What was the last bad movie you watched that should have been fun, but ended up just being BAD bad?

  1. I kept waiting for it to have a redeemable quality. Even the zingers and easter egg lines were poorly delivered and had no impact. And the post credit stuff was so ridiculous.

  2. Battlefield Earth. I've suffered through some brutal stuff, but that film and Outcast with Nic Cage (who was hardly in it) were two that I just could not finish.

  3. The movie that introduced me to the Dutch angle because every other shot IS A FUCKING DUTCH ANGLE.

  4. “I’ll always Know What You Did Last Summer” First off, title is incoherent. Plot is worse, basically nonexistent. Not entertaining or even stupid fun bad. Just bad, no good kills, no schlocky fun effects. Purely joyless.

  5. So do all of these movies happen during the same year? Shouldn’t it be something like, “I still know what you did two summers ago”?

  6. From Justin to Kelly....I know it was all planned out before the show was over but there's a reason that Kelly is a big star and Justin...sells Dr pepper

  7. I'm with you on Loquesha - one note is a good way to describe it. It's also really slow - main premise doesn't really kick off until about a half hour in.

  8. Just tried watching Rob Zombie's The Munsters last night w/ the missus, and we gave up a half an hour in. It's was truly terrible in nearly every way, and I won't be returning to finish it.

  9. I did turn it off after like 40 minutes of nothing. Was told I need to give it another chance and it picks up, but I fell asleep 2nd go round.

  10. I still haven't gotten around to watching it. I think it probably got all the love because it's basically a FNAF movie, and the actual FNAF movie is probably never going to actually happen.

  11. Ring of Terror was painful, even with MST3K commentary. Despite being the butt of "jokes," the fat couple were the best part of the movie -- they seemed happy.

  12. Greenland , every time the tv or radio would announce interesting developments with the asteroid the characters would turn it off

  13. Karate Kid 3. Watched 1 and 2 when they came out in the 80s and am currently watching Kobra Kai. A friend said, " you have to watch KK3 before the new season or you'll be lost." What a piece of garbage. Gotta be one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Thanks, Matt.

  14. Mazes and Monsters, I thought it’d be a fun cheesy satanic panic film with a baby Tom hanks, but it was just so mind numbingly boring. We turned it off and went with the much superior film Dungeons and Dragons, so the night wasn’t a waste

  15. Ratatoing. As someone who loves terrible animated movies, I was disappointed by how boring it was. Came so close to shutting it off.

  16. Any time the sasquatch is on screen makes up for it imo. That's what most of these movies are like before they cut out all the boring stuff for YouTube

  17. So weird that the opening sequence of Vegas being taken over by zombies is the best part of the movie and would have just been a cool movie.

  18. I pre-ordered this, Kickstarted it maybe? I still haven't watched this. Like I'm super glad James got a chance to follow his dream and make a movie but I just hear how bad it is and I feel like maybe I'll leave it and just watch the trailer when I get the urge.

  19. I turned off Sorceress of Suburbia (also Full Moon) after 10 minutes. Some of the most boring acting and no story.

  20. Even with the Rifftrax jokes, The Dark Power. You'd think a movie about undead Native American demons killing off a bunch of hicks and horny college kids would be fun, but trust me its not.

  21. Blonde. I think it's already been covered before how people feel about this one but I will add my two cents: Absolutely boring, thinks it's an important work of art. I think had this movie accepted itself for the nonsensical surreal Odyssey that it had the potential to be instead of a serious biopic (which it absolutely is not) it could have been this generation's Candy. Instead, it insisted on on exploring Marilyn Monroe's trauma and it just came across as self indulgent pseudo psychological trash.

  22. Blackbird. Saw it with my partner in an empty cinema, so a prime viewing location. It had some moments, but overall it was just boring, by the numbers and predictable. A vanity project to be sure, but without the strangeness you want. We had been hyped for years with the mystery, only to be let down by the banality. Ah well.

  23. Someone recently encouraged me to watch the Stephen King film The Fog, so I looked it up and found a place to stream it online.

  24. For the longest time I was sure that I'd seen Porky's, but I think it was actually Meatballs that I saw when I was a kid.

  25. At the time it promised nudity and sex so I can remember it was a big deal to stay up late if it was on Cinemax or getting someone to rent it for you.

  26. I watched Top Gun Maverick after an edible, the plot seemed just beyond ridiculous and contrived, maybe I need to suspend my understanding of physics.

  27. I saw Captain Marvel after an edible and can't remember a damn thing about it. The theater had really good nachos that they brought to your seat, though. I remember those nachos.

  28. I’m usually a Chris Seaver and LBP guy but I could just not stick with The Wierdsies. I keep thinking I should go back to it, because I love everything else the dude has done but idk. I think I’m finally too old for some of it. Man I feel boring.

  29. I thought Deep Water would be like angry sexy over the top and it was just Ben Affleck miscast as what should have been a rich geek with a trophy wife.

  30. Double Dragon. Was expecting a fun shitty movie. Maybe something like Street Fighter, which was a blast. Was sorely disappointed. Too much intentional comedy which falls flat, and while a poorly executed bad action movie can be funny, bad comedy is pretty much by definition not funny.

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