Jobs in Portland for pharm techs/chaplains that smoke weed?

  1. It's not exactly what you might want, but Oregon's 'Death with Dignity' legislature creates a unique niche for some practitioners.

  2. Are you telling me to go kill myself‽ I’m reporting you to the mods. J/k that’s good to know, maybe good for a lapsed pastor like myself. (Edit: clarification)

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  4. You might try looking at the state and county health departments. They don’t typically drug test for non driving positions.

  5. Hospitals won’t test you other than new hire testing. They can’t afford to lose all the people that would test positive for cannabis.

  6. 🤷🏻‍♀️Lol it doesn’t fit in anywhere that’s my problem, just giving my background for the best rec’s (like the hospice idea another redditor had)

  7. If you’re looking into Chaplaincy, then you’ll need to start by earning CPE in an internship or residency program. Most residencies will want you to have one unit of CPE already under your belt. Also, most residencies have a stipend associated with them.

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