Christopher Morel walks off the Brewers with a sac-fly

  1. If his arm is fucked they should just shut him down for a month or three to rehab it/rest it. Smarter than making him grind it further into dust and have him be further trash come September/October.

  2. This play involved a corner outfielder signed to an untradable albatross of a long contract with an AAV in the low 20s … and also Jason Heyward scoring from third.

  3. I can’t stand Boog. His weird fake sounding “generic sports announcer” voice and schtick is annoying. I didn’t understand the appeal before and I definitely don’t now. Thankfully lets me watch games with the radio announcers, since I get blacked out anyway.

  4. I've been pretty impressed with Morel so far. I'm sure he will struggle but the tools are showing way more than I would have expected this early.

  5. He’s one of those weird “not really a top prospect and probably won’t ever be anything but if he does, that’s cool too” kind of guys. He could end up being pretty good, or he could be David Bote.

  6. Nothing like walking off a game by making 2 outs without a hit, walk, error... I don't care if we won or lost, the Manfred runner is completely anti-baseball.

  7. I agree. I’m glad we won but getting that runner on base is literally the hardest part of baseball and the manfred man skips that. Every extra innings walkoff feels unearned because of it.

  8. I promised I would still hate the Manfred runner if we walked it off that way, and I do. What a sad way to determine a game of baseball.

  9. Christopher Morel reminds me so much of young Javy. His energy, his versatility, his swing path. Plus his plate discipline is a thing of beauty. Not bad for a kid who virtually skipped AAA as a whole

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