Kind things :)

  1. I was about to comment about it but saw you got here first. Altho mine would be more about losing hope for Filipinos. For those interested, google community pantry in the philippines and see how the govt red tags people who helps others by creating these type of charity. The Philippines is on it's way to a spiraling doom.

  2. I wish with all my heart that this is true but doubt it. Or it's an apartment complex with an average rent of 5k a month

  3. Donating ziplock bags seems weird. They don’t rot or take up much space, why don’t you just keep it for yourself? Unless you got 20

  4. We have this in our little town and many outlying towns have their own. Ours is called ‘the Exchange’ and it’s in a big old bus stop shelter shed thing. A lot of fresh seasonal produce and sometimes even blankets, books etc. Going to take some stuff from my garden this arvo. I have rhubarb, bok choy, rocket, capsicums (bell peppers?), beetroot, celery, parsley and basil. Oh and lots of oranges and mandarins from my trees. It’s nice to be able to share :)

  5. Canned food, as long as the seal isn't compromised is far more resistant to time than one might think.

  6. OMG! This is so amazing, I mean I've been in both sides this 2-3 last years. Having groceries I wasn't gonna use, and having literally nothing in the fridge or anywhere.

  7. These things are very nice until they get cleared out by entitled narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths.

  8. This is why we don't need socialism from the top. We just need MORE community looking out for each other. Problem actually solved with this method.

  9. One store room with a dozen cans of soup is why we don’t need socialism? Don’t get me wrong, this is dope, but why can’t my tax dollars buy epipens instead of bombs and how the fuck does this relate to that at all?

  10. We have one of these at my apartment complex. A while ago somebody was leaving formula and diapers (I'm assuming after their baby grew past it), and it was actually there for a bit. It's in the package room so it's easy for anyone to go up to privately. It's just a small shelf unit but I love the idea.

  11. This is a great idea to minimise waste. I only wish it had a chance of working in India(where I live). Dumb people would be like "I don't want other people's waste" smh

  12. I don't understand what the big deal is in donating zip lock baggies along with food. Household staples like baggies and paper towels are needed also. If there is a supply of cookies, rice, beans, etc. and one person doesn't need it all the product could be split up. It's a great idea.

  13. My apt complex had the opposite thing, they took the things they though we didn't needed, good part of this ordeal was the guarded deposits in the garage

  14. It’s all fun and games until some entitled douchebag who thinks they’re “living paycheck to paycheck” comes and takes it all. Nice thought, but I really kinda doubt this is real

  15. Imagine this but with one dude with a gun and a gang of child soldiers taking all of it and forcing you to bend the knee to him if you want a ration and you’ve got a picture of why we haven’t solved world hunger yet.

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