fuck samsung

  1. Agree. Asked them if a Samsung pedestal from 2014 would fit a washer from 2022 and they literally said “you can just try it when it arrives and if it fits then itll will fit”

  2. Their phones and appliances are on completely different customer service platforms. Appliance customer service is absolutely horrific.

  3. It came with the house. Also it's the only receipt they didn't provide when we took ownership. Probably lost it. Either way, going off of date of manufacture im still under warranty so

  4. Home Depot doesn’t give a shit with appliances. Had the Home Depot installers install my washer and they didn’t give me the wrench to adjust the feet. Called Home Depot and they told me to contact the manufacturer. LG said it’s $20. Fuck me right?

  5. Just as an aside, this probably won't help you. The retailer does not service or fulfill the warranty that came with the product. The manufacturer does. It's not the retailer's responsibility. And when that manufacturer is Samsung, you have yourself a problem...

  6. Warranty companies profits are directly correlated to how awful they are to work with. It’s unsurprising they’d pull bs like this to prevent a payout

  7. Yeah my grandparents bought a fridge (I think it was frigidair) from Sears. The thing died like two weeks after they bought it; while they were fighting with Sears for a replacement Sears announced they were going out of business. They were living out of their 25 year old “garage fridge” that used to be relegated to beer, soda, and popsicles for like 3 months before they could finally get someone to swap it out. My grandpa lost a bunch of insulin because it wasn’t really clear how long the fridge was out and everything was room temperature when they realized.

  8. and microwaves. ours caught fire a few years ago, then the replacement died within a year. could not pay me to use any of their home appliances at this point.

  9. Maybe I'm lucky. Samsung fridge and dishwasher for 3-4 years without a hint of an issue. Also Samsung TVs in every room with great pictures and performance. One of them is like 12 years old, another is 5, and the latest is actually only a coulke months old.

  10. They make fucking terrible everything. Even their phones suck ass. I honestly don't know why people keep buying their garbage

  11. And ovens. The knob broke off of ours for one of the (most used) range units and the replacement isn't cheap ($75, the oven was $250).

  12. One came with my house, ice maker already broken and the bottom of the fridge part literally icing over. I made it 3 months before i went and bought a new fridge. The salesman laughed when I said I have a Samsung fridge because enough people were coming in to replace them.

  13. Samsung makes terrible everything except phones, flash, and displays, they want their hand in every jar there is but they're really bad at doing most things and have scaled so far that they can't even fix any of the issues.

  14. Our fridge died recently. Alas, ten years old, so no support, and it was too expensive to fix vs buying a new one.

  15. My aunt's Samsung dryer caught on fire. They regularly clean out the lint and the lint exhaust. There are small openings that some lint was escaping. This caused the fire. The incident happened right after the warranty expired.

  16. I hate both Samsung and LG for appliances. Used to work on them, called them Samsuck and Likely Garbage. They both aren't reliable imo, and both are a pain in the dick to work on.

  17. My fridge is from 1992 and is still holding on. I want to replace it, but I know that nothing that I buy today will be as reliable.

  18. Buying anything through a company directly is just asking for a hassle. I bought their top of the line AI robot vacuum. It had some serious issues with the sensors so I tried to get them to help. They just run you around as long as possible to try and void out your warranty and make you pay for repairs. So... I reordered the same vacuum from their store on Amazon, replaced my defective unit with the new one (just the vacuum, I didn't swap out the cllection bin/charging station) and then sent it back for a full refund. It was the easiest way to do it. They kept needing to reschedule the repair technician and gave me the run around for several weeks. If they would just take care of their customers directly then I wouldn't have done the switcheroo. I refuse to be that level of fucked over by such a large company. Just no.

  19. Samsung loves to try to pull the shit illustrated above where they claim that since your appliance was manufactured on a certain date, therefore your warranty is therefore "expired."

  20. When we remodeled our kitchen two years ago, we decided to go with all Samasung appliances, because they looked really cool and we thought Samsung made good stuff (I use Samsung phones).

  21. Apparently everybody including the appliance repairman all day avoid Samsung appliances. They aren’t great.

  22. I bought a whole bunch of samsung appliances during a home depot sale. I recommend against buying anything samsung. I've had so many problems, especially with the refrigerator and washing machine. In the case of the washing machine, support was absolutely terrible.

