My parents found my sex toy, what do I do?

  1. The next morning, the dildo ended up on the table in the middle of the living room, for everyone to look at it. I just took it when no one was looking. My mom had figured out that it was mine, so she came to ask me why I had it. It ended up with me coming out to her. It went as expected, my mom was speechless and upset at the same time. Later my dad heard about it too and he just looked disappointed, I haven't talked a word to him since. At least now I don't have to hide my crossdressing habit and I feel happier than ever.

  2. Your dad probably found it while taking a shit, thought it was your moms who denied it was hers which leaves only your sister. If you don't have a sister then just accept its loss and buy a much bigger one, with veins .

  3. I agree… don’t do anything. They may eventually talk to you about it and it was be completely awful but this too shall pass. Just grit your teeth and listen to their awful conversation. If you don’t want to admit you were using it, you can always say a friend gave it to you as a bad prank… maybe even say they were bullying you… many parents would rather believe a lie than accept the truth that their child is a sexual being. Best case scenario they support you and have an awkward talk… worst case scenario they get really angry and have a mean talk in which case you can lie about why you have a dildo.

  4. He could have asshole parents who don’t approve of their son being gay. Also most parents probably don’t want their 15 year old son using a dildo.

  5. Wouldn't those be less conspicuous? I mean, they probably wouldn't think he was using the golf balls for what dildos are used for but a dildo is kinda obvious.

  6. I know it feels really s ary right now, but just let whoever took it come to you. If there's enough people in the house, then maybe they think it belongs to someone else and not you? Yes it's a dildo, but it's also not the kinkiest type of toy that you coulda had. Whoever comes to ask you, just have a calm discussion with them about it

  7. You are just going to have to prepare yourself for the possibility of the conversation. It's also possible your parents don't know how to confront their son in this situation and put it on the back burner for a while.

  8. This has happened to me so I feel your pain! Keep in mind that, depending on your parents, this can be super awkward to approach with their child.

  9. Don't say anything. If they bring it up act confused. Deny it's your toy. It's really none of their business. They should have left it where they found it.

  10. Oh hell, the sheer number of things my parents found over the years and didn't say anything toys--lots of sex toys, porn, more fetish stuff than sex toys and porn combined (and this was some...not mainstream stuff), liquor, guns, several car titles, a wad of several thousand dollars in small bills, our dead neighbor's German military documents, the source code to the Apollo program's mission control software, a baby raccoon, the master keys for the entire Austin, Texas parks department, parts of an ICBM's guidance system... Chances are they don't want to know and they'll never say anything.

  11. how many people are in the family that were at home at that time? if you keep your silence and dont' act suspicious this could lead to some crazy confusion in the background as no one knows who has done it.

  12. I put my mask and hoodie on, basically just hide my face the entire time. I go to the sex shop and they have no idea how old I am. Im 193cm tall so they probably think im old enough.

  13. If they confront you about it in a hostile way: If you have siblings of teenage or older living with you then you have plausible deniability. Admit nothing, deny everything, make counteraccusations. You could even accuse one of your parents of having it and keeping it from the other.

  14. So you gf came to visit last night and she left it, you didnt approved of using it, and she probably left it, her name is Ramona.

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