For a lighthearted hypothetical - would there be any serious unique problems faced by trans people in space?

  1. I'm an emotional mess who constantly needs to pee. I'm not always the best road trip person for that reason, I can't imagine a space trip! But I'd work through it to plant our flag and claim Mars as a refuge for all trans people! No Elon Musk or Fox News allowed on Trans Mars 🏳️‍⚧️💃🌈

  2. The only thing I can of is injections perhaps as the air wouldnt float to the top. So you need the estrogen/testosterone in a vacuum sealed bag probably. Other than that? It’s just a matter of being medicated (which might be a problem with limited space).

  3. There is no testosterone pill actually, as it would be extremely bad for your liver. The most common thing are injections, either every week or every two weeks. But you are right that there's a gel, and there are also testosterone patches, so there would be an option available.

  4. Nothing unique to trans people, given that cis people would also need to carry or produce medicines and have medical procedures, even if the specifics differ

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