Rockin the bowtie

  1. Stop promoting these. It’s an unhealthy breed with paint full medical problems. But we dgaf because it’s cute how it’s ears fold down?

  2. I was completely unaware of this and it breaks my heart. Breeding for specific purposes can be cool as fuck (like with some dog breeds as long as it doesn't include genetic defects) but breeding for specifically aesthetic reasons that also bring genetic defects is fucking awful.

  3. I wondered if the image was photoshopped cause the ears. But yes I agree animals humans have bred for “aesthetic” purposes that end up having harsh medical problems shouldn’t be continued to be born.

  4. Want to get something like this for Skipper (unsure how to attach cat tax) for my wedding which is in 30 days. Thoughts where to source?

  5. Amazon carries them, either as a collar that already includes the bow, or as a standalone bow that you can put on an existing collar.

  6. Would I like to take a break from the news well I sure would! And this is the perfect break and I wasn’t expecting it. My phone asked me to shake the phone and BAM. Never seen that yet

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