Umpires say Max Kepler foul tipped this ball when he did not, and Twins manager Rocco Baldelli got ejected for arguing the call (Yankees vs. Twins 6/7/22)

  1. we don’t need the umps stepping in to give us a loss against the yankees, we can do that all ourselves damn it

  2. In an ideal world. I'm wondering if the sound of the ball ricocheting around made him think that it clipped the bat.

  3. I guess the idea is foul balls aren't reviewable since that was the call on the field. You should 100% be able to petition for a crew chief review to check for interference.

  4. There's a lot of foul ball stuff i think should be reviewable, there is one issue with reversing foul to fair/not foul is what to do with runners.

  5. I almost had an aneurism trying to figure out wtf happened here. First I thought Kepler fouled it off because of the sound. Then I thought there was catcher’s interference. Turns out Kepler swung and miss and Trevino just didn’t catch the ball.

  6. I remember the 09 series against the twin a hit was called foul. In the end the batter still got on and the Twins pulled a Nobletiger.

  7. And Polanco would have advanced to second if it hadn't been called foul, removing the double play. Instead, Kepler GIDPs, and there goes our scoring chance.

  8. The ball was like 2 feet from Trevino. I don’t think we can say with any certainty that he ends up on second. Still would like the ump to get the call right though.

  9. There needs to be some higher up in charge of throwing people out. We can't keep living in a world where an ump can throw a manger out just for telling him he is terrible at his job when there is clear video evidence that it's true.

  10. Rocco should be tossed there. Terrible call, but you cant just berate the umpire on the field for 2 mins and not get tossed. Don't blame him though

  11. The Mets just had an interference call overturned on a foul ball by the Padres called interference. Umps being garbage as usual.

  12. If they said he fouled it, they are completely wrong, but didnt he also go around on the swing so its still a strike?

  13. I remember a few years back Cleveland fouled off a ball against the Astros, and the ump called it a wild pitch (passed ball?) when the path of the ball clearly deviated.

  14. polanco would’ve gone to second if it wasn’t called foul which would’ve removed the DP option. max ended up grounding into a DP

  15. polanco would’ve gone to second if it wasn’t called foul which would’ve removed the DP option. max ended up grounding into a DP

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