes dogs as well But most of dog people outright hate cats

  68. Yeah and they think hating cats is a funny personality trait. They're dumb. The dog loving is part of their image and so is cat hating

  69. I have both a cat and a dog and I totally agree. My cat gets a lot of hate from people that have only met him once. People love my dog for the most part because he is hyper and attention seeking and I personally think he’s a little shit that has a greater bit record than my cat.

  70. I'm depressed. Having a cat is so much more manageable. My partner grew up with 2 cats and 2 dogs. When I met them their parents had 2 untrained dogs that I ended up helping with sometimes

  71. Same. They are annoying. I have a dog and she's over 10 now and I love her, but I don't ever want to do it again. I also don't mind petting a random dog and I do find them cute and sometimes enjoyable. But...They're eternal toddlers. At least cats can be left alone for an hour or two (or honestly even a whole day) and can take care of themselves. Dogs need SO MUCH attention for the entire duration of their life.

  72. Go ahead and downvote, but I will be honest here. For me it is the maintenance. Dogs have to be let out every couple of hours. You can’t go away for a few days without needing to have somebody take care of them or sending them to a kennel. They poop all over your yard which kills your grass, or someone steps in it. They want to lick you face after licking their buttholes. Um no thanks!

  73. Dogs are needy as hell. That's OK for people who are into that, but I like that my cats aren't always up in my face.

  74. I love both, but this debate of “which animal is more bloodthirsty” is ridiculous. A cat or a dog could eff you up if it wanted to. I don’t generalize bc some animals are sweeter and others less so

  75. I've known the coolest cats and dogs and also some asshole ones. It bothers me too because my cat was an unbelievable friend to me, my family, and friends

  76. People who don't like cats probably have never experienced a cat who doesn't bat at them. People put dogs on a pedestal because they're known for being loyal pets, typically. I like dogs, but cats are significantly less work unless you get a cat that gets easily stressed out or anxious. Still better than dealing with a howling/whining dog. I've had plenty of cat and dogs in my family house, so I swear I'm not a hater of either, just highly prefer cats.

  77. I don't like them as pets either. They're clingy and don't respect personal space. They're toddlers. Dog lovers will make us pay for our war crimes.

  78. Hey I love my dogs. That doesn't mean I like all dogs. And let's be honest if it wasn't your dislike of dogs we would've found another reason for ww3

  79. It’s always their whole entire personality. And if you don’t react to/acknowledge their dog the way they want you to, you’re automatically labeled as “not a dog person” or asked if you hate dogs. At least, this has been my experience.

  80. Cats are awesome and mind their business. Dogs jump all over you and majority of dogs aren’t trained properly or fixed so they are very obnoxious and/or annoying. Sorry, it’s true

  81. You can't hate cats. Only psychopaths hate cats. You don't have to like them, you can have reasoned objections to them, cryptosporidium and songbirds and so forth, but a person who hates cats is a dangerous person, one to be very wary of.

  82. Ok so here’s a question… I kinda hate dogs. Like I find them gross, disgusting, and stupid. But they all love me for some reason and want to jump all over me. What does that say about me?

  83. I would disagree, that's way too big of a generalization. I saw my grandma's cat constantly abuse her, to the point where she feel and broke a bone. I hate cats (/am afraid of them). I'm not a psychopath.

  84. I treat cats the way they treat people. They have to earn my interest/affection. Dogs I pretty much instantly like, unless the dog is an absolute spaz.

  85. Have you ever seen a cat stick up for their human? It is a sight to see! Cats are pretty coy about how they love you (except for that "butthole-in-your-face" thing; that is understood across species) until a bear or cougar or a bully tries to bite your kid, then it's all Murder Machine and no fucks given!

  86. The whole reason I love cats! You have to work for their affection, they aren't going to just like anyone. Disclaimer...I also like dogs, but cats match my soul.

  87. Because the media told them what to like and what not to like. It has to become hip on television before people begin to care about things

  88. i actually chastise more people that dont like cats, because ive found (in my experience working the pet industry) a lot of people dislike cats because they misunderstand how cats are supposed to function and their needs. ive also noticed more people dislike cats then dogs, again probably due to rampant misinformation about their care needs

  89. I love this question. Dogs are smelly, messy, will eat anything off any surface when you turn your back, have to lock them up just to go to the bathroom to shower sometimes, they're yappy and loud and drooly. Small rat dogs are the absolute worst(next to pitbulls). They'll be potty trained until you bring a new person or animal around, then they'll fucking shit in every corner just because they aren't getting all the pets.

  90. SOME (not all or most) dog owners need the feelings of validation that the needy and dependent nature of dogs gives them. These owners seek the feeling of superiority that being pack leader gives them. I grew up with dogs and love them, but I LOVE cats. I appreciate their nature and how they relate to and love their humans.

  91. It's all about conforming to sheep mentality. You see the same thing with people overusing memes and trendy expressions, no matter how childish or dumb they may be.

  92. Dogs are loyal, lovable, useful. They tend to form a "pack" relationship with their humans. Cats CAN have some of these characteristics, but it is frankly not as common or strongly defined.

  93. I’d guess it’s because dogs are more aware and respond better to human speech/actions and they communicate In an almost human way making them seem more like a child. Cats have personality too but aren’t as interactive so they often seem like a house accessory more than a companion.

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