Why are some guys on Grindr so flakey?

  1. it's grindr baby. your expectation on that app might be a bit high haha. try the other apps, I hear they not as flakey

  2. You likely got pipped to the post and he hooked up with someone else. If he’s hot Don’t disqualify him based on his bad behavior in instance. Next time you see him online, pounce and leave someone else horny and alone. You’ve done your apprenticeship.

  3. Plan to meet very early in conversation, if they don't start planning along with you then they aren't going to meet. No need to waste more time on them. ..

  4. Sometimes I get turned off by stuff. Is stupid and I’m working on it, but if I get a lot of compliments is a red flag for me. Maybe something you said turned him off. Is not your fault though, it’s his insecurities.

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