Tell me you have autism without saying you have autism

  1. I had a meeting and one of my colleagues got excel work to do and said how much fun excel was and we could send her every task with excel because she loved working with excel. I thought (didn't say out loud) that that's so cool because I also love to work with excel and felt like we would have something in common until another colleague said she could hear the sarcasm and then everybody laughed. So she doesn't actually like excel... And I'm still the only one who does... yea..

  2. I love excel! (once I learned how to use it lol) and I actually got so frustrated with coworkers not doing it right that yesterday I spent the first 4 hours of my work shift creating the best step by step instructions for how to do all of our tasks. While I wrote the steps down I also did it myself and I had a good time ngl lol. I also currently log everything possible in excel sheets, like my workouts, just for the satisfaction lol

  3. I love spreadsheets! I never got too into Excel only because my work became more database centric, so most things I'd have done there I just do in SQL/python, but I organize so much things in Excel.

  4. You just triggered a memory. When I was very young, my mom got me socks that were too big, intending me to grow into them. Since they were too big she would match the heels to my heels and put the excess toe under my foot then put on my shoes on. It was so uncomfortable!!! Why Mom!!???

  5. I'm just NOW realizing that the seam goes away when you wear them inside out.... I've been scrunched my toes for 30 years.....

  6. Would you like to hear my lecture on how romance novels and comic books are undervalued pieces of literature and should be studied for the lessons they teach us about society as a whole?

  7. Absolutely! There’s a couple youtube channels that I really love that do this a bit, they could definitely go deeper but I love them for what they are.

  8. Me too… I can also hear both sides of a conversation if someone’s using their car Bluetooth to talk to someone on the phone

  9. Wait do NTs or allistics not actually hear outside of the room /space they're supposed to hear stuff in (unless they're focusing very hard perhaps)? :0

  10. I think about this all the time. I don’t know many people in my city and have to use tinder and whatnot to meet people and oh my GOD, the vast majority of them have no passions or interests and it boggles my mind. Not even ONE thing?! What do you think about all day? Work? Chores? It sounds like hell on earth to have no escape from reality.

  11. I love turn signals, they're so satisfying to me (not even just the sound). One of the things i was really looking forward to when I got my license, and after a couple of years it still makes me so happy

  12. Now that you mention it, using the turn signal is really satisfying. The feeling of it snapping into place is just beautiful

  13. I'd say turn signals cause me more annoyance than happiness. Sometimes the repeated click bothers me, plus about half of drivers actually use them properly around here. So frustrating when they turn on the signal halfway through a turn or just never use them.

  14. Just about the same! I haven't gotten brave enough to wear out of the house, but I wear in the house even without music or anything playing, just the NC mode on.

  15. I do this but with coffee mugs. I have a favorite, a second choice, a third choice, and if all three are in the dishwasher I would rather drink scalding hot coffee out of my hands than take what's left in the cupboard.

  16. I stopped refusing to eat with the bad spoons at 18 or 19. Before that I didn't even want to touch some of the spoons. I still have favourite spoons to this day.

  17. I just bought a pair of earplugs that will block background noise but not people so I’ll be able to wear them at school and still hear my teacher.

  18. Are those loops by any chance? I got the ones that block out everything, including conversations (but with covid there isnt much i need them for atm) And i love them! I wanna get the ones that allow convos as well at some point

  19. This is interesting because I don't necessarily walk around with trex arms but rather I always have something in my hand that I have up to my chest whether its my phone or a pen or if I'm at work, my safety glasses because I hate having them on my face and it makes it easier to talk to people if I'm fiddling with them at chest level. Is this sort of what you guys are talking about?

  20. I have very specific feelings about spoons. How they're shaped, what goes with what, where they get put in the drawer, which ones are the 'good' spoons vs 'bad' spoons.

  21. To be honest the most satisfying thing I've experienced recently was throwing away all the bad silverware that makes my skin crawl!

  22. (I know this isn’t exactly the way I’m supposed to respond but idc lol) After 10 days of researching autism and finally learning what it actually is, I currently have a Microsoft word document of over 100 pages and over 66,000 words explaining traits and experiences that I have that all connect to autism and I’ve taken every (good) online test and scored off the charts lol.

  23. When I realized that my wife was making peanut butter fudge, I got so excited I started pacing through the house on my toes, repeating "oh my goodness, oh my GOODNESS."

  24. My cousin had an outdoor wedding and while everyone was partying I was playing with frogs in the nearby forest

  25. That's great! What did the frog look like? I always find a pet or sometimes a baby at family gatherings because they're not judgemental and don't mind what I love talking about.

  26. I love frogs!!! It reminds me of a time when I found a tree frog and was so excited, I had to show my mother-in-law. She was petrified, and then the frog leaped out of my hands causing a frenzy 🙈 oops.

  27. I’m the total opposite! If my food isn’t 100% homogeneous I won’t eat it. I can’t have pasta sauce on top of the “clean” spaghetti, it has to be blended furiously so each bite will taste the same.

  28. If my last bite isn't good, it immediately puts me into a bad mood. Doesn't matter if the rest of the meal tasted like the food of the gods, if that last bite is lackluster my mood just drops

  29. I cannot stop singing, every moment of every day. Usually I cycle through the same few songs, or I just go “beep boop” to random melodies

  30. Someone pointed out to me recently that I hum while people are talking to me. I don't know how I made it to my thirties before anyone told me! It's annoying, because I feel like it helps me pay attention, but they feel like I'm not paying attention.

  31. I count the number of each colour of skittles, then eat them in descending order, so that I finish with one of each colour.

  32. I do something similar. I eat all of my least favorite flavor (red) first and continue until I get to my two favorites (yellow and green) and then alternate them.

