Shouldn't be as surprising as it is but still awful.

  1. EXACTLY what I was thinking. You said it way better though-with no spluttering, swearing, or vague gestures.

  2. EXACTLY. I knew his dumb ass was going to take this next step. This is ALL the more reason why we need to vote these conservative a$$holes out of office, especially in the midterms.

  3. By his own logic, maybe we sound go back further and take away civil rights, take away the right of black people to vote, and reinstate slavery.

  4. Why are conservatives sooo up in arms about what people do with their own sex lives? Look, if you aren't gay, just go on with your life because gay people marrying each other (not you) has absolutely no effect on your life. Also, if you are so homophobic, you should be in favor of gay marriage and let them be as unhappy as they want.

  5. Because everything else they do only helps rich people, but a group of poor people are religiously conservative, and this is how they get their votes.

  6. They're trying to turn America into a Theocracy. We're going back in time folks, time to run it all back again.

  7. And after they remove gay marriage and rights then he should go after women's right to vote and then keep going back to when black people were freed. I'm sure he'll have no problem making America great again for his masters

  8. In general, that’s what The Federalist Society, an organization which Thomas and five other justices are a part of, wants. A strict interpretation of The Constitution in the context of the era in which it was written.

  9. If women are jailed for having abortions or using contraceptive then they are already banned from Voting… DING DING DING… oh how the domino’s are falling

  10. Fuck I feel sorry for your country, having your liberty striped by irrelevant old cunts like that who clearly have no finger on the pulse of modern society. The handmaid's tale is meant to be fiction, not an instruction manual.

  11. People said i was overreacting when i said the American right was a bunch of fascists back in highschool +10years later and they're shocked that the slow erosion of thier rights is now landsliding. I've been saving my money to emigrate for years good bye fascist USA.

  12. It appears to be experiencing the declining stages of civilization as we know them historically. They all came to an end at some point, and the unrest here seems to mimic a lot of what history shows us, right down to gender issues and rioting. With Texas already considering secession, we’re probably going to see further “sorting” and separation in the states, and eventually the federal government will lose control. We may be a not-so-United collection of states within a few decades.

  13. Roe v Wade has been overturned, now they trying to open the flood gates to wash away every inch of social progress that America has accomplished in a century.

  14. It’s the most disgusted I’ve been with a political decision In the US. I’m honestly very scared for the future.

  15. So not just turning the Supreme Court into a political football, but also undermining its own stability and legal power.

  16. how can he not see the irony? won't this logic simply lead to a ban on interracial marriage in states again? i mean, red states are ready at the drop of a dime to assert state power to regulate anything not in the bible or constitution, your body or someone elses. the reason that one makes federal laws is because states can't get their shit together and give people blanket rights across the country. 50 independent republics with minimal federal involvement beyond the constitution. that's what they want. endlessly frustrating.

  17. I remember a time when blacks and whites couldn't marry each other. I wonder if uncle Tom is going to go all the way.

  18. May as well revisit 14th Amendment then eh Clarence? Send that one down to the states for decision? Be nice if you and Mrs Thomas couldn't legally travel to half the USA?

  19. Ok I no longer think this country is great we're heading towards middle east territory here wtf is wrong with these people?

  20. And then they can examine interracial marriage. It's only been legal in every state since 1967. I'm sure we can find some Republicans who have a problem with that Clarence.

  21. Church and state. Gotta love the combo. My Christian beliefs are the right ones and everyone needs to recognize! My tax dollars for what again?

  22. I honestly cannot imagine how a person can be an adult and still care what consenting adults do to each other. Don't you have other things to worry about? I've got bills to pay, a job to work, a living space to maintain. I cannot muster the energy to care who other people fuck.

  23. All the old ass, super ridiculous , far right conservative boomers in politics should start dropping like flies soon. Maybe then American society can become more progressive. until then,America will continue to move backwards and take away personal freedoms.

  24. However, he is not asking the Court to re-examine the right to inter-racial marriage. Gee, I wonder why. Maybe because it hits too close to home for him.

  25. And what the fuck did everyone say before? Once they overturn a ruling important to abortion, they're going after literally everything they disapproved of, including similar cases involving lgbtq, interracial couples, and racial based cases.

  26. Without telling me you never ever want a republican voted into office in any fashion of any kind without telling me you never ever want a republican voted into office in any fashion of any kind.

  27. This has left me completely baffled by the irony and hypocrisy of this decision. I always thought republicans were against government controlling them, they went ape shit over the vaccine. Now republican SC judges TAKES AWAY A GIVEN RIGHT of the people, basically dictating what to do with our own bodies, but now thats ok?!?!

  28. Well done, conservative voters! Your Republican representatives have successfully weaponized the Supreme Court! And, gosh, would you look at that? The first thing they took down wasn't something you're opposed to as a majority. Nope, it was something the majority of Americans on both sides of the aisle support!


  30. While he's at it maybe he should look into universal voting rights especially striking down those aimed at minorities.

  31. Why stop there?? Why not Brown V Board of Eduction too? Oh is segregation too far? But all of the other human rights are A OK to try and take away... the US is absolutely insane, I say we just have a fresh election and start over with one new rule, an age cap of 50, and term limits... honestly working on saving the funds to abandon ship and move out of this ass backwards country

  32. African americanly speaking.....i am ashamed of him! Of course his a$$ would be the one leading the charge in this, look at how crazy his wife is...🙄....So dam embarrassing!

