Next week is The NATO Summit on Madrid, is it reasonable to be scared?

  1. Time to change your information sources. Even being relatively uninformed is better than the omnipresent propaganda that, instead of analyzing the complexities of the war, paints Putin as a mere cartoon supervillain who wants to kill us all and builds everything from there.

  2. If you really think that Putin is going to nuke Madrid…why? Russia is in war with Ukraine to gain resources and prove to Russians that Putin ain’t no pussy, nobody profits from a nuke, nobody wants a nuke so get out of tik tok

  3. You don't need a nuke... Maybe more like a well placed C4 charge, where you can deny anything to do with it xD That being said, I live in Madrid and I'm not really nervous and I'm going to keep on with my life as usual jajaja

  4. First Russia needs to be able to lunch a missile to Spain, then it has to get here and not be destroyed, then Russia will be annihilated and everyone will die.

  5. I don't think Putin will be so reckless. And even if he was, with all the countries taking part of the summit, someone is bound to detect and neutralise the payload before it reaches Madrid

  6. Joder con los putos pro rusos de mierda en las redes españolas. Puta escoria que no nos podemos quitar de ninguna manera. Que puto càncer

  7. No, imposible, Putin is not crazy. He simply don't have any interest in start the 3rd World War. The propaganda of the NATO has affected a lot...

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