  23. Unfortunately it would cost a solid $13,000+ to replace all of the Samsung appliances that were put in as an effort to dress up the house for sale, along with new paint, flooring, and a new water heater.

  24. I worked as a customer service agent for an appliance repair company and yes Samsung was absolutely the worst manufacturer. Calling them was like pulling teeth out with a pair of hot rusty pliers. Everyone that worked for them sounded like they were all ready to jump off the nearest tall building any moment, and were completely and totally fucking useless. Unless the appliance was broken upon receiving it the day it was delivered and it was obvious that it was broken Samsung isn't going to do jack shit to help you. TLDR do not EVER buy Samsung appliances.

  25. I got my 22 ultra and a free smart watch straight from samsung, their website and app is unacceptable levels of bad. I don't know how you get as big as samsung and have an absolutely shit website and support system.

  26. I'm an Av integrator. I have black listed all Samsung products for many reasons, including support.

  27. I think the real sin is that the warranty starts from the date of manufacture. Not the date it was shipped, received, sold, or installed.

  28. Every apple device I’ve owned or been responsible for at work for the past decade that has had a hardware issue, they’ve overnighted a custom box to me and gotten the fixed item back to me in under a week from asking for that box, all covered either under the standard warranty, the applecare extended warranty, or once, for free on a 7 year old MacBook that had a graphics card they were extending the warranty for

  29. I’d say worse. My iPhone XR is still running after 3 (4?) years. The battery is like 80% which sucks but compared to my Samsung oven (right side doesn’t work), Samsung microwave (doesn’t work), or Samsung tv (randomly goes in and out of gaming mode despite automatic adjustments being turned off) it’s a technological masterpiece.

  30. Too be fair with apple, at least I can go to a store and have someone answer my question who I can then yell at.

  31. I’m sorry to interrupt the Apple hate train, but Apple has some of the best costumer service in the industry what are you on about?

  32. I'm not a fan of Apple products, but they definitely have better service and support than Samsung.

  33. Hey looks like galaxy fold care plus employees are also working in chats for refrigerators too, they love finding way to deny warranty in galaxy folds

  34. A few years ago I won a promotion in Samsung Pay for a washer and dryer. That entire process was an absolute shit show. Between a 3rd party company "sponsoring and maintaining" the promotion, the Samsung pay people being clueless about the app, and the "customer service" from the Home Appliance department... It was about 6 months before I finally had my stuff. Hard to complain about free stuff, but damn I felt like I earned it with how much I was on the phone with different people over 6 months.

  35. I’m in a rental - our Samsung compressor went out. Waited a few days for the repair person to come out - he walked in and said “nope, we don’t fix Samsung’s” and walked out

  36. Don't get me started. I bought a samsung TV about 7 years ago that had some issues and needed to be warrantied, and I swore never again.

  37. Bought a new stove for a rental unit in November ‘19 from Lowes. 2 years later the oven stops working. I called, they sent out a tech for $150. Tech stated the problem was wired incorrectly at the factory and to stop using the stovetop immediately. For $350, they could repair the factory mistake. Screw them, I found a guy that rebuilds appliances in his spare time and has incredible references.

  38. My Samsung Fridge died at 4 years and 10 months. I had extended warranty, they couldn’t fix it with 2 service calls I tried in the last 2 months.

  39. That looks suspiciously like a crowdsourced (and possibly translated) ticketing service. It literally looks, to me, like agents read every reply as an individual ticket and aren't able (or don't bother) to read the ticket history. That's why you get batshit insane left field answers. As a customer I deal with similar answers from The Walking Dead: Survivors.

  40. Honestly, I loved samsung for a long time but a recent experience has made me decide to never purchase one of their products again.

  41. XPO is a fucking nightmare carrier to deal with. It’s not just Samsung they pull this crap with, but Samsung was certainly derelict in their duties to you to find a resolution.

  42. I've had so many appliance people (sales and service) say to avoid buying Samsung appliances because they are likely to break and very few techs work on them.

  43. TLDR: buy a big appliance from a local non-chain appliance store that services appliances themselves if you can.

  44. The 5 year warranty is only for very specific parts, and labor related to those parts. The full warranty expired on the date they provided. This is pretty common for electronics and appliances.

  45. The control board on my Samsung fridge went out 14 months after I bought it. They told me it's unreasonable to expect no failures outside the warranty period of 12 months.

