I have flown the Boeing 747 longer than any other pilot. AMA

  1. No I will leave the skies to the next generation of pilots. I hope to continue writing if people still want to read what I write

  2. The airport you generally enjoy the least to land at? (Due to whatever reasons, traffic, ATC, rules, maybe even the hotels suck lol)

  3. JFK was the most challenging due to the differing non precision approaches, poor ATC and relatively short runways and a baffling taxiways

  4. SIN-LHR Flying a Beech Queen Air when all the instruments failed in cloud Cape Town No The 747 was the only aircraft I ever wanted to fly

  5. He's like the Flying Dutchman, cursed to roam the skies for eternity, never being granted permission to land by any airfield.

  6. No, the jumbo had no unusual handling qualities. It was simply a joy to fly. The original Piper Seneca had the rudder and ailerons interconnected which was interesting to say the least!!

  7. What is the most unusual airport where you've landed a 747? A place you'd ordinarily never expect to see a jumbo...

  8. For some reason, my brain thought you meant the ‘80s movie and I was wondering how the hell it was relevant.

  9. I'm a flight attendant and our pilots called us up to the FD to see it last Sunday! Ferry flight between Calgary and Edmonton!

  10. Tell them about delivering the baby! Fun fact. OP and I started on the same day and did the Simulator course together.

  11. I just flew out of Incheon South Korea yesterday and saw two Asiana 747s taxing and several Korean Air 747s at gates so yes they are still being used commercially but they are definitely on the way out sadly!

  12. The latest 747-8 is barely starting their lives with Lufthansa, Korean, and a few other operators, not to mention new Air Force One.

  13. The 747-400 are still being used and now we have the 747-800, a new version that will fly for a long period, the 800 is big mf, longer than the A380

  14. What aspects of flying will we be missing when the 747 is fully retired? What amenities or specialities does the 747 have that no other plane does?

  15. Believe it or not in all my years of airline flying I have never eaten a crew meal. I’m a veggie and have always self catered.

  16. I know a commercial pilot who is super into pc gaming. I asked him this same question and he replied “would you want to play a simulated game of what you actually do for a living?” Of course all I could say was no. Ha

  17. No because we know that turbulence, even severe turbulence, is not usually a danger to the aircraft. We do our best to avoid it tho 😉

  18. Flying into Mexico on three engines with thunderstorms all around the volcanoes with two junior copilots who had never been there before. I enjoyed my second beer that night!

  19. This may be sort of a wacky question, but I’ve wanted to ask the 777 pilots this at work for a while except social anxiety and what not. Does it ever feel weird (especially back when you first started) to go from piloting something that massive to driving a car?

  20. In pilot training I almost rolled my car because I forgot you have to slow down to turn. That's probably just a "me" problem though lol.

  21. I personally have never felt it as they are just such different activities. Flying is the one "that feels weird" at first because it's just such an alien experience with all new sensations.

  22. If aviation is in your blood then do everything you can to achieve your dreams! I have around 26,000 hours on the jumbo. I flew the 747-100 747-200 and the 747-400. The 400 was my favourite, is was simply a joy to fly and operate.

  23. Im gonna go out on a limb and say yoke given he's a 747 pilot. And most who preference yoke all say it's so they can see wtf their FO is doing.

  24. I was studying for an Economics degree, then flew to South America! I left University to learn to fly after that !

  25. The researcher who found me had originally come up with a pilot who had flown the 747 for 32 years ! I had 34 years on the jumbo

  26. You are more likely to be killed in your bed by an aircraft crashing into your house than you are likely to be on the aircraft that crashes into your house!

  27. With 34 years on type what advice would you give yourself if you could go back in time to when you did your initial jumbo training?

  28. That is a brilliant question! I think the best advice would be to not over control, the QOTS flies beautifully, just let her do the job she was built for.

  29. I know this is a dumb one, but I'm coming close to CFI and so thinking about the future because it looks incredible. How hard is the training and Handbook memorization for such a complex aircraft?

  30. Steve, it’s not hard. Being a Flight Instructor is one of the most difficult jobs I had. It’s all downhill from there!

  31. If we have time we love to see anyone either before or after the flight. I always put the children in the pilot seats and take photos of them with their parents. It’s a small thing but can really make a difference

  32. Have you ever done that thing that they show in the film Up in the Air where a famous pilot congratulates a frequent flyer on reaching 10,000,000 miles or whatever?

  33. At 50 feet make sure you are over the runway, look at the far end of the runway and at 30 feet gently close the thrust levers and hold the attitude. She will just kiss the runway and make you look good!

  34. Do you really, really love the 747 as avgeeks do and does the rigour of the job ever get in the way of that love?

  35. Looking back through the years, what do you have to say regarding the advancements in the technologies that have come along? GPS, EFIS, etc..

  36. Aircraft are much easier to operate these days. We now load a computer and then follow a magenta line from take off to touchdown. The early 747’s were clockwork and you had to fly the needles, correct for wind., work out a descent rate and time the letdown. Very satisfying but bloody hard work. I fear that some pilots today have allowed their basic flying skills to have become eroded and they are becoming detached from their aircraft.

  37. This thing that is ingrained in my mind, from a pax point of view. about the 747s is the sound. What do/will you remember and miss the most.

  38. At the start of the take off roll as we increase the power I can literally feel the smile start to widen on my face😊 Even after 34 years that never diminished

  39. With more computerization always coming through are pilots going to be doing more or less in the cockpit in the future?

  40. Good question. Computers make life easier but pilots still need to make sure they are fully aware of everything the aircraft is doing and why.

  41. How did you become a pilot and how expensive is it to do so? I would love to do something like this some day

  42. A 747 for me is the most awe-inspiring aircraft and a nostalgic part of my childhood. What are your views on passenger 747s being replaced by 2-engine, smaller planes. We all know the benefits but as an aviator, do you see any cons?

  43. Do you ever have problems understanding what is said on the radio? As an aviation enthusiast I find this baffling that any pilot ever understands a thing, it all sounds like gibberish.

  44. I cannot usually explain my wife’s credit card bill, and nor can she! I have seen incredible sights but nothing that could not be explained

  45. I was watching a plane yesterday, it flew from Toronto to Winnipeg. When it hit Winnipeg, it went north, then turned and came in and landed from the north. Why not just go slightly farther north on the flight, and then just turn south when they get where they need to be?

  46. I’m genuinely curious on what gets relayed to the Pilot(s) from ATC? My whole life I’ve always heard how ATC is far and away one of the most stressful jobs and someone who is fascinated with what they do and engulfed in anxiety, I have a lot of respect for them! Thank you for what you did and flying everyone safely all those years!!

  47. I agree ATC do an amazing job, one that I could never have coped with. When they finish a shift they go home. At the end of my day I sat on a Caribbean beach drinking a sundowner thanking god I was not a ATC officer.

  48. Most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen in the air. Most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen at an airport/ramp. Was Kai Tak fun or terrifying or both?

  49. Kai Tak was great fun, not terrifying but hugely rewarding. Landing into Cape Town is probably the most beautiful approach

  50. This might be really insensitive to ask about but has being exposed to the upper atmospheres higher levels of cosmic radiation had any noticeable detrimental effects to your health?

  51. Well I’m 65 now and I still run 5 miles a day, play tennis and kite surf so I’m seem to have gotten off lightly 😎

  52. My lifelong wish has been to fly in a 747 top deck, but alas, COVID made sure I won't be able to enjoy the ride. anyways, How do you compare flight comfort and aesthetics of a 747 compared to other long range aircrafts?

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