Now that Roe v wade is overturned under the guise of “all life is sacred” via Christian nationalism, what is the TRUE hidden reason why banning abortion is re-emerging after 50 years?

  1. I think opposing abortion was done for political expediency (given that it wasn't a big deal to Christians several decades ago). But now that the dog has caught up to that particular car, what now? I think it will start chasing the next car: trans rights, gay marriage, the rights of atheists, etc. Be assured that another set of rights will be on the chopping block next.

  2. My dumbass right-wing husband doesn't seem to get that the people he likes to vote for hate him because he doesn't believe in their god. He doesn't get that they're coming for him one of these days.

  3. Also, the gop base is getting older and smaller so they're desperate to grow their base. Notice only red states are forcing birth?

  4. Thomas basically said in his opinion that now that Roe is done we should expect LGBTQ+ rights and contraception to be on the chopping block.

  5. Eugenics, because if the government can deny abortions, they can also force them and sterilization. The US has been there before, prisoners, poor, disabled folks, ethnic & racial minority members forced, coerced and tricked into sterilization. (From about 1900 till the 1970s eugenics policies were active all over the US, and we still see cases of forced sterilization.)

  6. Well controlling women it's the obvious one, but also control over the population. More dumb poor kids to send to war, to work for miserable wages etc..

  7. I commented this elsewhere. Glad to see it's the top comment. Forced births are guaranteed human shields.

  8. But overall it's bad for everyone in a society to have a bunch of unwanted uncared for children. Lets all look forward to crime skyrocketing in 15 to 20 years in no abortion states.

  9. This doesn't seem to fall in line with the kind of any kind of practical planning. Some secret government/corporate orchestrator is planning a generational labor windfall? I would think it would be something more immediate.

  10. Yes, apart from controlling others, it gives rational thinking people something they need to actively appose and fuel for their victim mentality that "everyone hates us because we believe in God".

  11. This is really it. The people who think it’s some long term strategy to increase the labor pool are giving these people far too much credit. It’s simply an Us vs Them fight. They don’t actually care about abortion (or any other of their myriad wedge issues) beyond it being a right liberals think people should have. Therefore they feel the need to oppose it.

  12. The majority of people support abortion rights but the money from un-taxed Christian leaders far out weighs the plebeians voices. Money grab and I understand that from our senate/congress/president (which is a horrible truth) but I always thought the SCOTUS was above this shit. Well here we are and I look like a dumbass for trusting our democratic system. Millions will suffer because of these ass backward beliefs.

  13. Religions have known for thousands of years that the best way to control people is to control when, how and who you can have sex with. Fertility and childbirth are some of the oldest tenets in ancient religions. Maintain control over marriage, sex & reproduction and you will perpetuate your religion forever.

  14. It's a cornerstone of the religious takeover strategy. Can't take over government without armies of brainwashed kids supporting your cause. Can't create armies of brainwashed kids when people have freedom of choice.

  15. The reasons that the politicians do it are different from the reasons that the masses support it. The politicians are just capitalizing on a cultural movement. I don’t think that there is any universal motive among them apart from the preservation of their own power (which of course is true of all politicians).

  16. Same as always. Rich people will continue to get abortions if they see themselves in that situation. The real impact will affect poorer areas. The percentage of women from those areas that go to university will fall, the percentage of fathers abandoning them and their children will rise, and poor places will be poorer. And hey, that extra misery will push more people to the edge and that’s something they can use to manipulate them into their religion. Meanwhile millions of religious moderates don’t want to see what their are allowing to happen. Good luck America from Europe.

  17. Yahoo just released an article on part of the reason. Economists studied what happened to our economy in the 70s when Roe v Wade happened. Most notable, women, especially, black women, began to hold more jobs and get higher education.

  18. Conservatism is at an all time 50 year peak. It's about controlling people, it's about limiting rights because of vAluE's (btw, fuck your conservative values), it's about the dumbest motherfuckers in our country believing the lies their elected representatives feed them, it's about cramming religion down everyone's throats.

