Greatest night of this kid’s life, after nifty catch, with subsequent celebration. (Phillies vs. Nationals 6/16/22)

  1. Well I’m a Mariners fan so sometimes most of the time it’s not romantic. But seeing kids get hyped about catching a foul ball does bring me a lot of joy.

  2. This is gold! This kid will be telling the story of how he caught this ball for the rest of his life. Way to go!

  3. "And there I was all 4 feet 85 pounds, arm completely extended towards the sky and I snagged that motherfucker right out of the air. My boys and I galavanted around like gods as the whole crowd cheered us on. That was the day I knew I'd go pro..."

  4. When he's in the bigs and makes an amazing catch the announcers will say "well that's not surprising he's been doing it for a long time" and then show this clip

  5. They look less like happy boys and more like a team of pros who just won the World Series on a robbed home run. Even Trout gets hyped when he robs one.

  6. That's why I don't like Zack Hample. People always defend him by saying.. 'but he gives away most of the balls he gets..' that's not the point - let people catch it themselves. It means so much more than being handed one by someone who jumps in front of you to catch it.

  7. I don't have facts, but the amount of ground scrambling for foul balls indicates that balls are rarely caught, they're typically picked up as few fans bring gloves to the park anymore

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