Francisco Lindor struck out then gave Pete Alonso some useful advice. Pete then homered! (Mets vs. Angels 6/12/22)

  1. In the post game, Pete mentioned that Lindor was talking to him about “the shape of his fastball”. Basically, it sounds like Lindor picked up on a mechanical difference between the fastball and offspeed and gave Pete the tip.

  2. Noticed teams doing this more in college games recently. After a kid strikes out, they have a quick chat with the on deck guy about what they might see. In my day you just kicked rocks back to the dugout and hung your head.

  3. I was a leadoff hitter, half your job is to scout how the pitcher is throwing and if they have any tendencies and let your teammates know right away.

  4. I was that guy. Even when I wasn't starting I loved watching the opposing team's signs or pitcher to try to pick something up for the team.

  5. Yes the Mets invented telling pitch information to the guy in the on-deck circle. No other team thought of this.

  6. My dads the guy who reviews a play when a call is challenged for an nhl team. I’ve been in his booth plenty of times. I can confirm that half of the 20 or so screens in there are zoomed in on hot girls because the camera guys are hilarious

  7. I was at the Mets/Padres game last Monday and we noticed this happening quite a bit between Mets players. It wasn't just Lindor, a bunch of them did it

  8. That throaty voice makes me want to fucking die, I can’t even explain why it is just so grating and annoying, how the FUCK is that guy a broadcaster??

  9. Hate to break to you, but this song ain't about you. This was about Big Meat Pete, a great teammate, hitting a Big Meat Homerun, which is a rarity by today's game standards. Mets have a good team, enjoy that instead of stirring shit. As do the Mets, so drop the drama and move on.

  10. We’ve see. This a lot with Pete and Lindor this year. Lindor just seems to know how to relay information to Pete to help set him up for success

  11. Lindor does this after almost every at bat. I think this is a great thing, especially from guys at the top of the batting order that are trying to work an at bat to get a feel for a pitcher in the game.

  12. I can’t stand Eduardo Perez or whatever the hell is name is. One of the biggest over-analyzers in broadcasting. Plus his voice sounds like his mouth is all gums

  13. Is it normal for announcers to be as homer as people are about the Mets? “That’s why people believe this team will go deep” dude it’s the middle of fuckin June

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