Kitty can’t let go of it’s emotional support toy

  1. what its doing with that toy, its dilated pupils, tense feet, and how it has its tail up its belly like that are indicators that that cat is terrified stressed and insecure right now

  2. ya and its stressed, insecure, and scared in all of them, dilated pupils, stiff feet, tail tucked under itself, heavy breathing, even crying and trembling a bit

  3. I don't think that's clear at all, in fact it appears much the opposite. I know it's easy to misinterpret animal behavior but this cat seems genuinely unthreatened to me tbh.

  4. Clearly this cat isn’t okay in this situation. This angers me. Shame on those people and especially that Idiot holding him/her. 🤬

  5. Each time this gets reposted here we have to explain that this cat is NOT okay. They are way too stressed.

  6. No...No....This cat is stressed, insecure, and scared its body language is abundantly clear, the dilated pupils, the tail tucked between its legs, the stiff unrelaxed feet, and the noises the cat is making. If an animal appears to be stressed, or angry, or scared it probably is.

  7. Well that in itself is a red flag. A CAT shouldn't need an "emotional support toy" unless it has gone through major trauma... So deeming this pic as "cute"... no, not so much. That cat is terrified. It is stiff and it's pupils appear to be dilated... it's a "thousand yard stare". Anyone familiar with time in combat knows that meaning. This pic breaks my heart.

  8. This cat is clearly holding on for comfort and they take that away and you can hear the poor thing crying... She not right to do this.

  9. Yes. Yes you do. Your penance for even thinking of not doing this will be not being allowed to snuggle your pet if you have one for a week.

  10. This video to me is upsetting. When the toy is taken away he tries to grab onto her and if she had it's best interest at heart, she wouldn't do this to this poor kitty. Not cute, funny, or loving just to get media attention as she laughes! Flunking pet owning 101 at its finest. Errr

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