  46. Are you in the UK? If so 1 year warranties don't mean much because goods have to last 5 years. It will be up to you to prove that it's a manufacturer fault though and not something you have caused.

  47. General parts and labor warranty is one year. The five and ten year warranties only apply to specific parts (usually the tub and motor). They'll only cover parts/labor if the failure is specifically attributed to failure of those warrantied parts. To determine that, a tech has to diagnose, so at the least, you'll have to pay trip and diagnosis and then the tech will determine if the failure is covered under the provisional parts warranty. Labor probably won't be covered at all.

  48. I sell appliances, and this is accurate. Most mass brands (GE, Whirlpool (which includes Amana, Whirlpool, Maytag, and KitchenAid), LG, and Samsung) have 1 year full parts & labor warranty. After that, it varies. Most refrigerators will have some additional warranty (some parts & labor, some parts only) on the sealed system, compressor, and evaporator. Laundry and dishwasher, it's usually the motor and tub/drum that have additional warranty. It is all spelled out in your owner's manual/use & care guide, which is pretty easy to find online. I strongly urge people to read these.

  49. Their phones are shit, too, and they tried to say it was out of warranty when the screen stopped working a month after I bought the thing. Shit company.

  50. I learnt a decade ago that you should NEVER buy Samsung products. And when I say NEVER I mean NEVER. Phones that stop working after a year and with ads included, TVs that cost thousands and stop working after just a few years (with ads included as well)…literally any other brand builds better and more reliable products than Samsung

  51. I've had Samsung phones for years now, and never have had a problem with them. The only things that broke were due to dropping them, or the charging ports (I had a job that came with a looot of dust that could get in the charging port). Never any other problems whatsoever.

  52. nothing is wrong from the samsung customer service side. only compressor will have 5~10 years warranty, depends on the product. if it's damaged they will replace it. like if you buy a air condition and your air condition giving less cool after a year, you have to pay service guy to clean or small fix. if he find compressor is damaged they will replace it. but there will be some small service charges.

  53. My compressor went. Sounds like a shooting range inside an echo chamber. Dispite having a 5 year parts and labor warranty for all refrigeration components, they're telling me my 5 year warranty expired 14 months after the device was manufactured which is literally not possible

  54. Had an issue with a tv once, got bad customer support, emailed Samsung US corporate with the transcript. They got me taken care of

  55. Does your state have a consumer protection department? For example, in Ohio you can contact the state attorney general. Companies act differently when they realize you've gotten the state involved.

  56. You can file with the NJBBB and attempt to get Samsung to repair your refrigerator. There is a FB group dedicated to helping Samsung refrigerator owners refunds/repairs. I think the last time I checked they were well over $5M in refunds. I know a lot of people don't have FB, but you may find it beneficial.

  57. Both of the handles for the bottom drawers (freezer drawer and middle drawer) on my Samsung broke and fell off in the exact same spot. Samsung was having none of it

  58. Samsung refrigerators are defective AF, and Samsung is working hard to discredit anyone who says so. Search for Samsung Refrigerator class action lawsuit.

  59. "Based on your wrong math, have you checked your paycheck to ensure you're getting paid correctly?"

  60. Haha at least you have some customer support, the company I bought my fridge from got taken over and is now shut down! Forget about getting warranty I am unable to get any spare parts at all ! Local repairs guy says buy a new fridge

  61. Technically you can't pursue a warranty legally after 4 years. Statute of limitations. So essentially they don't have to honor it after that in most states. Also they like to start counting the warranty at manufacturing date to make it harder.

  62. Went through hell with these assholes. They sent me a broken phone when I used my insurance to replace my old phone. Took me literally months of dicking around between a 3rd party insurance and they're pathetic excuse for customer service to get a working phone. 20th of January I submitted my claim and I've had my new phone for about 2 weeks now, you do the math.

  63. I have better luck when I call customer support, for some reason anytime I use the messaging support, I never get anything done.

  64. I might be taking crazy pills, and maybe this is already covered but just from the intentionally edited screen shots you posted I gather that the item you're trying to fix or replace is out of the standard 12 month warranty?

  65. I like samsung products but our refrigerator icebox has frozen in a way where we can't open it. It has been frozen/stuck closed for 3 years. We removed the waterline and thawed it out but it won't nudge.

  66. I don’t know who needs to hear this but buy products that have a history tied to their specific brand. What I mean is, when I think of Samsung, I think of TVs, phones, and sound systems not fridges.

