Picture my instructor took while pushing slow flight as far as I could in a pretty hefty headwind

  1. Nice! Also, I haven’t seen a KLN navigator in long time. Used an 89B way back in the before times. You’re still able to keep it updated?

  2. I can’t believe this is what new students get to use in regards to technology. Probably why 1500 hour CFIs do pretty well in regional new hire training.

  3. I am currently training in a C172S with a g1000nxi. I feel spoiled. Almost guilty. Like I almost don't really want to fly something that is only steam gauges.

  4. I’m currently doing my PPL and the planes (PA28 Archers and Warriors) I fly have nowhere near this amount of tech. Steam gauges all around for me.

  5. I think glass is really cool. When I learned it was so much more expensive to fly the 172s with the G430 so I stuck with the 152 and piper cub since they were cheap. I can’t imagine how much it costs now to go through training.

  6. Geez, if you're practicing slow flight, that IAS you're holding is a helluva lot slower than what we do at my school. Usually, we just hold 55 (or maybe 60, it's been a while) with full flaps out, and we're in the 172N.

  7. When I was a kid I turned the wind speed all the way up on MSFS and hovered a 747 about 10' off the ground

  8. Always got a kick out of doing this in a Warrior. Coaxing it to get slow enough so AOA was right where thrust and drag were equal and rudder it thru 180 degree turns into and then downwind. Adjusting throttle to maintain altitude. Fun stuff.

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