Fans upset after stadium employee destroys beer-cup pyramid (Cubs Vs. Cards 6/2/22)

  1. My son and I went to a Cubs game in 2019 and hung out with the fine folks in the left field bleachers. We collectively made a 20+ foot cup snake and booed the ushers who confiscated it for like 30 seconds.

  2. I'll never forget a Mariners game I went to a few years ago. In the cheap seats, some drunk girl yelled "WE LOVE YOU MITCH!!!!" and this 70ish year old Grandma of an usher kicked her out of the stadium. Because "that word sounds like something else, and there are kids here."

  3. I was at Marlins park a few years back, they were playing the Nationals and Bryce Harper was on 3rd. I was front row, 3rd base side, with about 140 other people at the mid day game. I yelled "BRYCE HARPER I LOVE YOUR HAIR, WHAT PRODUCT DO YOU USE?!" and this man behind me whistled at him, both of which echoed in the stadium. We were both removed. Literally no fun is allowed there it seems.

  4. I've had ushers whine about me heckeling the visiting bullpen at Dodger Stadium. I just say I'm not leaving and if they don't like it they can find security.

  5. Royals ushers are like this too. Almost got kicked out of a game this year because I yelled fuck after Aaron Judge hit a tank against us

  6. Sounds like you guys gotta get this "Mitch" guy off the team! The Cardinals will take on this burden for you, and we'll even give you Corey Dickerson as a token of our friendship

  7. I took my chance to heckle the Blue Jays outfielders without their fans in Seattle during Covid. Mariners usher told me that they now allow only positive cheering at T Mobile. I started saying things like

  8. They did. My gf walked in and was like why is there booing Nick Madrigal. I told her the fans were booing the geezer asshat

  9. Wrigley ushers will sprint from a mile away to yell if you set anything down on the top of the dugout for even a second.

  10. I think Wrigley has uniquely bad ushers. I had the only negative usher experience in decades of watching baseball the only time I went to Wrigley, and it was bad enough that I won’t go back. They’re all 75+ year old, perpetually cranky, inflexible jerks who think they own the stadium and that Wrigley is god’s gift to baseball which we should all be humbled to have the privilege to even visit

  11. Never know, could have just been a dick, could have been told to go deal with it by a supervisor, could have had another fan complain about it.

  12. some ushers just don’t like fun and take their job way too seriously. there’s a problematic usher here in erie (AA detroit) that is a “strict enforcer” even during weekday games when there’s all of 500 fans in the park

  13. I'm guessing it's similar to the cup snake ban that was put in place after fans threw cups onto the field. They probably don't want to encourage large collections of cups in the bleachers now.

  14. He seems only a few rows from the field. A wind comes and you can have a whole lotta cups in the basket. Still, as a longtime bleacher resident, this is poor form on behalf of the ushers.

  15. why do stadium workers always suck so much? shit like this, taking stuff that flew off the field from people, being a dick about seating [it's the fucking REDS after a rain delay, let me move up a section who gives a fucking shit]

  16. Last time I was at wrigley my seat was on the rf/1b wall. Before the game even started, like 45 mins before, I was just standing by the wall watching BP. This old guy usher started screaming at me to go to my seat. I told him this is my seat. So he screamed at me to sit down. I asked why and he yelled for talking back. Ushers are cranky old dudes

  17. This same usher broke a cup snake on Tuesday. I think I've seen him in a couple of other videos also trying to steal the show in bleachers.

  18. I was at a 21+ inning game and it was seriously emptied by the 14th inning stretch. Home team was horrible game was boring and they still wouldn’t let people move down until the 20th and even then we couldn’t be in the really good seats.

  19. It’s not just in baseball, I nearly got thrown out of a football game at Bank of America Stadium during a football game last year because the guy I sat next to threw a beer during halftime (while I wasn’t even there). The security guard and usher grabbed me out of the seats instead despite the fact that I’m 18, and in no way look old enough to pass as 21.

  20. Wrigley is worse than any other stadium I’ve visited. For all the talk of midwesterners being nice the ushers were all assholes to me.

  21. Last time I was at Fenway one of the ushers threw a guy out for swearing too loudly. In the bleachers! In Boston! Wtf do you expect?

