Added an SVS 16 Ultra - a bit too big

  1. Don't do this to me . I wanted to buy something nice and small to help with the low Hz but I end up being bullied on audio forums into buying this fridge 😭

  2. But if he can afford it and doesn’t mind the space, two of these monsters would be better than two smaller subs.

  3. thats what they kept telling me on the forums . i ended up looking at shipping container quotes to ship the Devastator Horn Subwoofers (Flat packs) .

  4. I am firmly in the ‘Bob Carver’s Sunfire True Subwoofer’ camp. (very high WAF) I still have my old 1998 model True Sub MKII that I bought new. (the amp plate has recently been to the Sunfire whisperer)

  5. More importantly are you enjoying immense base in the room - must be amazing or is the base overwhelming the speakers Nice clean setup / nicely done

  6. I love those r300s. That aesthetic (the walnut like yours specifically) just tickles me in all the right ways. I haven't heard them but I'm a big kef fan (currently have r3, q350, and reference model one) and was looking for a reasonably priced pair for a bedroom setup before giving up.

  7. I had the r300 with my SVS sb-4000. It drowned them out with bass. I set it to 35 it was still too much. I went with Wharfedale Evo 4.2. It overshadowed those as well. I’m now currently with Focal Chora 816. It’s the perfect match. I can only imagine what your experiencing with that monster especially being ported. People kept saying to get another one to me as well. One is plenty SVS makes some serious subs. Good luck with finding a complimentary pair of speakers. SVS has a matching tool on their site you can use. Or they allow you to trade it in I believe. Happy listening.

  8. I dunno, that was probably more setting and a lack of room EQ than anything else. Even this monstrosity would work fine with basically any speakers, but it has to be dialed in right.

  9. My wife ended up putting a small lamp on our sub. I'm just amazed it hasn't shaken itself to bits when the "earthquake simulator" hits hard.

  10. Since you have it might as well see what needs securing around the home. Popular Monster by Falling in Reverse has a couple unexpected soul shaking bass drops.

  11. It's not just that it's huge, it's that it's huge and only comes in black, either shiny or not shiny.

  12. its an r300 i got it about 40% off new because iirc the dealer i got it from said that kef stopped producing it in that color and i just couldnt believe it . it sits neatly between how the LS50 sounds and the blade speakers .

  13. As much as I hated to, I got rid of my oversized sub because of the long-term effect on the room. After about six years, I noticed I could see every piece of sheetrock in the living room because the screws were coming loose.

  14. Keep that SVS subwoofer you will upset if you get rid off it the next best subwoofer is a JTR captivator or JL audio. That subwoofer will rumble the house lol

  15. I am all about sound, and I will sacrifice some room aesthetics for sound but this is overkill. It looks out of place and will provide way more bass than you need. A pair of 1000’s or 2000’s would be brilliant. Audio forums are filled with a bunch of idiots.

  16. KEF makes nice subs that sound bigger than they are 2/2 DSP augmentation of frequencies lower than the natural curve of their drivers, check those out (and get 2)

  17. On the bright side, can now upgrade to the big tower speakers for the fronts, add these surrounds to the rear and get yourself a nice centre like the SVS ultra or prime ceter!

  18. Concession in terms of living room function and aesthetics can be made, but they must be reasonable imho... The sound is nicer in a nicer room. It's never just aural.

  19. Oh man, my SB-3000 with my KEF R7s feels like an overkill...I set it ito 44Hz where I feel it blends right. This thing isn't ported and I mean, didn't you have a look at the unit before buying?

  20. SVS does have a generous return policy. Dual PC-2000s or Rythmik E22s would look and fit much better here due to their tall profile.

  21. That thing could provide the best bass in the world and I still would never want it in my home. Lmao. All power to you though! Only got a Dayton audio 10” but one day eventually I want to upgrade to the svs 3000 micro. I’ll always want something small and discreet honestly.

  22. I can't imagine. I have one Rythmik F12SE and I'm impressed by what it can do in our nearly 3000 cu ft living room (with several openings to other parts of the house). My plan is to eventually add a second, but it's impressive with just the one.

  23. Looks great to me! I just put 2 of these into my home theater/main listening room system. Can't wait to crank them up! :)

  24. The closest seismic center noticed 3.2 earthquake when you listened to Nick Cave album carnage - white elephant.

  25. I always had trouble getting the larger subs to blend in musically but I have heard a lot of good things about SVS. I am in the local Portland Audio Club and this Tuesday Ed Mullen from SVS will be giving a presentation on their products. I was planning on asking which SVS models are most friendly with stand mounted monitors. Taking the size aside, how do you think it matches up with your speakers? Can it be tamed? 10 hz is impressive but if it sounds like an earthquake machine, well you know what I'm saying. Some stand mounted monitors are very tricky to to cross with a sub that goes crazy low, crazy loud. I ended up going with an older REL Storm (10"), it's very musical I also had good luck with the Velodyne SPL 800 and an older Servo 10" F Series SF10BVX10. I set the volume pretty low and cross them fairly high (120 hz). I also had to move my sub around a bit to get it to sound right. Big subs are difficult to place. Good luck, who knows it might be a good match. It takes a while to get used to a new setup ... give it a little time.

  26. I have a SVS pb 3000 in my theater …. I have a decent size room but it still eats up a sizeable footprint however, I LOVE it! For YOU, I would suggest one of the “cube” subs. A SVS 3000 micro would have made so much more sense In your room. FYI - I also run a Sunfire truesub signature in my theater … probably hard to find now but it’s a 13” x 13” monster that will shake your foundation without being muddy. Anyway, good luck! SVS has great customer service, I’m sure they will work with you on an exchange.

  27. I work part time for an AV shop. A customer has 4 SVS 16 Ultras across the front of his theater room between two pairs of Klipsch LaScala's stacked on top of each other for his Front L+R speakers. It is truly deafening! But we really like his money! I would have recommended 2 3000 Micros for your setup.

  28. Make sure you connect it using XLR cables it sounds way better than RCA cables because it's balanced trust me I did it and it sounds better. If your receiver or amp doesn't have XLR connections just buy 2 RCA male to XLR male cables depending on how many sub outputs your receiver has, the sub will sound a lot fuller.

  29. SVS is trash compared to PSA, Rythmik, JTR. Send it back and buy an actual high output sub. The little Chinese 15" cannot compete against an Italian 18" or 21" for the same price.

  30. Gonna have to agree even with my limited interaction having a couple svs subs and eventually settling on a 15” Rythmik.

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