Be kind..

  1. Looks like this one still has the umbilical cord on it so I guess stare at a pregnant goat until it gives birth

  2. Go work on a farm with sheep. It'll happen. This really isn't anything special to anyone that ever lived on a farm.

  3. Yeah, you can tell its very new! Skinny and awkward and wool is still in tight little ringlets. The cord will fall off and the wool will fuzz out over the first couple of days/weeks

  4. I’m not even there and I’m still happy just watching this. This duo could bring peace to the Middle East or something.

  5. That is cute as! I have goats and though they are cute AF they are a pain in my arse. Planning on getting lambs like this little cutie this spring. I love lambs!

  6. Oh dang, our sheep would give us a firm nudge if they wanted cuddles and felt we weren't quick enough to deliver, but they only weighed about 100 lbs or so. Your goat sounds like an absolute love tank, lmao

  7. do I become vegetarian? There must be some easy method. Some pill that makes me hate the taste of meat.

  8. Yah I work at a pet supply warehouse, we have these new dog chews that are simply a dried lambs head sawed in half. You can see its teeth, eyeball, even its hair is still on it. I find it very disturbing, especially seeing how small it is.

  9. Omnis Speciesists hate to hear this. You're 100% correct, though. Unfortunately your comment guilts people to change their actions. So they downvote, instead 🙄

  10. just spreads normal actual humane advice and gets downvoted to hell. ppl should start to understand what they are doing

  11. This is a bit alarming. The lamb is just born and should be suckling its mother, not imprinting on a human

  12. How exactly is that being kind? The fuck else were you going to do with a newborn lamb, punt it across the yard?

  13. Do you ever think about how the relationship between humans and animals is just so perfect in we are (besides primates) the only species that pets to show affection and how good that must feel to the animal being petted?

  14. Petting is just grooming, lots of social animals groom each other, not just primates. Dogs and cats lick to groom, for example.

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