I read people on the spectrum have a lower pain tolerance than average

  1. I’m hyper-aware of pain and discomfort but am usually able to push through due to stubbornness and maladaptive coping mechanisms. It kind of sucks because I can’t always trust my body to distinguish between hurt and injured so spend a lot of time second guessing any discomfort.

  2. I also have a high one and walked around on a broken leg for weeks because no one took me seriously when I calmly stated, while standing, that I reckoned my leg was broken. Probably fair, but now the leg is a little ducked up.

  3. I hid a broken wrist from my parents for weeks when I was 8. Found out when my uncle pulled me out of the pool by it and I never hear the end of the stories about how they were questioned by people thinking that they abused me after that.

  4. I'm going through this right now. Got sent to hospital for a suspected break in my ankle, but the person I saw didn't seem to think it was bad enough to warrent the x Ray I was referred for. Told me it seemed like just a sprain and it'd heal up within a week. Nearly four months down the line of not being able to walk and the Dr's have confirmed I had a break, just waiting on x rays to show the extent of the damage so physio knows what to do with me. I guess I have a pretty flat affect so even when I'm in a lot of pain it doesn't appear that way?

  5. I find it can vary. Alot of aspies I know, myself included have a very high pain tolorance. To the point that it becomes an issue. I tend to ignore pain until it's an medical emergency. I just don't notice or care. On the flip side, I can't stand extreme temperatures or certain stimuli in the slightest, but when it comes to pain, I have a dangerous tolorance and should be on Jackass.

  6. I think is like sexuality, some are hipersexual or completly asexual. Some we have low pain tolerance like myself and others have hight tolerance.

  7. Yes, this is it. Autists are over represented at both ends. We just vary more than the average population. More asexuals. More trans people. More hyper sexual individuals. More hyper sensitive. More under sensitive.

  8. There is one true answer: you are both right. More autists than in the average population are over sensitive to pain and more are under sensitive.

  9. I’m hypersensitive to needles, but less sensitive to stuff like tooth pain. At the dentist the only thing that really bothers me is the high pitched sounds. I also seem to be hyposensitive to recovering from injuries.

  10. For me the injection isn't that bad but drilling in the tooth is terrible, especially because the injection just doesn't seem to affect me... so I still feel the entire thing

  11. I have a high pain tolerance. And I tolerate wide ranges of temperatures and other stimuli. As I understand it, autistic people are often either hypersensitive to stimuli or hyposensitive (lower sensitivity).

  12. I think I can feel all my body sensations more readily than NTs, but I ignore them more as well because if I didn't I'd be even more neurotic than I already am.

  13. That's fair. I feel like I also notice things better than like my family, the pain just doesn't register as pain nearly as soon, if that makes sense lol

  14. I have a very high pain tolerance, but I actually think it is more complicated than that and possibly tied to my alexithymia. My wife and I have similar tattoos on the same spot of our bodies. She said hers hurt and she needed a break while I thought it tickled. We’ve both had warts frozen off and injected with a solution to stimulate the immune system on our fingers. Mine were actually really bad. Having them addressed didn’t seem that bad to me, but my wife talks about how painful the treatments were. A few years back I slipped down a few steps and gave my big toe a nice comminuted fracture. The toe was tucked under the one next to it. I looked at it and went well that isn’t good and then reset it myself before hopping down the rest of the stairs and telling my wife she needed to drive me to urgent care since it was my big toe. I took ibuprofen not for the pain later that day, but to get the swelling to go down because the tightness of my skin was itching horrifically and driving me insane. Eventually I was put in a walking boot to let it heal. Apparently being in a walking boot doesn’t mean live your life as long as your injury isn’t bothering you. The doctor had to put a walking limit on me a couple of weeks later at my checkup when the 3D CT revealed it wasn’t really healing like it should because I was on it too much. Pain just does not register the way it should to me. Even migraines only slow me down when they start impacting my vision. For me pain is more a yes/no that I cannot accurately put on a scale. Breaking my toe felt no worse than getting a small tattoo or migraines that give me blurry vision or even slipping and falling on a hike or running into furniture. None of those feel particularly worse than the other.

  15. Interesting. I also got in trouble for using my arm too much when it was broken (but like... I had a cast....) and we went in to get the follow up. Like 2 days later then sent me to surgery to get pins because my bones gad been wiggled out of place and I hadn't recognized it as anything more than a little achy

  16. I notice the lightest pain. But I can't tell how intense the pain is. So I feel anything but at the same time I tolerate a lot of pain because I don't know if it's serious or not. That led to dangerous medical states in the past.