  67. Active 2 watch won't update. Customer service basically told me to reboot and then was out of ideas. When I told them it didn't fix the problem, they told me to take it to a ubreakifix location. The ubreakifix guy instantly told me they don't work on watches. Still can't update. Great product, great service. /s

  68. While I know this isn't true for everyone, I have found a cheap home warranty to actually be worth it. I paid like $1500 for 5 years with a $45 call-out fee. I've absolutely already had more than $2000 in work done to repair appliances, and they are repairs that while I could probably have done myself, it would have taken me hours of frustration and the parts would have totalled up almost to the cost of the warranty already.

  69. Most credit cards extend the manufacturer warranty by 1 year. If Samsung doesn't help, file a claim with your cc company (assuming they offer the extension and also that you paid by cc) and they'll usually just cut you a check for the price paid. I don't think many people know about it but I've used it twice now (once for a computer power supply and once for an electric toothbrush). No issues either time.

  70. Companies now only manufacture shit that breaks a year after you buy it. Pretty soon we'll have fucking fridge subscriptions.

  71. I had a samsung tablet repaired for free. Picked up and delivered in a 2 hour window each time with shipping updates.

  72. I had a similar chat with samsung. And was told he couldn't offer any help because I'm in Iceland and the fridge I had problems with could be a different version than they have in UK. (it def was not)

  73. Samsung appliances (refrigerators specifically) are fucking atrociously bad. I have four Samsung TVs, two Samsung computer monitors, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung earbuds - all have worked flawlessly. Even my Samsung washer & dryer has worked for the most part (though the cover for the lint trap snapped off after about a month). My Samsung fridge is 4.5 years old. I had them out five times to repair it, and after I put in a sixth service request, they said they'd give me a 60% refund in exchange for voiding the warranty.

  74. Who is out here buying smart fridges anyway? Does anyone really need a tablet embedded into their fridge door? C'mon.

  75. I went through the exact same thing with LG. And then I found out there was a class action lawsuit because the model I had was known to have this malfunction due to a programming flaw. Luckily it broke down 2 months before the claim period expired. Unluckily they were completely unwilling to cover all the insulin lost and all the food (we went grocery shopping the day before. Threw out 5 garbage bags of food) from when the fridge went out. I would have been more understanding if it wasn’t for the fact that they said just to send them the receipts and they would reimburse it all, only to find out after that they cap reimbursements at $250.

  76. Samsung and LG are the same company, not a surprise. Interestingly, Hyundai and Kia are also co-branded South Korean companies that also screw over customers and don't honor warranties.

  77. Where do you live? In EU warranty is at least 2 years from the date of purchase, and in Finland for example warranty is an addition to consumer protection provided by law. That protection is based on the expected lifetime of a product, which would be at least 5 years for a refrigerator.

  78. Bought a Samsung washer less than 4 years ago and the control board just died. Warranty was only a year. Fine.

  79. I bought a couple of curved Samsung monitors and they both had the same issue: the base plate screw would not go all the way into the monitor stand, making it wobbly and unusable.

  80. still mad at Samsung and my phone provider (EE) sold me a contract for a Samsung S21+ it arrives open the box , no adapter , charger CABLE nothing

  81. Samsung appliances are shitty. My 1 yr old air-con has developed a hole in the tubes, I need it to weld by someone outside of Samsung because their warranty sucks.

  82. We have had our Samsung refrigerator for about 7 years. It's constantly buzzing now. I'm told it's just ice on the fans and we need to thaw it, but just did that a month ago when we had the main board replaced under recall. The upper fan assembly was already replaced once. This thing is utter garbage and now we're looking at new refrigerators.

  83. I had part of a home theater system stolen years ago (yes... only part... didn't understand it either) and when I contacted support to order the missing items it was a nightmare.

  84. Always wanted to buy the galaxy fold from them but this kind of shit is what's stopping me from doing it.

  85. Oh fuck Samsung appliances and fuck their customer support. I bought a fancy smart fridge cause I thought it was cool (some pun intended), biggest turd. Never even came close to working. My freezer was warmer than my kitchen. Their customer service was apathetic and useless. Never again.

  86. Is the warranty just not covering the part that was damaged or something? Surely they're not so dumb as to think a 5 year warranty expired a year after purchase?

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