It never ends lol

  1. For those panels behind the desk.. do they act well as a cord cover? I’ve seen them on Amazon and my only concern right now for my wife’s battlestation is hiding the cords to the TV mounted above, similar to yours.

  2. Yea I had to fish them behind it. I used a metal clothes hanger and tied the cord to the end of it and shoved it down behind the wall. The panels are on a “hard board” from Home Depot. And then the board is mounted on the wall.

  3. Sometimes I switch it to the red one and change the pc lights to red. Love that wallpaper

  4. Bills aren’t playing around this year! I snatched josh Allen in my fantasy league real quick lol

  5. Sorry for the lame comments. FYI it looks like your tabletop has come out of alignment with the left drawer. If you re-align and then take the drawers out you can pre-drill from the bottom on the inside of the drawer cabinet and throw a couple screws in. That way when you grab the table top to help slide around on that chair it won’t slide around on the drawer tops.

  6. No kidding lol. I honestly think some nfl players pull injury scams so they can just get paid and do podcasts and not have to actually play or travel even

  7. So I actually googled the image and then got a custom canvas on amazon with the jpeg on it. Cost like $45

  8. man reddit really is only tailored towards one side and demographic isn't it? i'm not even a hustle-bro i'm a filthy apolitical non-hustling demon, but i feel bad for people who aren't hurting anyone and just can't simply be themselves on here because they're not wearing the kind of clothes the cool highschool clique is.

  9. Didn’t expect this many upvotes. Thanks y’all. I uploaded a few more pics from different angles to Imgur

  10. nice setup man. are all the monitors connected to the one pc? where do you get the sound panels that look like that?

  11. Yea all three screens on the one pc. There’s also a 5 inch screen inside the actual case also connected to the pc. So it’s 4 screens total

  12. Looks like a cool setup to me. If you like it, that's all that matters. Don't listen to all the haters, they are obviously very judgemental and negative for no other reason than their perceived perception of you.

  13. This looks great! Ignore the people judging you for your “childish” interests and hobbies. What’s the point in growing up and making money if we can’t spend it on all the things we wished we had/wanted as kids? I’ve fully turned my home office into a bubbly, twinkle light, pink aesthetic and a soft landing for my early 2000s emo kid self as well as a full blown Pusheen collection paradise. I don’t care what anyone thinks! Lol. I’m the one that works there 40 hours a week. Enjoy your space!

  14. Pretty much exactly how i was trying to explain to my wife I want to redo my battlestation! Now I have a reference to show her, thank you.

  15. I agree archive is way cooler. but let people find their way without gatekeeping lol. those brands wouldn't be as fun if it wasn't niche anyways

  16. Ah yes Rick Owens. Such an obscure brand no one has ever heard of. Oh and how could I forget Yohji? Not like Y-3 has been around for decades 🤡

  17. Dude I had that same chair and it messed up my back get an ergonomic computer chair. Those “gamer chairs” are terrible for yoy

  18. Not sure I’ve always had mine wall mounted and I’ve had the desk about two years. No sag I also have an aldis leg in the center

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