  33. Exactly what I do with m&ms, having at least one last row with all colours is perfect. I even made a sheet with statistics on how many per colou there is in one 45g packet... I even got 10 oranges once, it's a record...they are the most common with yellow ...

  34. I wear beanies everyday during Fall, Winter, and early Spring. Once it gets too warm I cannot have anything on my head. I also collect beanies.

  35. That's really fascinating. I wore a beanie (the same beanie) every day of every season to every event (even formal) from age 18 to 27, at which point I swapped to a baseball cap. I've had to swap caps a few times as they fall apart quicker than beanies somehow, and now I'm 30 and only just found out I'm definitely autistic :)

  36. i need to always have either invisibobbles or beaded bracelets around my wrists or i start picking at the skin on my fingers until they bleed

  37. I try really hard to read the whole menu at a restaurant to try something new, and then I end up eating the same exact thing… every… single… time.

  38. Ending up getting too much choice and information, panics about if the taste will bother me for several days and then proceeds to go with the only meal I know.

  39. I like to change up the way I dress each day with a different colour t-shirt, I have 10 different colours and they are all dark blue!

  40. Everything in my wardrobe is either black or red. I prefer black, but people tell me I should wear color sometimes. Red is a color, so there. Take it, one color is all you get.

  41. Black and blue here Red on Friday it makes me uncomfortable all day. But I do it for all those that severed so don’t mind think of them each time it bugs me.

  42. I do the opposite, i wait for my turn but almost everytime when i want to speak, somebody else is already talking again, i wait again and yeah. Most times i just don’t speak🙂

  43. I get so into video games & other media that my husband feels the need to say "it's not real". I know, I just have very strong feelings & can understand fictional characters a lot more easily than real people, okay.

  44. I was disappointed when I found out that my "Social Skills" therapy group was about conflict resolution and not like, small talk

  45. My foot will bounce uncontrollably for the next hour if someone overtakes me aggressively on the road. Just general uncontrollable body things when I'm a certain level of upset.

  46. When I see other cars, I try memorizing details about them such as plate number, dents, scratches, etc... even though I never remember

  47. Must remember responsibilities must remember responsibilities must remember responsibilities. Wait is that something to do with my special intrest * happiness noises* wait what was i supposed to do

  48. I have a massive crush on my coworker, but can't bring myself to say anything to him or look him in the eye so I just stare at him from afar.

  49. I have a collection of 38 tiny mallard plushies, and to most people they all look the same, but I can easily tell each of them apart, and they each have their own name. I always take at least one out with me, and I usually have around 10 in bed each night, but I have to rotate them every couple of weeks so that it’s fair to all of them and they don’t feel left out. (There are a few favourites who come to bed every night, though.)

  50. I can usually understand what people are saying in foreign languages even if I don’t ‘know’ that language. I don’t know why, I’m just wired that way.

  51. Velcro makes my teeth itch, and my whole body squirm. I cannot handle the sound or texture. I can’t have tight clothes, especially pjs as I feel like my body is being strangled and seams don’t line up. I like to listen to the same song over and over until I’m sick of it. When I buy things they have to be an even number unless it’s 3s, or 5’s. Also certain types of water can be scratchy or taste really bad to where I feel sick including certain areas tap water. Bottled water I hate: Dasani, Aquafina, Deja Blu, and Box water, and Nestle. Bottled I like: Chippewa, Ice Mountain, Smart, Kwik Trip, and Fiji

  52. My main light source after sunset (which is pretty early at this time of the year...) is a pink/purple LED for plant growth, because I'm too sensitive to white/blue light and I find this light wavelength to have a soothing and calming effect on me.

  53. if you talk to me while i’m planning something in my head, especially when i’m standing there doing nothing but focusing on my plan, just know you’ve ruined my entire train of thought and you’re dead to me for the next 2 minutes

  54. I know it's not specific to autism, but... Ketchup. 😂 I wonder if I'll finally find some autistic person who will break the chain of me meeting other autistics who dip almost everything in ketchup for it to have at least similar taste.

  55. The more there is food in front of me the more they will be ranked to the one I eat first (in case it's bad )to the one that will finish my meal and make my mouth the happiest.

  56. I can't go on a bus without my headphones. Last Friday I couldn't find them and I spent half an hour running around my house having a meltdown. Turns out they were in my bag all along and I just didn't see them. I walked out of the house about to cry after getting angry at my family because I couldn't find them and I was about to cancel my therapy just because I couldn't get the bus there without them

  57. I either have no idea what you’re talking about or I know exactly what you’re talking about. However, I still act like I don’t know because the way you were talking was vague and I’ve been wrong so many times before and don’t want to embarrass myself again

  58. Oh, if someone so much as dares mention airplanes or any other of my interests in my presence, I essentially become an SCP that teleports over to them and will annihilate their ears with nonstop unwarranted special-interest-infodumping.

  59. My wardrobe contains mainly black, blue, green, and red clothing. All of my clothes are a similar cut/style/fabric. I don’t branch out much from basic designs because they always have something uncomfortable about them, or I feel awkward in it, like it calls too much attention to me. I absolutely do not wear any clothes with pictures, words, or designs on them because they would draw too much potential attention/comments from others and I don’t feel comfortable wearing things like that because it doesn’t “always truly represent me”. If I branch out from basic single colored shirts, it’s either flower or geometric patterns.

  60. I don’t like to shop for clothes because I feel compelled to touch every piece of fabric I pass even though 98% of them will give me the full body shudders and I have to rub my hands to erase the feeling. I’m 42. (I also hate trying on new clothes but that’s a different story). When I find something I like, I buy every one in my size and call it a day.

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