  17. Noise sends me to the freaking moon. My mom's jaw clicks when she eats, and I usually 'conveniently' have to go get something from my room or go to the bathroom halfway through dinner because the clicking just grinds at my very center of being

  18. For me it seems to be both. In many instances I'll have higher pain tolerances, but for other things is lower. I have a life long problem of being covered in bruises and cuts that I don't remember getting or registering as pain 🤷

  19. I’ve always felt like I have an average pain tolerance. I think I notice small pains more often, I get weird random aches all day long every day, but I’ve never felt like I am super durable or super weak, just… average

  20. I figure that feeling a lot of pain sensitivity is the same reason some are hyper sensitive to touch, the nervous system?

  21. Alcohol in a hand cut hurts so much. Idk how people can stand getting their hands tattooed, I imagine it's like getting sanitizer in a cut but its thousands of cuts instead

  22. yeah. same here... im not sure there is much of a connection to the spectrum via pain. i got both my legs fucked up so i make snap crackle pop jokes sometimes... not sure if they just hurt less or if i have adapted to not care and have reached a higher threshold. i happily swim in the river in the winter and the cold doesnt bother me anymore. maybe i have just learned to manage pain like all the other feelings. I feel it when i want to and ignore it when i dont.

  23. My sense of pain is so bad I don't realize I'm in pain until is so much stronger. I just start getting irritated for "no reason" and a literal hour after, when the pain is horrible I will feel it all at once and it ends up being much more paralyzing for me than for most people.

  24. I’ve always found this topic pretty intriguing. As a child I was on the extreme end of the hypersensitivity spectrum(still am), burst out into tears uncontrollably at the smallest nick or scrape. Only caveat was, only happened if I had visually spotted the injury or had witnessed it take place. Was like I was reacting to pain I imagined should be there, but didn’t fully feel. Fast forward to adulthood(23 now) and I’ve come to learn that I have an extremely high pain tolerance. I’ll share why I’m confident this is the case; (ending is NSFW content proceed at your own peril)

  25. this in a interesting one. i find we tend to be on the extremes. i train acrobats for a living and a very high number of our squad/pro groups have asd or a related comorbidity (adhd/ dyslexia/ depression etc). acrobatics, contortion and aerial arts all require a very high pain threshold to do. i feel like the special interest aspect of things helps motivate people on the spectrum to deal with the pain better than most nts

  26. That makes sense. I want to do silks sooooo bad! There aren't any studios close enough to me to get to (as a non driver) and I don't have anyplace to hang them at my house :/

  27. I can take injections like nobody’s business. I stretched my earlobes and had them cut with a scalpel to a large size. Getting tattoos was never a problem.

  28. The tendency is to be either hypo or hyper reactive to pain. I was definitely hyper reactive to pain. It wasn't until having to deal with chronic pain that I developed a higher than normal tolerance for pain. The problem is with my condition very minor things can cause intense amounts of pain, so not many people will understand how much I'm tolerating.

  29. Understandable. I have a friend that was run over by a truck in the military, and she has some days where one single hug can make her bedridden for the rest of the day, while others she can stand and work for 4 hours straight and drive an hour.

  30. I definitely have a high one. I think it comes from me being so generally unaware. Since I'm basically always either lost in thought or absorbed in something I'm doing, it takes me a while to process pain, if I even notice it.

  31. well ive been hit by a car at 20 mph while going down a very steep hill going around 28 and only suffered a broken ankle jumped off before impacted sadly i landed on my ankle wrong

  32. I feel like I feel pain normally but I dunno. I'm also resistant to numbing and once I got a cavity filled and it wasn't really numb but I just wanted to be done with it so he just drilled without much anesthesia and it hurt but not unbearably so.

  33. My dad thinks I do, but I think I’m more concerned about the implications of pain and not wanting to aggravate whatever is causing it rather than the pain in itself. I have scars in my lungs from pulmonary emboli and I’ve accepted that on-and-off pain isn’t going away.

  34. I’m hyper aware in terms of discomfort (colds drive me crazy) but physical pain has always been something I overcome easily by changing my focus to something else

  35. I don’t agree. I used to race bicycles and still ride. Pain is a constant. You have to be able to put it out of your mind. It doesn’t bother me much when I, for example, hit my thumb with a hammer when pounding nails. I don’t like pain, most people don’t, but it’s just a fact of life.

  36. No, I have an insane threshold for pain - as in able to drive myself to the ER while having kidney stones so painful I had to pull over to vomit on the way and still walked into the ER.

  37. I sometimes wonder if I seem lazy because I'm more sensitive to certain kinds of pain, e.g. muscle strain in exercise.

  38. I think I'm definitely more sensitive. I had wisdom teeth surgery last thursday and I lost like 7 lbs. I was crying and boohooing a lot too. (yes, i had pain meds on board the whole time)

  39. I have been told I have a monstrously high pain tolerance. Injuries that should probably be server just hurt for a minute and then fade to the background. More than once I have been close to death and haven't responded in a way that medical professionals took it seriously.

