Gary Cohen ruins the TV magic

  1. In the game just now they cut to GKR in the booth and Gary said "This is Keith, this is Ron, I'm Gary, and we are not Mystery Science Theater 3000"

  2. I feel like they should do a broadcast from that shot the whole game with those three standing in your way. Now, if only they could have someone walk behind you and spill a little beer on you, you'd be getting a great ballpark experience right from the comfort of your own couch!

  3. SNY booth is one of the best in the game, this is coming from a Yankee fan who has to listen to Carlos Beltran tell us “the hitter is really hoping for that ball to land fair and be a hit right here”.

  4. The fan in me finds this hilarious, the TV broadcast engineer in me finds finds it horrifying

  5. Being on a baseball broadcast team seems like a pretty alright gig. It seems like every booth across the league is just chill vibes all around.

  6. Hey I'll say it, I didn't realize that this was how this shot was done. In my mind it was a camera posted on the facade under the booth or something. This is hilarious. I love "BTS" stuff like this.

  7. NY fans are absolutely blessed with their broadcasting crews. These guys are amazing. The Yankees ones are great too. The knicks have breen + Clyde and the rangers one is pretty solid too

  8. Best part of baseball broadcasts, right here. It's such a chill game so you see this kind of thing happening more often than other sports

  9. Omg I laughed pretty hard at this. I wish they’d broadcast like that at times. Reminds me of the old skit with the old dudes chirping at the performers in the theater.

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