  22. Is it just me or does pretty much everyone look like they really don’t care. I mean there’s one dude that throws his hands up but the title is a definite exaggeration

  23. You have to look closer at each individual in the section. The guys beneath him throws up one arm and the lady in bottom right voices a long "NOOOO". then you have the guy at the VERY bottom of the screen who stood up and was pointing an angry finger but theyainly cut him out. Most of the other dudes have that look like "cmon man really" with an awkward smile.

  24. I don't know if I've just had bad luck but the vast majority of ushers at every ballpark I've been to have been miserable jerks. Anything to let people know they have a little tiny bit of power over a little tiny bit of the world. Nobody comes to a ballgame to see an usher. If someone remembers you, you're doing your job wrong.

  25. I'll give a shout-out to the ushers at Camden. I slipped on the steps going to get a beer there (some kids were running up the side I was on and I tried to slip under the banister to get to the other side to go down) and they were right on me with the first-aid kit.

  26. I went to game 3 of the Texas vs Rays game this week, and the usher told me to sit down when there was no one behind me. Like, I'm invested in extra innings calm down.

  27. Nora: Do you remember when we were kids after Mom and Dad died, when everyone at the church wouldn't take their eyes off us? And they'd take us to the movies and bowling and putt-putt just to keep us busy?

  28. From a european perspective that's an alarming overreaction and they'd be able to take you/the company to court for unfair dismissal so easily.

  29. Drunk people and annoying the whole section while thinking they're being cute... name a better combination.

  30. 😭 noooo they're just having fun blocking people's view with their 20$ beers pyramiderinos are heckin cool this schlub just hates fun!

  31. We do this at our minor league game (Threshers) and they ushers don’t even care as long as it doesn’t look it it’ll end up on the field.

  32. No more fun at Wrigley bleachers? We want pyramid we want pyramid. Make so many pyramids that its impossible for them to keep them all down at once.

  33. This reminds me of when I was at a Cards Cubs game many years back. We were sitting in the bleachers and a group of college guys next to us brought a huge trash bag of popcorn and were passing it around the bleachers. Workers eventually came and took it away for an inning until they got heckled so much they eventually let them have it back

  34. Former stadium employee. Fuck this guy. There’s a million ways of getting your way without coming across as a former cop.

  35. Hey you aren't allowed to act so irresponsibly with that beer. Now please, continue to spend your entire paycheck on our beverages and gamble with our numerous affiliates.

  36. I'm just picturing this man going home after the game and telling his wife about how he knocked down a beer pyramid of about five dozen empty cups and wiped the smiles off of everyone's faces.

  37. They all look so sad about it too. Not even angry, just so sad to see all their hard work so unceremoniously destroyed.

  38. Why? It makes no sense to destroy the pyramid now instead of later when it’ll be easier to clean up and won’t incite the wrath of drunken fans.

  39. I sat in the bleachers at wrigley last week, the ushers wouldn’t let fans cross the aisle with stacks of cups to add to the cup snake. Can’t think of one reason why that’s a rule.

  40. I’ve never been apart of a cup snake unfortunately, but I can imagine the problem is that when they’re passing around the snake it’s dripping leftover beer and backwash on everyone. People would probably get more upset about beer being spilled on their kids then they would about not being able to have a cup snake.

  41. I don't believe this for a second. There's a guy in a Phillies shirt who's not throwing half-empty bottles at the employee, guy building the pyramid, and/or players on the field.

  42. Reminds me of the seat Nazi in Philly..."No standing up while the inning is being played." I'm in the nosebleeds. In foul territory. And the hitter and pitcher both look like ants. They can't see me! "Sir, please remain seated until the inning is over." WTF

  43. I've never heard of having to wait for the inning to be over. I won't move during a pitch (and I duck down if I'm in the aisle) and that's in field level.

  44. Man I’m moving from Chicago but stuff like this is what I’ll miss the most (since they don’t seem to care about improving the baseball team anymore)

  45. WTF. I also saw @ Yanks game yesterday an usher physically stop a kid from chasing a foul ball. Is there no fun allowed at baseball games? Fire these fucking idiots

  46. So he created a huge possible tripping hazard instead. Genius! Maybe bring a readily available garbage bag and have the fan put the cans is then walk it out.

  47. April 12 Braves vs Nats. Braves we’re up 12-2 and I look at Ricky bones the nata bullpen coach and told him what a great job there bullpen did tonight and dude got security called for harassment 🤦🏻‍♂️ what a soft bitch. So I then preceded to tell him no wonder the Mets choked every year and was fired as bullpen coach.

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