hank miller spotted out in public

  1. No cuz when I found out he was in his 50s I was so shocked, I was expecting a 20 sumn year old and then I found out what his face looks like and he looks old but kinda young at the same time and I just had a very hard time listening to his audios after that

  2. Can someone tell me how true/where you guys are getting this information from about the things you guys in comments are saying he did (allegedly)

  3. That would depend on the thing. It's true that he's 58, has done incest audios (both ddlg and actual incest) and barely legal stuff, and race play (they're deleted from his patreon, but a couple audios are still out there if you look hard). The Asian fetish is more a matter of opinion, but some people here have witnessed it first or secondhand. It's true he's had sex with fans (he admits it) and has been accused on twitter of stealthing one of them (removing the condom without her knowledge or consent). He sexts with fans on his IG and Discord frequently, and doesn't verify age for either one. Not sure if I missed anything. Hope this helps.

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