  40. Oh wow, yeah, I would definitely say that's a high pain tolerance. Glad you were able to stand your ground and finally get them to listen

  41. It depends. Some pain like squeezing a pimple I have a hard time tolerating, but other types of pain I can tolerate well.

  42. Cheers to a high pain tolerance and an immunity to local anesthetic! Do you have Ehler’s Danlos as well? Apparently that’s why I’m immune to local anesthetic

  43. I have high pain tolerance. I tried to get back up when I broke my ankle and was wiggling my foot around listening to it crack

  44. My dentist told me I have an unusually high pain tolerance, so I guess so? I also got knocked off my motorcycle on the freeway. Told the EMTs, that I guess my wrist hurts a bit, but otherwise I feel fine. Turns out my wrist was broken. I had also separated my shoulder, but I didn't even notice that until a week later when I realized it looked a bit weird.

  45. I have quite a high pain tolerance... until I get an injury that hits/damages a nerve in just the right way, then my body takes over and I will get very close to passing out. This has happened twice:

  46. Oof. I have nerve damage from my broken arm, thankfully its relatively rare to get triggered anymore, but I can 100% imagine passing out from nerve injuries

  47. I've had a weird relationship with pain. Scrapes and bruises from outdoor play were no big deal as a kid, I let myself lose a lot of blood to environmental hazards.

  48. Interesting. I think I have some similar kinds of thought. I had to get an ingrown toe and a little granuloma taken out today, the injections hurt worse than my broken arm, and the numbing stuff was wearing off before I even left the facility to go home.

  49. So, if thr pain is minor, I'm a massive crybaby and it actually hurts worse than major pain. I think a lot of that is due to panic and overthinking. Big pain I handle differently. Mostly I go quiet and curl into a little ball on the floor if I can.

  50. Bizarre, myself i fell and broke a hip several years back, snapped the ball off my femur along with several of the bone spurs your tendons attach to, dragged myself back to my car drove back to work got clocked out and drove myself to the ER Fell and broke two bones in my left hand, had to leave the doctors office to go to work since the regular heard i was at the doctors and decided to call out and spent a week delivering mail steering my car with that hand, every time i made a sharp left or right hand turn the bones seperated and those fingers dislocated, that hand is still fucked because of it.

  51. It depends. Minor shit is miserable, but I also have sliced my foot on a piece of broken pottery, jumped in a saltwater pool, and barely noticed until my sister (who was behind me on the diving board) asked why there was blood on the diving board. Needed like 4-5 stitches.

  52. In my life I've experienced enough pain most things don't really bother me and before you call me a liar, i worked in an eastern asain restaurant for 3 years frying things for a living so i got burned for a living, ive suffering with kidney stones, and thats not to mention all the fighting i did when i was a teenager so yeah by my now mid 23s i don't nothing much since its been such a regular but less than chronic things at this point

  53. Honestly though, people that cook for a living are legit heros. I am such a baby when it comes to hot oil, and I have cook friends that can straight up flip a piece of bacon bare handed, it blows my mind. I can definitely see how that all would sort of desensitize someone

  54. I have a really good pain tolerance. I broke my arm about twelve years. I slipped on ice. I had a friend help me get off the ice. And I walked into the ambulance on my own power. Even the orthopedic surgeon said I had a good pain tolerance.

  55. Some are more, some are less, tolerant of pain. It varies. E.g. in my case I don't think I have ever had what I consider a bad headache.

  56. Honestly, its hard for me to tell if I have a natural higher tolerance or not. I have a history of self-harm which is, thankfully, ~4 years behind me at this point. But when I was hurting myself, I certainly didn't hold back.

  57. I'm glad you were able to put that behind you. I myself have been struggling on and off for the last three or four years, and it warms my heart to hear about other people's success.

  58. I have a high pain tolerance, I feel pain a lot but ignore it, mostly because I have IBS and eat shit all the time.

  59. I’m usually pretty high with pain tolerance but it changes sometimes. Like recently I’ve been bit bloody on my hand by my neighbor’s pitbull and barley felt it even hours after but then some days I can stub my toe and need to sit down. It’s really inconsistent for me.

  60. I was shot at the end of 2020 and didn’t even fucking notice (I even pulled the bullet out of my shoulder months later without feeling a thing). Meanwhile my partner pinches me and I feel like I’m experiencing mind rending pain. Makes no sense.

