Pujols Pinch-Hits # 695 to deep left field in his final AB against the Cubs

  1. I would've been mad if they walked him. Dude is chasing 700 and it isn't like walking him makes us tons more likely to win the game. He is also closer to taking a-rod down a peg and that is nice.

  2. Nothing better than when a hitter just stands there for 5 seconds after cranking a bomb, except maybe turning around to look at the dugout while they run to first

  3. My wife asked, “do you think the stadium gave those fans those numbers?” And I am choosing to believe this now

  4. If he never had plantar fasciitis issues and a shortened COVID season, I think he would have definitely hit 800

  5. David Ross really wanted to get to TGI Friday's in time for the half-priced apps, which ends at 6PM. After the two delays, his best chance of making it there on time was to pitch to Pujols.

  6. I mean, Why walk him? Up next is Goldy who's mashing just as well. The only reason to walk Pujols in this situation is just to be a dick. We just have a very dangerous line up against left handed pitching and there's really no way to game around that fact.

  7. My headcanon narrative has switched from "The Cardinals were smart to not sign an ageing Albert long-term" to "Man, the Angels broke Pujols"

  8. 5 more to go and the Cardinals have like 15 games left against the 3 worst teams in the NL. I'd like to think he'll do it legit and not have to rely on a pitchers intentionally chucking meatballs in the last few games to get him there like Brett Favre did to give Strahan the sack record.

  9. It's not like he told the pitcher to throw him an easy one. Not in that game situation. And definitely not with our only actually reliable reliever on the mound.

  10. Lol imagining him doing everything in his power to remove the temptation to play next year is hilarious to me

  11. If you'd asked me before this season if he had a chance in hell of passing ARod, I'd have said absolutely not.

  12. I was a kid when he was in St. Louis. He was my favorite player and they were my favorite team. I wore #5 when I played because of him. But Pujols left and I grew up. I lost my way a number of times, but I’m starting to get it again. And now he’s back… things just haven’t felt this right since I was a kid. It’s special.

  13. I was listening on the radio, and the way the fans were falling silent before each pitch made my hair stand up. Then when I heard the crack of the bat and the jubilant eruption from the fans, it practically became an out of body experience for me. For a few brief moments I felt like I was there.

  14. Oh man they almost intentionally walked him too. One last ‘fuck you’ in his final game against the Cubs. How can you not be romantic about baseball?

  15. It was also cool that they were talking about all the people in different states and countries listening to the game. People in 48 states and 12+ different countries got to listen to Rooney call 695.

  16. Cubs should have to put a statue of Pujols on Wabash. A guy owns you for 20 years, it's the least you can do.

  17. Has there ever been a more magical baseball player? My word. He was my hero when I was 14, and he’s my hero at 30.

  18. As a Cubs fan i went from hating that dude to loving that man. What a treasure. He murdered us for years. But wow what a career

  19. This man crushed my dreams in 2011, but can’t help but get choked up seeing this. Baseball is romantic, man.

  20. My grandmother passed away in 2004. She was a lifetime Cardinals fan from a small Illinois town about 20 miles outside of St. Louis. She told me two things shortly before she died: (1) Albert Pujols would be an all-time great; and (2) Barack Obama would be president one day.

  21. Brewers fan here. I wouldn’t mind seeing Pujol, Molina and Wainright go out on winning a series. Three great players.

  22. Pujols is singlehandedly saving the baseball season for me. Best story in years and he's my favorite player of all time so it has completely rejuvenated my interest (I'm an A's fan so I gave up a long, long time ago this season.)

  23. Albert Pujols is the reason I work out. I have this fantasy where we start talking at the All Star Game after party bar. We exchange a few pleasantries. He asks what I do. I say I loved him in LA. He laughs. I get my drink.

  24. Albert JUST missed hitting 695 yesterday (blasted one that fell just a couple of feet short of leaving the yard)

  25. I don’t think Cubs fan have cheered a Cardinals home run at busch since Mark v Sosa. Pujols is uniting rivals!

  26. Did this make anyone else tear up? His final AB against a team. It must've already happened multiple times but I didn't realize. Baseball is going to really miss this man

  27. I remember there was a debate here in Philly for a couple seasons: would we rather have Ryan Howard, or Pujols? Crazy there was even a question.

  28. It’s such a shame what happened to Howard. I’ll never forget that last shot of him in 2011 limping to the grass. Should’ve had a great career.

  29. Best story of the season no question, he must get to 700 now. Pujols chase has hijacked the entire season and it’s fucking awesome!

  30. The catcher set up inside and low but that's the only one so far that has looked intentionally grooved to me

  31. This may seem like sour grapes from a Mariners fan, but I would LOVE to see Albert tie, and the pass AROD. As far as I am concerned, it would be good for baseball.

  32. So proud of him! He already has an illustrious career spanning over 2 decades, and is still making history. #700 on the way!

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