Paul Goldschmidt wins the 2022 NL MVP!

  1. I think it was reasonable if any of these guys won. Goldschmidt winning is pretty huge for his HOF case. Always wanted him to win after those 2nd place finishes in Arizona. Got stuck behind Cutch in ‘13, Harper in ‘15, and Stanton/Votto in ‘17.

  2. Sheesh. I didn't realize he was a three time runner-up. I don't think this award quite makes him a HoF lock, but you're right, it definitely helps his cause.

  3. I think he's pretty much a lock unless his career ends overnight, and even if it did he'd still have a pretty solid chance. 58.5 WAR is a tiny bit below where he would want to be but an MVP and several other close calls should put him over the top.

  4. I think the main thing that hurts Goldschmidt's chances at the HOF is the fact that he didn't become an All-Star player until he was 25. He came into the league at 23. He's not someone like Harper or Trout where they were AS caliber players at 19 or 20 years old right when they got to the league. Although I do think Goldschmidt will get in, because I don't see him just falling off a cliff after this MVP season.

  5. For real! Big congrats to that guy! Dude gets the yips in 2013, bounces around five teams in four years, retires in 2017, becomes a coach in 2018, then comes back to playing two years later, and now gets an MVP vote? Wild.

  6. I’ve lived in STL past 18 years but lived in Tucson before that. Have a lot of respect for the DBacks. I like seeing them do well, but the Goldy signing was my favorite Cardinal signing of my lifetime. He is the consummate pro and goes about it the right way. I just hope we can get him and Arenado a deep postseason run before their prime passes.

  7. His fourth top 5 finish this time finishing at second sucks he didn’t win but can’t be mad goldy won he had an outstanding season.

  8. Paul Goldschmidt had a batting average of .356 with 42 hits, 8 homers, 29 RBIs and 24 runs scored in 31 games against the NL West in 2022.

  9. If steroids and betting keep people out of the HoF why shouldn't being antivaxx do it too? I mean that shit actually kills people.

  10. congrats to Paul! sure wish I could watch this awards show... its not on my local sports stations and you can't watch mlb network online... legally anyway....

  11. Congrats to him, but I’m shocked Arenado only got one first place vote. I thought it would be a much closer race between the two Cardinals.

  12. i dislike Arenado because of the whole incident between him and the Mets, but honestly it should’ve been much closer. Goldy was really fucking good, but so was Arenado. pretty sad the Cards didn’t make it farther

  13. Dominant reliever with the red sox ages ago until he got the yips because someone decided to make him a starter. Finally figured out how to pitch again and came back to the majors with Colorado a couple years back. He had ~3.8 WAR this year which is dang good for a reliever

  14. Pretty damn close race. Manny definitely earned second this year. Happy that you guys have a franchise cornerstone like him!

  15. So now you can stop worrying about something that doesn't exist right? There is no vote splitting in ranked choice voting, it's why it is the superior type of voting

  16. I'm fine with Goldy winning but you can make a case. (1) Manny has higher WAR than either Goldy or Arenado; (2) with Tatis out, Manny was the only MVP caliber player for most of the year--Goldy could lean on Arenado but Manny had little backup in lineup; (3) Manny's stats would have been better but played injured for a month + on a bad ankle because he was basically irreplaceable.

  17. My only argument was Machado was more valuable to his team than Goldy was to his. Especially with that incredible tear Pujols went off on to end the season.

  18. Is it because of how stacked Dodgers are that Freemen finished 5th? Looked up Freemen's stats and they're pretty good too compared to Goldy's and Freemen had identical bWAR

  19. I think goldy being a triple crown threat late into the season and and being the best player in the league by a good margin for months on end until his collapse helped a ton. I think most voters had him commented into their mind as mvp by September.

  20. Fuck the downvoters so much. Steroid use keeps people out of the Hall, betting does as well, but this guy does something that kills people and he's still in the convo for the HoF? Why?

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