Who are your favourite characters besides Ezio and Bayek?

  1. Altair I think, I like the character development process. He really grew up through the game. Also he can be considered the only one real assassin XD

  2. Connor. I think he's always going to be underrated, AC3 as a whole is. They should have never cut out his Forsaken monologue and shown more of his personality/growth not only in homestead missions.

  3. I agree that Altaïr is the GOAT, but I find him far more interesting in the first game. While Altaïr has an interesting arc in Revelations about knowing when to give up the fight and live for yourself (complemented perfectly by Ezio’s story), that theme is very specific to that particular game. Altaïr’s arc in the first game sets the tone and philosophy for the entire series. The debates Altaïr has with his targets are fascinating and watching him go from an unprincipled drone to a philosopher with an unshakeable moral code is a story so simple it’s perfect.

  4. Connor, Edward, Shay, Haytham, and Arno all chart above both Ezio and Bayek for me, though the latter probably has a lot to do with my feelings on current AC, which directly affects how I see a game's protagonist. Bayek's voice acting is outstanding, but it's hard for me to care too much about the journey he's on when the pain the character is experiencing is being focused toward what mostly winds up being easily-forgettable shells of villain characters (with one or two exceptions).

  5. Connor was my favorite protagonist before playing Origins, I actually liked Arno, and never been a true fan of Ezio.

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