BREAKING: The Oakland Police Dept. received $87m from Fed money supposed to go towards COVID relief! During the pandemic, homelessness in Oakland 📈24% rising to 5,000+ people. Yet the city, led by Libby Schaaf, decided to give more $ to cops. There was no public hearing.

  1. The language of this article is also highly emotionally charged and slanted to tell a narrative, rather than merely presenting the facts.

  2. People must have completely forgot that after 2008 police stopped responding to non-life threatning calls. Police checked out a long time.

  3. Or maybe they need money to hire officers to walk in Chinatown instead of having senior citizens escort other senior citizens

  4. Welcome to the adult world. Where people exercise their leverage to get paid, rather than hold their hand out and think existence alone entitles you to a blank cheque.

  5. This is the opposite of "what defund the police looks like". This is what it looks like when you constantly increase funding to the police to ridiculous levels without accountability.

  6. I’m not saying where the funds would have been used best, but the guidelines recommend “Use of ARPA funds to cover operating deficits caused by COVID-19 should be considered temporary and additional budget restraint may be necessary to achieve/maintain structural balance in future budgets.” See

  7. This is not breaking news. People that live in the bay area know how crooked the oakland government has always been. Libby shaft has ruined oakland to the point where they lost their biggest sources of revenue. The sports teams. Woke politics have driven oakland further into the dust, and there it will remain.

  8. is Oakland always this bad? Genuine question, I'm a transplant but been here for about 10 years, people've been telling me and I read scary stories about Oakland before I even landed. But is Oakland always like this? I mean it's like right next to SF, you can argue why make it 2 different cities connected by a bridge as opposed to one big city but SF get all the praise and attention, AND all the scorn when things go south, yet Oakland seems to be treated like it's always been like this.

  9. That's why all the right-wingers saying "ThIs iS wHaT haPpeNs WhEn yOU DeFuNd tHe PoLiCe" as their comeback or rallying cry are full of crap.

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