Firebrand Amir Garrett thought he had struck out the side (Top 9) but gets called for a balk, then he actually strikes out the side, then gets ejected.

  1. You know what..normally I’m not about this kind of thing in sports but I look forward to an Amit Garrett post because I know it’s going to be entertaining.

  2. honestly you didnt have to mention it was amir garret since hes the only person id guess would do this

  3. This is an easy one to call. He never stopped, rolled through. This is the main balk you see at the youth level.

  4. This is a balk that should be called all the time. He lifts his knee, brings it back down and then goes right into his motion. Never came to a full stop.

  5. This dude is a wild ride when he’s not being a complete douche. I’ll never forget when he fought an entire team.

  6. When you’re pitching out of the stretch, you have to come set for at least a full second. This was kinda ticky tack but I can see why it was called.

  7. Think about it as if you were a runner on base. You base your timing off of the pitcher's motion. When the pitcher "comes set" you know that the pitcher is starting their motion. Amir didn't ever "come set", instead he just made one fluid motion from when he received the sign for the pitch to when he threw the ball. Can't do that.

  8. He lifts his knee, brings it back down and immediately goes into his motion. You have to come to a complete stop that is noticable. In my opinion, that front leg never stops moving. Of course, you could call 5 balks a game for this as it's probably not in the "egregious" category.

  9. he is a hot head on the field but is one of the nicest to fans you'll meet. always hooked it up for my little bro when he was a red.

  10. Is this city connect? They nailed it! KC has a ton of fountains and a lot of the city's iconography is built around that concept, so it looks like they had some inspiration from that here. Plus the dark blue color looks great for the team.

  11. I really think either they or the Astros have the best City Connect jerseys. Cubs are nice too with the navy/powder blue. Honestly they all look sick when you break them down

  12. He's like that, and I miss him and his personality. Fighting the entire pirates team has earned him an infinite amount of respect in my book

  13. I love how Harrison’s all like “yep! Saw that shit with my own eyes! That was a balk! Cause I know a balk when I see one!”

  14. I mean yea it’s a balk. Meanwhile Clevinger out there fucking tap dancing and umps let him do it. It’s one thing if it’s a normal part of your pitch but he doesn’t even do the same number of foot taps. It’s ridiculous.

  15. I watched this live, and it seems like all the clips I'm seeing are editing out the actual balk, including this one. Watch the whole sequence, he gets the sign, appears to come set, and then he moves his hands again and comes set again. It's not that he didn't come set, it's that he came set twice. Seemed obvious to me, didn't understand why no one pointed it out on the broadcast.

  16. based on the way he's moving in the clip here i really doubt there was a double set because otherwise it would be an incredibly obvious balk that would have been called before the pitch

  17. here is the clip, I don't know that he comes set twice, but he seems to stop longer on his pause before coming set than the pause of actually being set. Dude rolls right through. Easy balk.

  18. That would be striking out the side in order. If you get 3 strikeouts in an inning it's called striking out the side even if you give up 15 homers in between.

  19. I’ve always heard strike outs for all three outs in an inning is striking out the side regardless of anything else that happens in the inning. I’ve also heard the separate striking out the side in order and the even stricter immaculate inning.

  20. The umpires are in danger of ruining mlb. The difference in the strike zones between umpires is my biggest gripe. I’m surprised we don’t see more pitchers complaining. It was the perfect time for Garett to show his frustration. We need more players on the Royals showing some passion.

  21. AG is right to be mad. is it a balk by the strictest definition of the rules? yes. does that same sequence happen for almost every other pitcher who has a runner on? also yes

  22. He’s played in the NL his whole career, so I don’t know if this pitching style is new for him or not. But against the rangers earlier this season he was doing that thing where he never brings the ball in the glove and just starts his windup. I’m not sure how he’s not called for a balk every time he does it

  23. I know the memes and all, but I’ve officially given to trying to understand the balk rule. I’ve accepted that I’m just not genius enough to be an MLB ump and see what they see

  24. Im surprised he didn't get in a brawl afterwards. Back when he was with Cincinnati Amir brawled the pirates, than brawled with the cubs...than whoever. Guy was always clearing the benches

  25. As a reds fan, Amir has a very elevated opinion of his capabilities regardless of his statistics and results. The balk was bullshit but he has one of the worst attitudes in the game and his inability to just brush things off is seriously his worst flaw.

  26. It was the top of the 9th.. they weren’t coming back on the field anyway.. that was just a petty ejection on the umpires part

  27. I played competitive baseball most my young and young adult life. I’ve been out of the game longer than I played.

  28. Is there a rule for how long at a minimum a pitcher has to be set before delivery? Cause it looks like he is set, although very brief.

  29. I'm in the league only because I am a lefty that can strike people out and sometimes be effective. I am also a cancer when it comes to overall chemistry.

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