Found a stray behind a hockey rink on Christmas Day, top comment gets to name him!

  1. Gonna go to the vet first thing in the morning. Also going to file a report with some local shelters. Kinda hoping he’s truly a stray tho :)

  2. I’m going to make an edit soon, but we went to the vet and there was no chip. We are going to reach out to local shelters and see if anyone is looking for him. Vet said he’s a healthy 3 month boy!! She also says that happens all the time where people leave unwanted dogs in trash cans :/

  3. If he is not chipped, you should file a found animal report with your local animal control or humane society. Many places have laws that you must make an effort to find the dog’s owner before you can legally keep him. Where I am, owners have just 3 days to claim their dog (5 days if they have a chip, even if the info on it is missing or wrong). That’s a short time to wait to avoid being legally in the wrong by keeping him.

  4. I know, we’re kind of expecting him to be chipped when we take him to the vet tomorrow. He was relatively clean when we found him

  5. Looks healthy and clean. He likely snuck out of someone's house. There's a lot of in and Out going on at houses for the holidays and a guest could have let the dog out. I'd try hard to find the owners. It would be very sad to lose your pet on Christmas.

  6. This! I’d be so devastated if my puppy got loose and someone just decided that it must be a stray. Do your due diligence OP and don’t presume.

  7. Looks like somebody lost track of their little pup! Very healthy looking to be a stray, but you never know…

  8. Thanks for the advise, we’re heading to the vet first thing tomorrow morning. I’m also going to file a report with some local shelters and go from there

  9. Yeah this is someones dog and the OP has the audicacity to say " hppe they arent chipped he he ha ha ... " as it that guarantees its a stray

  10. Uh, or you could attempt to find the owner first. It’s only been a day, and especially on Christmas Day it’s kind of (very) selfish to think of keeping a puppy who may have a worried family. So. There’s that.

  11. You need to be searching to see if they have an owner, they could have accidentally got out and were lost but not homeless. You could be depriving a child of their christmas present.

  12. The right thing to do is put posters up. That pup is clearly not a stray . Too well kept , nails are trimmed, and fur way too clean , He/she clearly got away from their new owners that’s was probably a child’s Christmas present.

  13. UPDATE: We went to the vet- he’s a healthy and happy ~3.5 month old boy! We also reached out to local shelters to see if anyone is looking for him but the vet said that it is super common in the area for people to just leave their unwanted pets in dumpsters:/

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