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  1. His stuff is so good. How the sound evolved simply over the course of the show was phenomenal and powerful. His Westworld scores are unbelievable. I can't wait to see what comes next with HOTD.

  2. Maybe he didn't have the best story but Bran was really the only choice for king, his powers made him an absolute no brainer.

  3. This just looks very costly and well made, no shade towards amazon and their shows (well... :D), but HBO simply outdoes them for whatever reason.

  4. It's a matter of experience. You're comparing the company behind The Sopranos, The Wire and Game of Thrones to the company behind uh... what exactly?

  5. Someone posted something a ways back about why HBO is so much better about this. And it boils down to the fact that HBO has assets, TONS of them. HBO/Warner has warehouses full of objects and props and costumes that can be used to set a scene. Amazon and Netflix, being so new, have nothing. So HBO is able to do this and spend money on the shows where it matters, whereas the other streamers are spending the same amount of money without that starting point, so they have to sacrifice in places like special effects (yeah, I’m looking at you, The Witcher).

  6. As a Wheel of Time fan... I'm ok with throwing shade at Amazon. What they did was truly remarkable, it's like they were trying to make the least faithful adaptation possible.

  7. Lighting too. They're not afraid to make it moody and grimy. Amazon and Netflix sets always looks so shiny and brightly-lit. It feels so... clean. It's unnerving.

  8. Warner Brothers has resources available that Amazon doesn’t have. They own soundstages, and warehouses of costumes and props. Many times Netflix and Amazon have to rent or contract these things which adds to the budget. It’s why HBO shows look better.

  9. If nothing else this show will be visually stunning. It’s easy to forget how incredible GOT seasons 6 and on looked, despite the questionable writing. I’m really excited tbh

  10. Only a matter of time before this line appears as a meme shared on the Facebook walls of all those moms who named a child or pet "Khaleesi."

  11. Trailer makes it seem like Matt Smith (Daemon) and Rhaenyra are opposed but they’re actually on the same side right?

  12. Yeah remember the Dance of the Dragons took place over quite a few years though, so not all of the characters are around in their adult forms yet.

  13. The glimpses of the dragon riding look amazing, looks like they've managed to improve on the effects from GOT. Really hope they do the sheer size of Vhagar justice, as well as just how colourful the dragons are, especially Sunfyre.

  14. Imagine Ser Luthor Largent lifting his visor in that armor to say “Daemon gave us these cloaks and they’re gold no matter how you turn them”

  15. So much of the dialogue needing to be made up is probably my biggest concern, but if they're willing to pump in the cgi cash for all the dragons, it'll still be at least a little fun

  16. Keep in mind George is involved with this series and has likely read the scripts and made suggestions/critique where needed. He has said he enjoys the pre production episodes he has seen so it gives me hope.

  17. I’m actually fairly hopeful about this… unlike was the case with GoT, this series is adapting a finished story…

  18. Really is. Rhaenys was the probably most qualified of all the members in the council was yet passed simply because she is a woman, and (at the time of the series) history repeats itself but now bloodier.

  19. I’ve been saying I’m not going to watch this because HBO is just going to destroy more of the stories I love, but I just wanted everyone is this community to know that I’m a filthy liar and will be back watching every episode upon their release.

  20. I am 100% certain you’re not alone, because I’ve just gone from “ambivalent at best” to “yo I’m fucking HYPE” in the span of 2 minutes. I’m ready to be hurt again.

  21. Everyone who claimed they won't watch anymore ASOIAF stuff will be watching this. If people in here say they aren't watching this, they're fucking lying.

  22. Let's all get ready to be hurt again. Whether its through Red Wedding type shit, or the series going to shit, I'm ready.

  23. At the beggining of the year I was way more excited for the LOTR show. After seeing both trailers, it’s completely flipped. This looks just leagues better, like an actually lived in environment, not a computer game. I’m sure even if writing will be subpar, this will be at least really fun to watch. I’m excited.

  24. I really enjoyed Fire and Blood, it was interesting. I had just finished reading the series and wanted more, and it gave me that. It was an interesting take too, instead of just a story it was this weird fake history book. I might have to read it again before August.

  25. It looks good. Maybe because I'm watching on my mobile but the trailer looks dark. Hope we don't get another battle of winter fell type

  26. No idea if it's my computer, my connection, or whatever, but the trailer did not look like 1080p, and I was watching on the official HBO Max Youtube channel.

  27. I don't think that is Caraxes. It looks completely black to me. The only black dragon alive during this story is The Cannibal. Maybe it is just lighting.

  28. Who knows how they'll do on story, but I agree that the feel of this trailer was way better than what we've seen from Wheel of Time and the trailer for the new LOTR show. Those both felt very generic fantasy, but this clearly feels like a return to a real world we know well.

  29. Could be good, I’ll give it a watch if the reviews are positive. Judging only from the trailer though it seems as if they’re keeping the darker look of the later seasons of GOT which I am a bit disappointed by. I loved the colorful outfits and scenes of the earlier seasons. It was visually pleasing and a nice contrast with the darker themes.

  30. Cool costumes and CGI but good lord, what's going on with the lightning? They got into that "natural light" bs since S7 and honestly it doesn't even look natural. Color grading is super washed out.

  31. Exactly. We know it's fiction. Make it look real by good writing and not by changing the lights and not letting us see anything.

  32. Was that Laenor's coffin they were dropping into the sea? I'm really curious how they're going to cover so much ground from Rhaenyra being a child to her marriage to Daemon in one season.

  33. I can’t help but feel really excited about this. I just finished my first read through of the main series so I still have a ton of fresh excitement for ASOIAF. I haven’t touched F&B yet so this story and characters are entirely new to me.