  19. Civil rights are next people, first the LGBTQ community, then either the non-white population or women, can't decide who they want to disenfranchise first, ah hell, probably both at the same time.

  20. I suspect you’re addressing your question to the wrong audience… all I know is that many Christians hold a “vitalist” view that “life” is a binary “yes/no” question, and that it’s a supernatural state that comes (?) in to existence at conception. Therefore, abortion would be the deliberate taking of a life, a.k.a. murder.

  21. Because less and less people are becoming religious, so it's easier to grow new members than to convert. Cult Growth 101

  22. They are fucking nuts and utter cunts these same parasites will likely call ur son/daughter a bastard child, reason they don't want abortion is less babies to rape the dirty rotten pedos that they are.

  23. Years ago con servatives needed a gimmick to get people to vote for them. They came up with being against abortion and pleading to the religious. It was only to get them elected. That is reason women in this country are now second class citizens.

  24. Also, criminalizing women's basic rights and making them felons for having miscarriages etc. reduces their voting rights in some states. They want the rights of women to be reduced to absolutely 0. Full control.

  25. Banning abortion isn't reëmerging. The groups trying to ban abortion have been organized since the day roe was initially handed down.

  26. Abortion will become a felony. Felons can’t vote. Rich can travel and get it safely and secretly. The poor will lose the right to vote.

  27. In red states, there is a long tradition of inbreeding, which requires forcing young girls to give birth to their fathers/brothers/uncles children. This ruling just legitimizes it.

  28. Flee red states? Fuck I want to leave the country. It's a fucking cesspool anymore. Christians needs to be Thanos'd.

  29. We'll not only flee the red states, we'll flee the country... and take our money and investment accounts with us!

  30. Broken 20th century ideals and the last grasp of a small group, trying desperately to remain relevant in a world that no longer needs them?

  31. Unions put the "fear of gawd!" in their hearts! There's a long and ugly history in the US of union organizers being found face-down in the nearest creek.

  32. To rile up an easily controlled segment of the population (religious fundamentalists) to vote for your fascist party so you can continue having antidemocratic minority rule. It's all about political power, at the highest levels.

  33. Cheap labor for skinflint employers to exploit. Cannon fodder for the military. More paying members for churches.

  34. It's absolutely because the last couple generations haven't made popping out litters of kids a priority. The government needs poor people to join the military out of desperation, and who better than an unready father, or children who grow up poor and unwanted? We said, "having kids is irresponsible right now" and they screamed back, "do it anyfuckingway."

  35. Punishment, clearly. "People need to take responsibility for their actions" translates pretty easily to "women should be punished for being sluts by forcing them to give birth to children they do not want."

  36. The Conservative Proposition: There must be insider groups that the law protects but does not bind and outsider groups that the law binds but does not protect. This is to make clear that women are an outside group.

  37. It’s a way to take the moral high ground for a base that doesn’t give a shit about morality. Plus the unborn don’t demand anything so no promises need to be kept.

  38. I initially thought the same things. Yet well over half of abortions are by blacks and Hispanics. But a detailed look at the Texas GOP platform calls for repealing the voting rights act.

  39. There’s me thinking the Middle East was the hive of religious extremism. Looks like the US is now one of the most brutally oppressive countries in the world. The land of the free my arse.

  40. It’s all about the soul. If the soul doesn’t materialize in you at conception, there’s no place for it to show up. It has to be a magic moment. Otherwise, their whole theology falls apart. They need a cover story for insisting on the rightness of their having all the power.

  41. God hates sex and he thinks it shouldn't happen because it's dirty and sinful. The only time you get to have any fun (sexually) is if jesus is in that bedroom and you're trying to build another christian. All these supreme court justices are shiite catholics who want all of us to feel the guilt and shame of our make believe original sin. It's an arcane, backwards, demented view held by a joyless group of fuckwits that should have perished long ago by.

