Need AC3 fighting style advice

  1. Stick to the tomahawk or sword for most fights, it's the fastest and most damaging option. For regulars & agiles, normal attacks + chainkills should work fine. With higher ranking soldiers like captains and grenadiers, pressing the jump button after countering should break their defense.

  2. Lol "damage" doesnt exist in games like ac 3. Its all about countering or or hitting enough to times to reach a combo. Keep hitting an enemy over and over and stop everytime before reaching the combo for the kill and he will never die

  3. Don't hold, just press when their triangle above their heads is red and then counter attack when the game goes in slow motion for a few seconds. Some enemies will require you to disarm instead of attacking but I believe this video should help you out

  4. Press circle then square and if that doesn't work press circle then triangle. If you need to reload your guns you can also use your bow, rope dart, snares, etc. I recommend snares since the upgraded pouch carries a lot and snares aren't useful in combat beyond counter kills. All standard enemies can be counter killed with tools, including brutes, officers, jaegers, etc.

  5. Which AC games have you played before? The counter timing window got wider and wider after AC2.I noticed you used the word "hold" . You have to tap it at the right time to initiate the counter.

  6. Follow up question, how accurate is pressing the button to block or counter when the triangle shows up? For PS4/5 do I need to hold down R2 like the other games

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