Boyfriend rescued a little betta today and would love some advice!

  1. Thank you so much!!! Everyone has been so helpful, really appreciate it. We are letting it filter and chill for the evening before transferring her although I wish we could do it sooner because I hate her being in a vase lol. Also want to buy the appropriate testing strips first, and a little floating log.

  2. That's so amazing! I would recommend a 10 gallon tank! Avoid any plastic decor, it can very easily tear their fins. If you want fake plants, use silk plants, they're available basically anywhere that sells fish items! If you currently have Betta flakes as food, I'd recommend switching to pellets! Make sure you heave a heater and a low flow filter(high currents can make it hard for them to swim)

  3. Thats a short fin betta I would highly suggest a 10 gallon tank. Petsmart has 10 gallon tank it's for 60 bucks. Walmart has 10 gallon kits for 34.95 but you do get more in the petsmart kit.

  4. "Little" if that is the 3.5 gallon then she is a giant betta, if that's the vase we would appreciate the now tank pic

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