[24M] How do I become more dominant while not becoming an asshole?

  1. Say stuff like, "I was thinking we could do XYZ, are you good with that?" And "how do you feel about XYZ, I could totally eat/drink XYZ" basically she might need you to be more of a planner and to take the lead/initiative on things.

  2. First of all, we should probably differentiate between an assertive personality and being sexually dominant. Those are two different things.

  3. Non-sexual ways to be dominant. Put your hand on her back to lead her. Say “No” in a stern but caring voice. Open doors for her, including getting in and out of the car. Give her reasonable instructions. Order for her: “The lady will have…” (after discussing the menu). Tell her “come here” and/or point at the ground to the space you want her to be. Fix up her outfit/appearance (such as buttoning up a shirt or fixing hair). Lift her chin up. Say: “Look at me.”

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