how to not go insane and fall to despair when waiting for the slightest bit of trans healthcare for months as your body only gets worse and worse?

  1. Seconding this. Planned parenthood is pretty great for gender affirming care. Limitations are basically location/state based and maybe long waits for appointments

  2. this is a side note but I'm already afraid this post is gonna get screenshotted to TERF or conservative Twitter or something and I'll find my thirteenth reason why

  3. Informed consent if you can, if not DIY, unless you're not sure about what you want and need more diagnosing.

  4. Planned Parenthood in MA will prescribe you HRT over a video chat after running you through informed consent. You have to be 18+ though. If you're under 18, talk to your parents and they can sign off if they're supportive. Start HRT with them, and then transfer to a PCP or proper endocrinologist to continue and monitor care.

  5. I'm waiting for hrt too, and this post was very kind, thanks... Waiting for hrt sucks and testosterone really makes me feel like I'm hardly a girl.

  6. If price isn’t as big of an issue, I had a great experience with Plume during qyarantine times. Had one phone call and started hrt the next day!

  7. While my situation wasn't nearly as dire as you seem to be experiencing, I did have to wait 3 or 4 months to get on HRT once I knew I was trans and that it was the right choice (and 2.5 years later I can say it most certainly was)

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