  42. This is just more of the same old tricks. Some pope discovered he could get more wealth and power using fear and guilt about sex and abortion. The world is full of simple minded fools.

  43. 1 The military -industrial complex wants there to be a lot more young people who see no prospect for employment other than enlistment.

  44. Cheaper labor. Wealthy women will always have access to abortion. More poor women birthing more children means more labor which means cheaper labor.

  45. “Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they're sure trying to do so, it's going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can't and won't compromise. I know, I've tried to deal with them.”

  46. Hawley said the quiet part out loud earlier today. They hope that banning abortion and repealing other civil rights like contraceptive access & gay marriage will force pro-choice people and younger democratic voters who have been turning reliably red states purple to flee those 22 states where trigger bans will take effect. Causing them to stay reliably red for another few decades.

  47. Ex-Baptist here. They want to discourage everyone, especially women, from having sex outside of heterosexual wedlock.

  48. More white babies. GOP is terrified of white people not being the majority (which is predicted by like 2040 or so) because they know they will never win another election.

  49. They know that young men and women are going to be promiscuous. By forcing the women to have these babies, they're just putting another tither in the pew.

  50. People can't afford to have children, so they don't. The rich need a new generation of workers to make them money. If the population won't have kids, the rich must then force them to to maintain their financial status. It's not like their gonna make their kids work.

  51. It's always been a distraction by the wealthy. How do you get folks to elect people who will work directly against their own interests by slashing taxes for the wealthy and cutting social services? Convince them that opposing abortion is god's work and is more important than any other issue. You think the likes of Trump and McConnell actually care about abortion?

  52. A very simple want to control others to make them feel like they are right and powerful. It’s what is at the foundation of all religious belief. Meaning, if you are forced to do as my religious beliefs demand, then I’m made right by my use of force.

  53. It’s easy the demographics are changing and they don’t like it, so they will do everything to take control over the rest of us to cling on to power as long as possible

  54. The Boomers are just now figuring out what it means to be the largest generation. In addition to having TOTAL CONTROL over the culture, they now have to fund their own SS. (They cannot) Instead, they have decided to rob our retirement funds, lock-up home ownership, incarcerate (enslave) us, and force us to have more babies.

  55. They don’t actually believe that a fetus is a person. Try telling a pregnant person that they must buy two tickets to see a movie. Or fly on an airplane.

  56. This is also a way for the church to reassert a form of dominance on the population. Abortion is one of those "flagship" rights which presence (or absence) allows you to evaluate the ascendancy of the religion on the state.

  57. Sex. They hate that sex brings pleasure. Contraception is in on their list too. The only thing sex is for is procreation. Don't want to have a baby then no sex for you. If the cry "think of the children!" was since we would have school breakfast and lunch for every child. Teachers would be paid what their worth. We would have maternity leave and paternity leave too. There would be affordable child care. But the true motivation is to control people. To hang shame and stigma on sex and that the only acceptable time and place for it is between a married man and woman with the aim of producing a child.

  58. It hasn’t re-emerged, they’ve been fighting for this for over 40 years. They needed something to energize their flock after their previous cause, segregation, became unpopular. Today is just the day they finally won the war.

  59. Ulterior? LMAO!!! Dude, where have you been the past 60 plus years. This has ALWAYS been about seeing women as inhuman with no rights to their own bodies. This has never been about babies or zygotes or embryos or fetuses but about men having full and utter control over women. In essence, SCOTUS has legalized rape.

  60. They really do think it’s murder. They think that life begins at conception and God imparts a spirit into the very moment the sperm enters the egg…

  61. What's terrifying is the way history shows the Christians will savagely turn on anyone who disagrees with them! I predict Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Lawrence Krauss (both astrophysicists and atheists) will end up either silenced and jailed or victims of deadly "accidents".

  62. My theory is class warfare. Right now, socialism and labor organization is increasing in America. They are turning up the heat on the culture war to distract us.