  33. As a non American, my question is, what’s next? Are you guys just gonna let six people in the Supreme Court strip away every bit of progress made in the past fifty years? The way things are right now, I don’t see how you can stop it. The bad guys are winning.

  34. A black man in America's highest court is single handily fucking over Americans and minority groups for personal and religious beliefs. Usually it's the other way around.......strange times

  35. Am I the only one surprised that this man is…for lack of a better word—black? You’d think a member of a minority group that has historically been dragged through the mud would have a milliliter of empathy or soul in his old crusty body? It makes no fucking sense to me. It’s like gay conservatives. This just goes over my head.

  36. "Democracy is a form of government that is made for the people and ran by the people. The key difference between democracy and fascism includes the type of government."

  37. Ngl, Sucks to live in America in this timeline. School shootings, expensive healthcare, inflation, low pay, abortion ban, expensive housing..and the list goes on.

  38. So, I'm thinking Clarence hates his wife. But he's catholic so he can't divorce her. He also can't lop her head of a la Henry VIII. So what's his only option?

  39. Does he think interracial marriage should be reexamined? It could under the same rationale. He's married to a white women. News to him, there are many white republicans who find interracial marriage an abomination. Particularly when it comes to a white woman and a black man as he is robbing the white woman of her virtue and pureness in their twisted eyes.

  40. Without delving too deep into opinions on the matter, it's worth noting that Trump had the unique opportunity of appointing 3 of the 9 justices. All of whom voted affirmatively on this matter to overturn. So in this case, you can basically tie the decision to the president.

  41. I want to preface this by saying how the decision made by the Supreme Court is disgusting, vile, and just plain hateful. The thought of what this decision means for this country is making me sick to my stomach. However, we shouldn’t conspire it to Nazi Germany. I think that because, if we do compare this country to Nazi Germany, than we are essentially admitting defeat, that we are admitting that these hate filled bigots have won. But they haven’t. We still have our voices, we still have our spirits, our will to fight for our rights, for our neighbor’s right, and for our families rights. The best thing we can do is to continue to fight, to challenge the decision made, and to go out and make our voices heard. I’m sorry about ranting, I just feel really strongly about this, and I needed to get it off my chest, thank you.

  42. Who could have expected that … 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️… these people doesn’t belong in the government or courts!

  43. It’s a playbook. He’s giving a hint to his friends that someone should challenge these specific cases. That’s chilling. Now we know the court is ready to “re-think” precedent.

  44. The Democrats have had half a century and complete control over the government currently and no one ever thought to enshrine abortion into the constitution or create laws in the whole span? Honestly they can’t be surprised

  45. I’m not saying it shouldn’t have been done, but even if it had, this court would have found some grounds, however sketchy, to rule it unconstitutional.

  46. dems may have controlled the federal gov’t for a while, but it takes cooperation from the states to ratify an amendment to the constitution. totally won’t happen in this case.

  47. People need to calm down. This means that whatever issue it is automatically gets kicked back to the states. It's not just immediately illegal. That or it can go through the proper legislative process through the house and senate. Gay marriage for example will more than likely be fine as no politician wants to be the one to push against it. It's a rather benign issue as the majority of people are fine with it.

  48. Mitch McConnell has spoken about enacting a federal ban– and women in states where abortion is illegal and are unable to travel will still suffer greatly:

  49. I see a lot of posts claiming this is making abortion illegal. People do realize this action passes the decisions to states. It says nothing about abortion being bad or good. It’s doubtful that any state that hasn’t already made efforts to change their abortion laws will change. Leaving it largely unchanged.

  50. I’d ask how this man hasn’t been taken by disease, gun violence, etc. but the truly evil ones always seem to live the longest.

  51. No problem here. They've just made it clear they don't care about precedent, honesty, or common human decency. Seems like it's time to expand the court and go after the 2nd.

  52. Clarence Thomas's just trying to roll back. Loving the Virginia one step at a time so you can get away from Ginny without actually having to get a divorce.

  53. Notice this shitstain didn’t say anything about re-evaluating the inter-racial marriage stuff. What a fucking coincidence.

  54. “In future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell. Because any substantive due process decision is ‘demonstrably erroneous,’ we have a duty to ‘correct the error’ established in those precedents,” Thomas wrote.

  55. The judicial branch is NOT the legislative branch. There are no laws on these things, overturning them allows citizens to vote on their governance in regards to these issues as the condition intended. Of you are in favor of these things, vote for senators and Congress members who will codify then into law instead of relying on the ambiguity of federal judicial rulings.

  56. From what i learned if humans are passionate about something they WILL do it so whether it's legalized or gays will still get married....

  57. Maybe he's doing just that, re-evaluating older situations that had large impacts. To ensure that what it was meant to do is what it's actually doing? And that said rulings are within the constraints of the constitution.

  58. I love the hypocrisy of the american right, shouting liberty and freedom! Hating when the government gets involved in their lives. Then turns around and actively takes away liberty and freedom from fellow Americans. Id say the US is going back to the stone age ,but back then there was more liberty and freedom.

  59. Ahhh I can't wait to see the day we live in a society not run by old, prejudiced individuals still stuck in the 1950s

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