Lynn not happy about the shifting.

  1. Coach what do you mean the buffet is closed! Why didn’t you pull me an inning earlier so I could’ve hit the line! It was seafood night!

  2. Way back in the day, Bill James did some research that indicated that heavier position players, unsurprisingly, aged way worse than their more svelte compatriots.


  4. I USED to have so much respect for Tony. He has lost all control. He needs to go.

  5. Lotta people seeing this as a bad thing but it’s honestly refreshing to see someone who looks like they give a fuck on this team. I’d agree there are better ways to handle the situation away from the public eye but i for one like seeing some passion

  6. As long as it isn’t a constant dour Lynn then I agree, the fire could help. Him just constantly fired up and berating the team could have negative tendencies.

  7. Clip cutoffs too early, he does get between Lynn and the coach and says something to coach before he leaves the dugout to go to 3rd base.

  8. I do feel like often a shift is decided completely by the hitters tendencies, without considering the pitcher. Too many times do I see them shifting hitters to pull, when the guy throwing is pitching 100 mph outside. Which results in an easy grounder for a hit.

  9. In what world do you think that they don't consider all of that? It makes perfect sense that you would throw outside pitches to a guy that is pull happy, those pitches are more difficult to pull. You probably have a bunch of data showing how bad the guy is with that pitch. If the guy has shown that he won't adjust to that pitch, keep throwing it to him. Yeah, hitting an outside pitch makes for an easy hit the other way, but we can't pretend like batters take that option often enough for it to matter.

  10. I hope this is happening to every other team too because I can't tell you how many times I've yelled at the TV because the Cards shifted then pitched away from the shift

  11. Happened tonight with Nola. He has an all time low WHIP for phillies for like 50 years this year. Except he's lost so many games or given up runs on 1-2 hits. Tonight the phillies shifted the LF (schwarber) to almost center. Nola threw low and inside to 2 different lefties in the bottom of the 7th, 2 doubles, ball landed just near a normal left field position. Would have atleast kept them as normal singles. He gives up the run and almost would have taken an L if it wasn't for Lopez walking a few the next inning.

  12. That's because throwing 100 outside is trying for a strikeout, while shifting is for a ball in play. If a team is shifting, they should be hoping the batter makes mediocre to average contact, not the terrible contact that comes from the pitcher chasing a strikeout.

  13. Interesting point I hadn’t thought about. I’ve seen things like your example happen. Flabbergasted that teams/analytics dept wouldn’t consider this, although I’m sure some do

  14. Yup, it's constantly an issue, especially with certain catchers. They will not call the game to the shift, which results in an excess of poked hits. Let alone when they shift on players who can hit to all fields.

  15. Sox about to learn the difference between having a red ass on your winning team vs having one on your losing team. Extremely different vibes.

  16. Depends on the redass. Keuchel was a bit of a redass and sucked for two years. Lynn is a redass but was good last year and looked fine in his first start this year.

  17. My God! Good news fans, the Sox are showing signs of life for the first time in weeks. As a matter of fact they appear to be beating the crap out of each other. It looks like McEwing is trying to hit Lance Lynn, and why not, everyone else in the league does. McEwing swings and misses. I don't know Monte, it looks like Lynn is carrying his left a little low. This could hurt him in the later rounds.

  18. I remember Lynn tried to lose weight and cut out the pizza one year with the Cards. My head canon is he pitched terribly and went back to being a big boi.

  19. I think they should give errors to managers every time someone hits what would be an out into an open shift. Let’s see how many outs a manager would have had without shifting.

  20. Dude, same. I'm so drained by the onslaught of drama by just the hourly today. Trust me, us sox fans feel shame. Most of us are tuning out. After the Jackie incident, TLR drunk antics, the injuries, the bickering, the bullpen management, and now the lovely TA news, we are over this. Sorry to take up the news cycle, we feel shame.

  21. Damn, he's put on some weight! Back when he was with the Cardinals he wasn't near this heavy and he dropped some pounds and became a much better pitcher.

  22. Bball noob here. So this guys mad, that they moved the outfield from their original positions because if they didnt then the hits made would of resulted in outs?

  23. Basically the infield wasn’t placed in the right spots where Lynn was pitching to. A pitcher can kind of control where the hitters hit it and the way Lynn was pitching the defense wasn’t placed correctly.

  24. Veteran Pitchers like Lynn should have say whether the team shifts or not. I would personally not want the shift at all while I’m pitching, cause a cheap hit the other way is way more frustrating than a legit hit past the fielders

  25. He’s a player he doesn’t make those calls, that’s a lot of disrespect from a player to a coach. I’m not ok with that type of dynamic. I do however think the shift is bs

  26. That shift rate in 2022 is 37% which is above what MLB saw both last season (31%) and in the shortened pandemic season before it (35%). But it’s most striking in how it’s grown over time: The current % means the rate has more than doubled in just four years!

  27. You guys are awful at lip reading. This is clearly an argument as to why the bags of Doritos where moved to the high shelf on the other side of the dugout.

  28. I think the coaches on this team have had way to much leeway they haven’t been great at their jobs.

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