  61. I find my pain tolerance is high-ish for most types of pain, but my discomfort tolerance is very very low. For example when I get a tattoo done I find sitting in the same position makes my body extremely sore but the actual tattoo isn't that bad. And recently I had to get a cut cauterised, whilst the cut itself didnt hurt that bad I really struggled feeling nauseous from looking at the blood and almost fainted, and the numbing needle really bothered me because I could feel the fluid stretching my skin. I really hate feeling like my skin is "full" like blisters etc.

  62. My back is literally the most sensitive part of my body, I always have to wear cotton or a heavy/soft fabric because it’s incredibly sensitive and if it brushes my back i’ll lose my shit. Worst part is I get really bad backne and they don’t go away unless popped, and the pain will make me scream, feels similar to having a hot needle shoved into my skin. I have tried numbing creams and washing it daily, but man when somebody touches my back I freak the hell out.

  63. I think the truth just is that people on the spectrum are spread wider over the range. People on the spectrum will be over represented among over sensitive, but also over represented among under sensitive. My autistic daughter almost never freezes, for example. My autistic son is super sensitive for sound and is easily overwhelmed.

  64. Well, I like things to be predictable. I don't like the unexpected. So I have a pretty good pain tolerance when I know it's coming, like a shot or a piercing or a tattoo. I'm a big baby if I'm hurt suddenly but I think it's mostly the shock of the pain than the pain itself. Like if I'm walking down the street and I trip and skin my knee I might cry but it's more like my feels are hurt that it happened and I didn't expect it and it was a bad surprise. But let's say I trip and skin my knee playing basketball or something. I'm prepared for the higher possibility of injury doing that activity so I'm more likely to just get up and keep playing and not really being bothered by it. Also, I'm a huge baby when I'm sick. Mostly cuz I don't like the inconvenience of being sick and I don't like all the different feelings of when I'm sick. It can be overwhelming so I just want someone to take care of me or at the very least be understanding that I feel like extra crap.

  65. I have an extremely high pain tolerance so I wouldn’t that is true for all of us. Maybe it has to do with how you grow up more.

  66. I also have a very high pain tolerance, I broke 2 ribs when I was a kid by falling out of a tree and I didn’t even stop playing, when I told my dad it hurt he said your not crying, bleeding, or bruised so your fine. It did bruise up a day later but I felt ok for the most part. There was pain but I wouldn’t classify it as bad enough to seek a doctor. Same thing when I broke my back the first time, I was flung out of the back of my buddies truck when he hit a tree and I went face first in a ditch. I immediately got up and while in some pain it wasn’t enough for me to think anything was wrong but when they made me go to doctor I had compressed my L1 and L2. Second time I was in Army jumping out of planes, I will say that one hurt a lot and I went straight to hospital.

  67. Really? You have back problems? Odd. I've never had a problem with my back in my entire life! I think you just need to stand up straighter. You don't have to bend your back everytime you walk.

  68. I have a very low pain tolerance, I assume its because my body in general (hearing, sight, touch etc) is more sensitive.

  69. I can handle pain, but I don't like it. When I was a kid I would constantly get hurt and just walk it off only to learn later that anyone else would have been on the ground crying for hours if they had been hit the same way. When I broke my thumb a couple of years ago I didn't even notice for two days and every doctor that examined me kept asking in amazement why I wasn't showing any pain. Pain does make me angry though, any little bit of pain sinks my mood instantly.

  70. I heard it is either very high or very low - as in extreme one way or the other. I don’t remember where I heard this though, I’ll have to research (yay!).

  71. It’s funny you’ve mentioned this. I had to go to hospital yesterday due to pain in my stomach and my lower body. They were being rather dismissive about it until I mentioned I was autistic and then they suddenly began to listen to me more and recognising the pain I was in. Bloody good news they did because I’m on antibiotics now.

  72. I am far more bothered by like, yarn, than I am by pain. Even pretty severe injuries aren't that bad, and I've had quite a few. I often won't even realize if I'm bleeding until i've got blood all over me. I always chalked it up to "If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough" kind of stuff. I've been clumsy and an athlete for most of my life, and went through a bit of a rough-and-tumble phase in my early 20s, so that probably has something to do with it.

  73. I also have a very high pain intolerance. I don’t think a low pain intolerance is an autism trait, I think that a lot of autism traits are either hypo- or hyper- sensitivities so it can go either way.

  74. Yea I can't handle pain very well even though I know my body can handle it physically, the sensation of pain itself is multiplied for some reason, and the pain takes time to dissipate too. If you pinch my arm, I would feel it for the next 5 minutes even if it's a small pinch.

  75. I think when it comes to autism and sensory issues it can go either way, both hypersensitivity and hyposensitivity to stimuli are autistic traits.

  76. I mean I'm not trying to say that I'm special, I am genuinely curious about how other people experience an intrinsic part of life

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