  34. I know this sub is super anti tv show after GoT, but the first few seasons were great TV, and if they can capture that then I will fall in love once again. HOTD may revive my love of ASOiAF

  35. The biggest thing for myself are the details. Can HBO notice the details? Details made the first four seasons of GOT amazing. Lack of details is what made the last four suffer. Being absolutely blind to details is what made the last season abysmal.

  36. i so agree! The last seasons was only about the main big characters, not about the things that made the world rich, like side characters and side dialogue and the types of outfits (they only wear BIG BAD BATTLE DRESSES and ARMOR in the end)

  37. Continuity with GoT. They've changed some things, like the Iron Throne looking like a halfway house between the show version and George's version, but only where they can explain why it looks different.

  38. Maybe they didn’t want to make it too different so that the castle doesn’t suddenly entirely change after Robert’s rebellion. I hope that’s not the case though, because that’d mean that any glimpses we get of Highgarden or Casterly Rock would be those lame show versions.

  39. I feel like I need to listen to the Fire and Blood audiobook again before I watch this because I forgot 99.5% of the information in that textbook.

  40. Looks OK. I'm so starved of ASOIAF content that I'll be watching though I know what will happen already. Who is the guy on Corlys's left in the shot with the whole Velaryon family? Like they're going to see the king so he's gotta be a trueborn son right? Is Addam not a bastard in this show?

  41. Maybe it could be one of the Silent Five? (The Velaryons who got their tongues removed for calling Rhaenyra’s kids bastards, and later tried to steal Driftmark from Alyn.) Or it could be one of Corlys’ brothers.

  42. I'm optimistic, but once again, very disappointed by the armor designs... They are beautiful, to be sure, but I really, really hate the whole "mass-produced, homogeneous design" approach that's become so common in cinematic fantasy.

  43. I'm mildly excited. Lots of that trailer looked great. Sets, costumes acting look great. Gold Cloaks and Matt Smith I'm not sold on yet but we shall see. "Men would sooner put the realm to the torch than see a woman ascend the iron throne." got me pretty excited for some throne politics

  44. And then please let the Sea Snake prequel succeed so we can get a sequel about the voyages of Alyn Oakenfist.

  45. Well I'm sold. This looks so good. Like WoT and the LoTR trailer look like crap compared to how pretty this trailer looks.

  46. I get people hated the end of the original, and i get how frustrating it is waiting for the next book(s), but damn does this look good. I was worried it would look low budget, or feel like a knock off of the original, but seeing this got me hyped up. I hope without having show leaders who don't actually care will produce seasons as rich and enthralling as the original few seasons of the original were.

  47. it's only me who can have this series go too much in the demonization of the characters by forgetting the depth behind it?

  48. It really looks like it dialled up version of the best parts of GoT, hopefully the music delivers, the sets and costumes look even more accurate. SO excited for the Velaryons. Matt smith might actually pull off his character. Its going to be intense for sure. Do we have an episode count or are we back to the 10 episode formula?

  49. i wasn't gonna watch this, but maybe i will after all. D&D are gone, so it won't face the same problems as GoT. little worried about the showrunner. never heard of him, and his previous show wasn't critically acclaimed or very popular. i think networks often put competent but unproven directors in charge of series when that show is gonna be a network-run, focus-tested piece of... blandness. but maybe GRRM is getting final say? the 4 seasons of GoT he helped with were so good...

  50. D&D were also relatively inexperienced when they started GoT S1. And it turned out well (well, at least in the beginning).


  52. “[D&D] would sooner put [Dany's character and the whole cultual phenomenon GoT was] to the torch than see a [good writing] ascend the Iron Throne.”

  53. Meh. Looks ok. Kinda feels pointless to watch a prequel knowing what happens in the future if the world. They ruined a legacy and grasping at straws isn’t going to bring it back. A cult phenomenon, they could rival the Harry potters of the world and now it’s barely even a mention in pop culture.

  54. It's as much a "preque"l as William's conquest of England is to the Battle of Agincourt. And who cares if this is as watched as GoT? It just needs to be good.

  55. This looks amazing! Confused, though: Why are they starting here, with this succession crisis? Aren't they just skipping over lots of great potential stories? (IIRC, this was in the back half of the book F&B).

  56. This looks fine, I probably won't even watch it till all the episodes are out though. Just no real hunger for prequel stuff.

  57. I can't believe they decided to put a whole family black while it is clearly explicited that the Velaryon are cousins from the Targaryen who are famous for their pale white skin.

  58. So is this like a lead up prequel? Like is this the mad king that reigned before Bobby B? Or is this way before then? I'm just wondering if we're going to see Ned and stuff in this one?

  59. This is the Dance of Dragons which is a civil war that took place about 200 years before Game of Thrones is set.

  60. I've never seen an adaptation that didn't care enough about the material and the story to get the casting right, but still managed to be good. Maybe this will be the first, but I wouldn't put my money on it. Traditionally, it's been a pretty clear sign that creative integrity and story telling were second fiddle to something else behind the camera. I'll check out the first episode, but my expectations are in the basement.

  61. This is how I always imagined the Valyrians to look like 👍 not many people picked up on this, but grrm left clues here and there. Need to be able to read between the lines

  62. Heck even the white Targaryen characters in this trailer don't look the way Valyrians are described in the books.

  63. Don't know this history? I have devoured every published material in this universe, seen the major fan theories, been on the forums for years, am familiar with the intricacies of this story and I call it woke.

  64. I was already excited for this series when it was announced, and I'm excited still. I think they've chosen great actors as well.

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