Does anyone else get extreme anxiety when someone else is mad at you for whatever reason?

  1. This is known as rejection sensitive dysphoria - an intense emotional reaction to perceived criticism or rejection, to the point of being unable to even function. It's particularly associated with ADHD but can also be linked to other neurodevelopmental disorders and anxiety disorders.

  2. Honestly, part of the reason I doubted whether I might be autistic for so long is because I don't let myself be openly blunt; I do often say the wrong thing by mistake, but I try so hard to avoid conflict because of the feelings you described, so those mistakes are kept to a minimum.

  3. I love this sub. The knowledge we share with complete strangers for no reason other than to help is beautiful. I suffer from this and have never even thought to seek help. Thank you for posting and thank you to the commenters.

  4. I’m a bit older than a lot of people on here, so it may come down to experience, but- The constant playback after a perceived social foible or outright confrontation does not go away. Somewhere along the way I learned to sort of push it into the background of my daily functions. Sometimes it’ll work itself to a conclusion, other times I can’t eat or sleep. I try not to let it cause my interactions with other people be affected. This is not always the case. When my face starts to tingle, loud music and something chewy can be a life raft! There’s an evolutionary cue somewhere in the brain that says if you’re eating, then you’re safe. I don’t remember where I found that gem but it saved me from driving off the road the day I was told my daughter will need one of my kidneys before she graduates from high school. I always carry chewy candy now. Not the same as someone being upset with me, I know, but anxiety inducing. I also try to remind myself that most people have absolutely zero affect on my daily life, but if it’s someone I care for obviously there’s no remedy in that.

  5. Yup, all the time, because no one ever takes my side in an argument and no one ever listens or sticks up for me, even when I'm clearly right. If someone is angry I'm always the one at fault no matter what, so I just avoid angry people at all costs.

  6. Yeah, it's part of the reason I try to be even keeled and don't show my hands much about my thoughts on things. I struggled a lot more when I was younger, especially if people "just didn't like me." Like, I didn't do anything, I was just existing and they decided they didn't like me, and the lack of there being anything I could do about it ate at me.

  7. I do, definitely. Like, if anyone in my household and I get into any argument, big or small, I'm afraid of being kicked out or hated, or something that doesn't make much sense at all in reality. This cam probably be linked more to my mom having been abusive and emotionally neglectful my whole life, but I do process emotions and react to things very differently from what I imagine neurotypical people would. And always have, really.

  8. I get anxious even when no one is mad at me. I get nervous just seeing the red dot indicating someone on reddit has responded to me. My brain Wonders if I somehow made someone mad.

  9. I used to have this when I was younger. It was to the point where I assumed that if someone got mad at me and said mean things to me that literally meant they don't want to see me ever again or that they wish I'll die, so I avoided doing anything that could make someone angry in the slightest. I was completely unable to think of any other reason why someone would act angry toward another person. I don't think I've ever been mad at anyone (other than myself) in my life.

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