Can a transwoman on hrt still get an erection and ejaculate?

  1. This is all generally accurate, though I've got quite a few trans-fem friends who had their sex drive increase from HRT, including myself (though it dipped for about a year before coming back with a vengeance)

  2. Great question and I have wondered this myself as I have seen trans porn actresses seem to have no issues with shrinkage, erections, or ejaculate. I have been on HRT for over 19 months and it didn't take long for nothing to come out when orgasming. Erections are still possible but aren't what they use to be, viagra helps a lot but you can see the shrinkage. Honestly I have no idea how anyone taking a blocker and E can keep having ejaculate. You can still have a great orgasm even with no ejaculation.

  3. I've been in female range hormones wise for over 18months, and although my sex drive is non existent I am still able to have erections and ejaculate.

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