Meanwhile...Dude enters (White Sox) stadium shower; mid-game, ice cream cone in hand, yeesh! (6/20/22)

  1. It’s a shower from Comisky. During Veeck's second ownership, he installed a shower behind the speaker horns in the center field bleachers, for fans to cool off on hot summer days. From 1960 to 1990,

  2. Fr I was surprised by all the comments wondering why there’s a shower on the concourse. Always felt natural to me as someone who grew up going to games at “the Cell”

  3. Everyone is saying “stadium shower?” And “ice cream cone in shower?” I’m over here like, “why the fuck is dude holding a toilet plunger?”

  4. Why would you wait until the game is over? You'd be in the car or the train with wet clothes.

  5. Idk what's more absurd: a stadium shower or going into said stadium shower with a ice cone, which you then continue to eat from

  6. That is a 1/30 stadium shower, or are there more? Also are there like rally showers, or is it there for the sole purpose of cooling off?

  7. I went to Petco park last summer and they had free refill stations around the park. Now these dudes got a shower. The world outside your home ballpark is vast and amazing

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