  63. Well, the report from that waters lady came out today how the dtcc chose not to enforce.margin calls in the stock market and fucking over the little retail investors instead of doing what was expected... I mean wait, I guess fucking over the little guy is what was expected. .. maybe the timing of the report on this day is just a coincidence

  64. Yeah, no need to make conspiracy theories. There's no ulterior motive. It's not that outrageous to think that they just have conservative christian opinions.

  65. Political power. It used to be racism alone could get conservatives to the polls, but the racism argument started to lose steam in the mid to late 70's, at least as far as driving people to vote. In the late 70's assholes like Jerry Falwell got rich making abortion an issue to get people riled up again and it was all done with propaganda. Before Roe, some of the biggest conduits to safe(r), secret, and illicit abortions were clergy. Funny that.

  66. Also keep in mind that removing abortions means more kids put up for adoption, an industry that Christian’s completely run.

  67. They need more white babies to sell(adopt). They will make women felons for having abortions and take away their right to vote. This will add more people to the private prisons. Insurance companies will use this to increase their power and profits. they are going to interfere with education and make sure those kids turn into low wage labor. I see a lot of spokes on this wheel.

  68. It never went away! A lot of people on this sub live in nice comfy liberal enclaves where they don't have to deal with the religious right. For anybody like me who lives in the bible belt, this crap was top of mind on every conservative Trump licker political add since forever.

  69. I don't think that there is some shadowy secret reason for why Christians want to end abortion. It boils down to the fact that as far as Christians are concerned, life begins at conception therefore abortion is murder. I can be reasonably certain about this because that's what I used to believe, that's what my parents still believe, and that's what virtually every prolife Christian group I used to go to preaches.

  70. I think that a large part of this is to energize the Christian Taliban base. More people from the right will vote because they see things "getting done" under Republican rule. The problem is, the things getting done are horrific and demeaning for the poor. You can bet that any Senator's daughter who becomes inconveniently pregnant will find a way to get an abortion.

  71. It was begun as a program to restore funding to Christian colleges who practiced segregation. American Christian are racists at heart.

  72. The next step is to have drop off centers for unwanted children. They can then be raised by the state so that we don't have to advertise so much for the armed services. Designated Sergeants can raise the children so that they have a desire to join the military.

  73. They need to keep nails and our military filled to the brim. Biggest institutions where under under privilege end up

  74. health care lobby! = price of abortion? 500 idk? price of having a baby thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. those groups are also responsible for keeping various other citizen beneficial reforms from even being discussed. health care and religion make their fortunes off the poor

  75. No money moves on Mondays. Since we can’t get the plutocrats and their illiterate psychopath mob to respond to logic, we hit them in the wallets. Call in sick every Monday you can and don’t spend money that day. We will also help our sisters who can’t afford to support no money Mondays any way we can.

  76. Women cost trump the last election. Now they get to make women felons and deny their right to vote alongside all the black people who got prison sentences where white kids got warnings (unless they were hippies) for marijuana.

  77. Well it’s anti women more specifically anti poor women. See a woman of middle class and higher class can fly out to a designated state; as for a poor woman in the middle of Texas couldn’t even drive to the next state. I heard they are trying to make this illegal too for women to fly out and do this. In the end they will be a mass woman exodus from these states and the religious zealots men can screw each other …

  78. Because it can. It has been an active target for decades - because the GOP wants to recruit Christian fundamentalists as followers. The "top" of the GOP doesn't actually care about abortion, but they care about getting followers who will be devoted and unwavering to their cause. Attracting these religious voters in the south led to adoption of other platform items that are more "social" and less "fiscal" in focus - anti-union, anti-LGBTQ, pro-"school choice", restricted voting rights, removing affirmative action, so forth.

  79. I'm curious how many people would sign up to adopt children that are not wanted or give minimum help to parents aren't able to properly provide.

  80. The only reason is to get republicans into and keep them in office. Religious people will vote for the devil if he promises to outlaw abortion.

