I hate my life and I don’t care about much anymore

  1. Feel that. It's all so grueling sometimes, my self-esteem is non existent and I'm hardly functional. I feel like I suck at almost everything I'll keep going though somehow and somewhere.

  2. I feel the same 100 percent. It pisses me off that some people don't understand how we feel and just make all kinds of judgements and assumptions. Sometimes life kicks the shit out of you, no matter how good a fighter you are. It's ok to be upset and angry.

  3. Yeah I've been there, that was basically my twenties. Eventually I found ways to give myself a sense of accomplishment and purpose. I have something to work towards now and have that "reason to wake up". That sense of purpose is different for everybody, it can come in a lot of ways. When you eventually find it yourself you may be surprised by what it is. Just have to hang in there and keep your eyes peeled, things fall into place in weird ways.

  4. Including naps, I sleep 12 to 14 hours a day. I haven't worked in 18 months. I wouldn't be able to handle the stress of working anymore, I would end myself if it came to needing to work again.

  5. I feel exactly the same. I keep waking up only for every day to be identical and meaningless. I have nothing to look forward to and no reason to try but somehow i am still going. I feel like I am going to lose momentum and collapse again soon

  6. You're a worthy person and your life is worth living. I highly encourage you to see if you can get dialectic behavioral therapy. This is a research- proven method that helps many people with complex conditions to turn their life into one that is worth living. We found a DBT program at our local university.

  7. Have strength, mate. I've been there and a lot of us did, you're not alone. Things get better, as well as they get bad again and so on. Are you getting professional help like therapy? If you're not, I think it could help.

  8. don't have anything especially helpful to say other than im in pretty much the same circumstance. theres no magic anymore

  9. Not a therapist so I'm not going to act like one and give you mental health tips. I don't have a crystal ball so I won't tell you it's going to get better. I'm not a guru or a shaman. On my best days I'm barely a functioning adult. But I am a fellow traveler on this bizzare carnival on a rock floating in a cast ever expanding nothingness and I just wanna say that how you feel is valid and I hope whatever you're going through gets better.

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