which pet name if used in an audio is an immediate turn off for you?

  1. baby girl or kitten or princess, like when they say way to much in the spam of 10 seconds like chil! 🙄 it looses its meaning real quick.

  2. ooohh also idk if yall would consider them a "pet name" fr but I honestly hate derogatory names bro. like I fr can't do that slut and whore and stuff,, not even with the cutesy clarifiers. maybe this should be a separate post😭😭😭

  3. I don't mind babygirl but only from some VA's😂 I have thrown my phone and headset across my bed a few times cause it gave me the icks😂😂

  4. naw… I used to listen to yagami yato BEFORE she got called out and the minute I heard “that’s my buzzy beautiful sunshine nugget”, I couldn’t listen to her audios again.

  5. I think most pet names can be hot if the voice/delivery is smooth 🤠 But, I still don’t really like “little one”

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