  81. Keeping the poor poor and the rich rich. Rich people can just fly to any state where abortion isn't illegal and have one safely. While someone in poverty is forced to have the pregnancy and now have a child(ren), keeping them low on money and no way up the chain into a better life. Its absolutely disgusting that is was overturned.

  82. It hasn't reemerged. They have been at this since day 1. It has been 50 years of slowly rigging the system against Americans so they can get their way

  83. It is explicitly the result of Trump openly pledging to the Religious Right to exchange their political support for the guarantee that he would appoint anti-Roe judges to the Supreme Court. Without abortion, it's possible Trump would never had coalesced the political support from the religious right than he enjoyed

  84. It’s to prevent white women from getting them. The white control is super scared about becoming the minority.

  85. It’s a gateway to removing many liberties like gay marriage, inter racial marriage, birth control, etc

  86. Because they wield their religion in the political realm = it is about control and imposing their beliefs on a nation founded on religion freedom

  87. Christian Nationalist, ending Roe was just a way to get the ball rolling and get the moderate fascists on board for the real work ahead.

  88. Voter suppression. Banning abortions and restricting access to contraception means more unwanted pregnancies, which means more women in poverty, more women leaving the workforce, more women financially dependent on men, and (most importantly) more women too overwhelmed to vote. Somewhere around 60% of women vote Democrat, so this will reduce the Democratic base.

  89. Putting woman back into the household, removing them from the work force and keeping them out of office, literally. Some serious misogynist grade bullshit.

  90. To tell you the truth I think a lot of pro-lifers are sincere and just don't think it through. They picture a fully-formed baby, that just happens to be residing inside the mother, being murdered. They don't think about it being a pregnancy that is stopped. They think about a baby being killed. I actually think we could have saved RvW if we'd just moved the date back a few weeks.

  91. Personally I think it is 1000s of reasons by 1000s of actors. The Republican party collects single issue voters. Maybe the gun guy likes lgbt people, but likes guns more. The anti-gay pastor thinks guns could be regulted, but not as much as lgbt rights need to be smashed. The mysogynist that doesnt care about guns or lgbt, but wants women in thier place. And the now Frankenstein Politician who wants power and money he can slip to friends' businesses. It's just a whole lot of gross smashed into a dying party like a hit of amphetamine to keep it crossing the line.

  92. It is not re-emerging. They have been trying for this since the 70s. Made the right moves and at last got a set of SC justices who will play their game with them.

  93. Coming from the country which has been at war in Africa and the Middle East for the last 20 years…..oh the irony

  94. From my perspective, it's about power and control. If they woke up tomorrow and found an animus against tomatoes drove people to support them, they'd be against that. When you strip away the rhetoric, these people don't really believe or care about any of these wedge issues beyond how they can exploit them to hold on to their power. Part of me thinks the divisions in this country are irreconcilable and perhaps a civil war would be best for the US. The current Christian Fascist GOP is simply not interested in progress, in enlightenment, in democracy and should be treated as such.

  95. I'm sure there are more sides to it, there always are, but here are the two I know: first, it's so they can punish and slut shame women, keep them oppressed. Secondly, every red state will now ban abortion, that and the other crazy laws states like Texas are doing are designed to get liberals to move out of them, taking away the pretty high chance that they turn purple or even blue. Getting the liberals out leaves them in power since they are a minority and can no longer win legitimately.

  96. The segregationists of the civil rights era lost the fight to keep colored people from voting and diluting their political power. Social mores changed enough to make their overt racism unpalatable to the majority. They needed a new issue to rally around and get the evangelicals and conservative catholics to vote to retain the power. Roe v Wade legalized abortion and there it was. The actual power brokers who pushed this shit didn’t care about abortions, or gay people, or school prayer or even guns, really. But, the propaganda of fifty years meant that the reactionary rubes that they were farming for votes started to become the elected idiots. The old guard, rich MF’ers still don’t care, but they can’t let go of that tigers tail now. And their shortsighted power grabs are going to fuck them just as hard as us. Not hat that’s any consolation to me, personally.

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