1. you must be new to reddit cuz that ain’t exactly how it works here. sensibility? non mutually exclusive terms? ohh heeoowwww nah

  2. Not really surprised. When President Trump was elected, he saw his promise to fundamentally change America, may go up in smoke.

  3. So what. Nothing is ever going to happen to anyone on the left, ever. I’ve been hearing about and following everything since Trump announced his candidacy. Nothing has happened to any of the officials that were behind the smear over his presidency. Talk, talk, complain and point out the obvious. Nothing ever happens except the right blowing hot air over and over again, for years now!!!

  4. Lol. Trans people aren't persecuted. We are protecting biology womens rights. Just take the L. Womens sports are for women. You are not oppressed. All your butching about being oppressed really turns my against anything the lgbtq+++? People have to say.

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